Who likes to pay taxes? Nobody

And while we Fayette County residents don’t like taxes, we do like the unique quality of life we’ve come to enjoy in our county. In normal times, most of our government services, such as public safety, recreational amenities, roads, and infrastructure maintenance, are financed from property taxes and sales tax, with the income and outgo […]

Writer ignores ugliness at other marches

Firstly, permit me to congratulate you on having Bonnie Willis as a regular contributor. Her wholesome, common-sense, insightful and balanced views are a joy and inspiration to read. She is the equal of any nationally published columnist – and I peruse many. An open letter to Irene Cheyne: Congratulations on your peaceful Atlanta march, which […]

Biggest problem is liar in White House

This letter is in response to the two letters Mr. Alan Felts wrote recently. His first letter was an attempt at humor, likening the Falcons’ painful loss to the Russian hacking of our recent election. I believe the gravity of the latter incident is not one to slight with humor. I doubt Mr. Felts would […]

Meaning of ‘immigrant’

I would like to clear up the confusion about the word “immigrant.” It’s true we are all immigrants. However, our ancestors arrived by ship after a month or so of misery to Ellis island to be documented by name, age, place of birth,the date of arrival and name of ship. Sometimes they were sent back. […]

No violence, no arrests at our Atlanta march

An open letter to Bonnie Willis: I am sorry that the women’s marches across the country embarrassed you as a woman. You stated this in your Feb. 8 column titled, “The age of drama, pseudo-reality.” In that same column, you characterized presentations made at the women’s marches as vulgar, hate-filled rants. Bonnie, I think you […]

SPLOST is good investment for us

I have lived and worked in Fayette County for 22 years and I want to tell you why I am supporting the SPLOST. As a small business owner, I try to look at every cost to determine if that cost is worth the investment. To me, paying a little extra for the SPLOST ( an […]

Super Bowl 51: The Russians hacked us

The unfathomable has happened. The Falcons were drubbing the Pats. It was a two TD plus two 2-point conversion lead halfway into the fourth quarter and the Pats had done nothing all night. All the pundits had called the game; all that was left was the coronation. And somehow we are supposed to believe that […]

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