More on the Hollidays

Though John Henry Holliday’s dad was raised in Fayette County, but moved to Griffin when he married in 1849, the families often visited back and forth. Dr. John Stiles Holliday, who built the house we now use as a museum, had a son, Robert, a year older than John Henry and the two grew up […]

The greater cause

July the Fourth has come and gone this year but this past celebration was memorable for me for a couple of reasons. It’s the first Fourth that two of my grandsons spent Independence Day in the United States Marine Corps. Forty-seven years ago, I spent July 4th at the U. S. Army Quartermaster School in […]

Rainy day playground

It’s a “real gully washer out there,” been “raining cats and dogs,” “coming down in sheets,” “all the worms are drowning” or “it’s time to start building another Ark.” No matter how you say it, for the last two weeks we’ve had some kind of rain around here. I have mushrooms growing on top of […]

Can we all get along?

Nobody ever called the late Rodney King a model citizen of Los Angeles. But he gave the world what was likely the most plaintive, plangent query of our time. He wanted to know, in the aftermath of the LA burning, “Can we all get along?” Can we — huh — rather than wallop each other […]

Is college worth it?

By Michael Barone “Too many people are going to college,” writes my American Enterprise Institute colleague Charles Murray. That’s not a response to the mob of students who attacked him and the liberal professor who had invited him to speak back in March at Middlebury College. It’s the title of the third chapter in his […]

Loving that swang

About halfway through my morning run, just about the time droplets of “dew” were running down my face and I wasn’t looking none too good for the wearing, a red Ford Ranger pick-up truck pulled up beside me, stopped and a man, gray in hair and weathered in face, rolled down his window. “Boy, I […]

The Holliday family

The Holliday family is a fascinating one and certainly pertinent to Fayette County’s history. The family came to this county from Laurens, South Carolina about 1829-1830. Coming with them were relatives, the McKey family (pronounced Mackey) and Anny Buroughs, age 70. The 1830 census indicates Robert Holliday, 60, was a hotel keeper. One of Robert’s […]

Can’t we all just get along?

What connection do air conditioning, airlines and education have with today’s overheated political climate? Each has contributed to the lack of understanding, empathy and tolerance. And the results are increasingly devastating. Consider recent events: In Arlington, Va., five people were injured June 14 in an assassination attempt on a Republican congressional baseball team as they […]

My grandfather’s cane

I missed doing an article last week. During the last 1,065 weeks, or 21 and one-half years, of writing for this newspaper, I have missed only three weeks. One of those weeks I was out of the country in Africa. The other, I experienced last minute computer problems and the article, that I did have […]