Scout supports SPLOST

I am a 14-year-old Boy Scout in Peachtree City. I am writing in support of the SPLOST for Fayette County. A SPLOST will share the tax burden with anyone who shops or dines in Fayette County. It will take some of the burden from residents that already pay a high property tax. I believe this […]

More liberals needed

I am writing to ask The Citizen to consider making its Opinion page more reflective of the Fayette County community. Conservative columnists, both national and local, are well represented by Buchanan, Williams, Thomas, Garlock and Willis. Ms. Rich is even given column inches to write cute Southern stories. But there are no regular columns by […]

A SPLOST loss would cost us dearly

On March 21(Feb. 27 early voting) Fayette County citizens will have the opportunity to voice their opinion on whether to support a special local option sales tax (SPLOST) to fund essential projects across the county. These projects are all covered under four categories: safety, infrastructure, roads and quality of life, in every municipality and the […]

SPLOST ignores green space needs

SPLOST 2017 is already outdated. While it addresses a wide variety of built infrastructure in our community such as upgrades to roads and storm water controls, it does not upgrade and expand our Green Infrastructure. Green Infrastructure does many things; improves the economy, provides a healthier lifestyle for people, provides habitat for wildlife and sustains […]

Account for spending from last SPLOST before new one

Commissioners, Fayette County citizens are now being asked to approve an SPLOST tax for multiple years to primarily fund transportation projects. Included in the current (February 22, 2017) edition of The Citizen an article by Ben Nelms regarding a potential request for state funding for a portion of the cost of the Veterans Parkway intersection […]

Voters urged to say yes to SPLOST

Georgia Greater Black Chamber of Commerce (GGBCC) wants to encourage Fayette County residents and business owners to vote in the Upcoming SPLOST election on March 21, 2017. GGBCC understands how important this election is. The growth of this blessed and beautiful county depends on the citizens’ support and “Yes” vote for SPLOST 2017. GGBCC wants […]

SPLOST keeps us in jobs race

Infrastructure is the foundation to build economic development. I have spent over 15 years working in Georgia’s economic development community. Solid infrastructure is the foundation for a community’s success in economic development. In fact, Georgia Department of Transportation and Georgia Department of Community Affairs spend much of their resources helping communities with infrastructure needs. Attracting […]