Fake news and false views: Look leftward also

This letter is in response to Timothy J. Parker’s article in last Wednesday’s paper. He claims that conservative beliefs are built on falsehoods. As a conservative and an evangelical, I have to say that there are many liberal views that are built on fake news and lies. Timothy states that charges have never been substantiated […]

Thanks for funding research for Alzheimer’s

This year, the annual cost of caring for individuals living with Alzheimer’s or other dementias will reach $259 billion, $175 billion of which comes in direct costs to Medicare and Medicaid. Yet in 2016, for every $100 the U.S. government spent on Alzheimer’s research, $16,000 was spent by Medicare and Medicaid to care for those […]

This and that

As I write this, it is raining and the sun is shining brightly. As we learned growing up, when this dual condition is in place, you can usually find a rainbow.  I have had a camera in my hands since I was seven years old. I had my tonsils out the week of my birthday […]

Pilgrimage to the monastery

When I first moved to Georgia in June 1983, it wasn’t too long before I discovered the existence of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Ga. I visited once during the day and there discovered that one could stay overnight at the guesthouse for a modest fee. I don’t remember when it began […]

The mad summer scramble

Across this town there is a whiff of anticipation in the air. Days on the calendar are being marked off, and the hands of the clock slowly tick around the dial. Yes, the end of the school year is fast approaching. Schools around this fair town of ours are full of two kinds of folks […]

How much did your assessment increase over last year?

How much did your assessment increase over last year?

With tax assessment notices having been mailed recently, many Fayette residential property owners are seeing double-digit percentage increases in their home values. The Citizen editor, Cal Beverly, got a 20 percent increase in assessed value of his Peachtree City home in one year, which followed a 16 percent increase last year. How about you? Email […]

Totalitarianism in colleges

Parents, taxpayers and donors have little idea of the levels of lunacy, evil and lawlessness that have become features of many of today’s institutions of higher learning. Parents, taxpayers and donors who ignore or are too lazy to find out what goes on in the name of higher education are nearly as complicit as the […]

Mr. President, stop the insults

During an interview last June in his New York office, I asked Donald Trump about his use of language that many considered insulting and divisive. “Will there be a pivot for you from the primaries to the general election campaign?” The candidate said “I agree” about the tone of the campaign and that he intended […]

Rodney teaches me to bush hog

After Sunday dinner, while the others cleaned, talked or dealt with children, I sat down in a recliner matching the one that Rodney was in. I inhaled deeply and leaned forward, my elbows resting on my knees. “Rodney, I hate to ask you this.” Clearly I did. It was hard. “I know you’re so busy.” […]