This and that

Those of us in District 3 are glad to have the elections in District 6 over and done. If you were a youngster growing up during World War II, you can remember your mother making sure you ate everything on your plate. She used the excuse that there were a lot of starving children in […]

Impressions of James Comey

I met former FBI Director James Comey a few years ago, although he would have no memory of me. My oldest son graduated from the FBI National Academy and Comey was the speaker. Afterwards, he met with the graduates and some of their families. He was a nice man, personable, and outgoing. It was a […]

I’m a tree hugger, and proud of it

Yes, I am a tree hugger and proud of it. When we had our house built some 12 years ago, The Wife and I got into a huge fight. No, not between each other — we never fight. Our struggle was with the developer. He wanted to cut down all trees within 50 feet of […]

Lying liars

“I’ll never lie to you.” — Jimmy Carter, the 1976 presidential campaign. All politicians lie, because they are human and all humans lie. The question before us is this: If President Trump lied to FBI Director James Comey, should that “lie,” lead to impeachment? Did he obstruct justice when he allegedly “hoped” that Comey would […]

The joys of mud

It’s hard to find a good mud hole these days. Have you noticed that? Too much concrete and asphalt. When I was a kid, few things brought me greater pleasure than a big, mushy, soft mud hole. I couldn’t resist them. I ran barefooted to such an extent that my little feet ignored the prickling […]

Schools giving only 1 side of gender issue

Thank you for your excellent reporting on this issue. I appreciated your research and the way you let the facts speak for themselves. Your article inspired me to do a little research myself and then to write [Fayette School Superintendent] Dr. [Joseph] Barrow and my family’s representative on the Board of Education, Dr. [Barry] Marchman. […]

Schools’ conduct code should be more LGBTQ-friendly

It is clear that the superintendent of Fayette County, Dr. Joseph Barrow, is taking steps in the right direction to make the schools more inclusive, but why wouldn’t he be starting with the policy against discrimination? I wrote a story recently for The Prowler ( bringing light to how the Fayette County Board of Education […]

Tutoring our kids to define crazy as normal

Full disclosure, I am a pretty conservative guy. I watch Ben Shapiro podcasts and Tucker Carlson and am repeatedly amazed at the rampant stupidity led by leftists in our nation in the name of diversity and fairness. When I view the rank ignorance of many college students, I calm myself in the knowledge that we […]