Trials for terrorists highlight America’s system of justice

Congressman Westmoreland’s recent editorial claiming that President Obama needs to learn about “the real world,” written in response to Obama’s decision to try terrorists in federal courts, reveals the Congressman’s lack of faith in the institutions of the country that he supposedly represents. According to the Justice Department, the civilian courts in the United States […]

Get ready for constitutional throwdown on healthcare legislation

As Congress works behind closed doors to merge the House and Senate healthcare bills, lawyers and attorneys general across the country are gearing up for a constitutional throw-down. At the center of the healthcare debate are two issues, the individual mandate and the Senate sweetheart deals. The first issue up that the Supreme Court will […]

Message of SPLOST defeat: No more taxes

I take exception with some of [reporter John] Munford’s words in the headline article of today’s Citizen. Mr. Munford wrote that citizens “shot down” a special purpose local option sales tax (SPLOST) “that would have helped ease budget concerns.” First, the phrase “shot down” is loaded with emotion; the use of such a phrase suggests […]