Free speech vs. political correctness

The events in Charlottesville were despicable. How is such hate generated? However, even more telling to me is the general response from the political establishment and the press. So many have raced to be “politically correct.” Are they truly distraught or is it just rhetoric that seems politically expedient to them? Many seem to want […]

Winners, losers: It’s law that keeps us free

What keeps you from being a slave, right here, right now? Law, U.S. law, the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that says in part: “… slavery shall not exist in the United States….” Why is there a 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? There was this war. The Civil War that produced the Emancipation […]

Kinship Caregivers Month: Help them help children

Across the nation, September is Kinship Caregivers Month, a time we recognize those who provide care to a relative’s child when their parents are not willing or able to do so. Kinship care, aka Relative Care, gives children a sense of family and stability. Child-welfare experts say children fare better in kinship care than in foster […]

Scrubbing history: Some proposals

After the Charlottesville riots we learned that we have many options to sanitize history other than toppling statues, sandblasting Stone Mountain, jackhammering Mount Rushmore, removing non-PC street and memorial park signs and tearing down monuments in the middle of the night. Simply change the names of offensive people and places. For example: George Washington becomes […]

Protect your eyes from sun’s eclipse

With the solar eclipse [only days] away, there is something very dangerous that your readers need to know and share with others. Have you ever used a magnifying glass on a sunny day to burn holes in a piece of paper? If so, you understand how incredibly powerful the sun’s rays are. Binoculars are magnifying […]

143 lost everyday to opioid overdoses

The opioid crisis is no longer the best-kept worst secret in America. With President Trump declaring the situation a national emergency, the time is now to bring together the best science and most effective public policies and remove the veil of denial and guilt associated with this human carnage. In 2015, over 52,000 Americans lost […]

‘Randy’s rules’ reveal big county problem

An affront to the public interest: The Fayette County Board of Commissioners’ actions on animal issues and the broader implications: The Fayette County Board of Commissioners’ July 13 decision to halt the long in-progress rewrite of the county’s animal control and shelter ordinances may have been perceived as a one-time lapse in judgment by the […]