Cowardice displayed in Tyrone cover-up

As the most local act of the current historical whitewash hysteria being perpetrated all over the South, the mayor and City Council of Tyrone overreacted in the name of political correctness when petitioned by some people who apparently suddenly realized just how offensive is the sight of a mural that includes a Confederate soldier. The […]

Resident appalled at mural cover-up

This is the first time I actually made it a point of writing to a newspaper, local or otherwise, but feel compelled to do so under the circumstances. My family and I have resided in Fayette County now for almost 10 years; the last two have been spent in Tyrone. We love living here and […]

Resident a TAD upset about Fayetteville vote

I was glad that the Fayetteville mayor and City Council put the Hearthside LaFayette TAD application on the agenda of a regular meeting.The train has not run through Fayetteville since the 1930s, but the TAD moved that well. Councilman Jim Williams made the motion to approve before the presentation and public comment was over. He […]

Red lives matter, too

I agree with the Black Lives Matter activist who wants “white privilege” homes bequeathed to a needy black or brown family. The homes in Buckhead are too big. They should be turned over to needy black or brown families. May I add RED families to the list? My Ancestry report states that I am 45 […]

Hitson’s principal decries Antifa slurs

I would like to comment on the front-page article titled, “Teacher resigns after emails call him a pro-Nazi.” Unfortunately for Mr. Hitson, the Board of Education cannot reply due to privacy restraints. I also am bound by certain constraints as his former principal. The Atlanta Antifascists are well aware of this fact. They can accuse […]

The mounting costs of Lake Peachtree

I read the article dated 8/24/17 titled “Lowering Lake Peachtree begins Aug. 28” and felt that the article could have been more complete had it identified some of the actual project cost information. This first SPLOST project is projected to be $965,850 over the original budget identified in the SPLOST package. The city had budgeted […]

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