Whitewater students choose royal homecoming king

Whitewater students choose royal homecoming king

Corbett Dishman dressed for royal role as Whitewater High School Homecoming king. Photo provided by Steve Henderson. Just when we old cynical people think that the next generation is hopeless, we get to witness the events of Friday night at the Whitewater High School homecoming game. As the homecoming court was being announced to the […]

Outpouring shows community that cares

It is heartbreaking to see the devastation and the lives impacted so powerfully by the recent hurricanes in Texas and Florida, but it is so heartwarming to see how our community has responded to meet the needs of those who struggle. Over the past month, I have witnessed first-hand the generosity of our community. Midwest […]

A word of encouragement for this busy time of year

Can you believe we’re over halfway through October? At this writing, we’re still in short sleeves and enjoying summer-like temperatures. No jacket weather yet. But football is happening, pumpkins are for sale, and the World Series is right around the corner, so it must be Fall. And what about that big, bright moon appearing on […]

Part 2: Ken Burns’ Vietnam documentary is a great lie

[Editor’s note: Last week in Part 1, Terry Garlock began an examination of documentary filmmaker Ken Burns’ “The Vietnam War.”] There certainly were villains in the Vietnam War, but a bit different than the film portrays. The chief villains were Communist invaders intent on conquest, feeding to naive anti-war types like Burns and his predecessors […]

The fog of fear

Someone recently asked me, “If you had it to do over, what would you do differently in high school?” Although I would do a great deal differently, my first response was, “I’d run for student council.” “Why didn’t you?” the person inquired. “Fear,” was my simple response. A few years ago I read a book […]

Dad’s sage advice

While growing up on Flamingo Street, I tended to listen to folks. I listened to Older Brother Richard and Big Brother James because if I didn’t, they’d punch me in the arm ‘till I did. Didn’t take long for me to decide that listening to whatever they had to say wasn’t going to be nearly […]

Defining evil

Responding to the recent Las Vegas concert shooting that killed more than 50 people and injured hundreds more, President Trump described the act as one “of pure evil.” One definition of “evil” sounds so inadequate in today’s culture: “morally wrong or bad; immoral; wicked: evil deeds, an evil life.” As the Supreme Court wrestled with […]

Ruby and Louise

On the drive home from a speaking engagement in Savannah, I answered a call from Tink, who sounded fairly frantic. Whenever possible, he travels with me. But for that trip, he was on deadline with a movie script so he had stayed home and stayed up all night, working against the hours that were ticking […]

Election season letters policy

Once upon a time, election season brought outpourings of letters from candidates, supporters and opponents. And once upon a time (late 1990s to mid-2000s), we tried to print most or all of them — page after page after free page. Occasionally, some of those candidates actually bought political ads in the same issues. The Great […]

Fayetteville going berserk with development

The city of Fayetteville has gone berserk over rapidly moving development plans. The City Council and the Development Authority are going all out to create a major urban metropolis in Fayette County to rival Riverdale, Stockbridge, McDonough and east Newnan. Witness the apartments on Ga. Highway 54 just west of town that are built very […]