Appreciation for gender training in our schools

I sincerely appreciate and commend the Fayette County Board of Education for training the school systems’ nurses concerning LGBT matters, and I encourage similar training for all school system administrative and teaching personnel. The LGBT community has long been ill-defined and misunderstood and it is only through further knowledge and understanding can we hope to […]

‘Hateful reporting’ on LGBTQ issue

What an embarrassment to the people who live here. People are really fighting to keep others (nurses in this case) from being educated on handling LGBTQ students. The man on the front page needs to hang his head in shame and the women who said, “This if Fayette County, not New York or San Francisco, […]

Schools are for learning, not gender counseling

Isn’t it time to stop the ridiculous focus on what some misguided liberals define as political correctness? It seems something is permissible only if the liberal political correctness “police” decide it is so. I’ve grown quite tired of it. I rather expect most children can use any bathroom in their home. Isn’t that enough? As […]

Let’s put aside our willful ignorance

I heard a new term the other day: Willful ignorance. We can apply it to politics today. Why do we have to talk with disdain about anyone who disagrees with us? I submit that many people suffer from willful ignorance. Anytime someone uses the term liberal or conservative, people automatically dismiss anything that doesn’t agree […]

Who would fight for freedom today?

In June 73 years ago, 19- and 20-year-old “men” saved the world from Nazi oppression and unfathomable evil. My father was older than most at 26, among the first wave to hit the Normandy beaches on June 6, D-Day. One out of 10 were killed that day. Every soldier had a buddy who died. Only […]

Russia not our biggest threat; our own government is

The results are in after the congressional testimony of former FBI Director James Comey and the winner is the Russians. The losers are the citizens of the United States. Comey did massive bipartisan damage to his reputation in regard to his integrity and professionalism. Comey’s pre-election comment on Hillary Clinton, “Although we did not find […]

Schools giving only 1 side of gender issue

Thank you for your excellent reporting on this issue. I appreciated your research and the way you let the facts speak for themselves. Your article inspired me to do a little research myself and then to write [Fayette School Superintendent] Dr. [Joseph] Barrow and my family’s representative on the Board of Education, Dr. [Barry] Marchman. […]

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