Giving some credit to the book that made America

By Dr. Daniel L. Dreisbach When asked to identify the “founding fathers,” Americans typically name a few prominent political leaders and military heroes — figures like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton. A more difficult question is: Who are America’s intellectual founding fathers? That is, whose ideas informed the American founding principles […]

Mama never worried

Tink and I stopped by to see my niece, Nicole, and somehow the conversation got around to the adventure I had, on my own, followed when I was barely old enough to vote. At 19, as a sports reporter, I covered the Cotton Bowl in Dallas when mighty Texas fell to the spunky Georgia Bulldogs. […]

Events on the lawn

There is one thing my Kiwanis Club is not real good at doing and that’s making money by selling tickets for something. What we are really good at though, is making Karmelcorn. It’s outstanding. So we were doing just this Saturday on the courthouse square and I was sitting there for a number of hours […]

Oops, I forgot

Beads of nervous sweat slowly started to drip down my face. Can sweat actually be nervous? Why not, its origin was me, and I was more nervous than I’d ever been in my life. I had never done this before and was now in uncharted territory. It has happened to others, but I’m sure they […]

Old Corps, new Corps

As far as I know, my uncle, George Epps, was the first member of our family to serve in the United States Marine Corps. His brother, my father, William “Bill” E. Epps, Jr., was a Navy veteran of World War II. Uncle George served (I think) during the late-1040s and early 1950s. He was part […]

Fayette creates its story

In 2014, the Fayette Chamber led a community-wide endeavor that became Fayette Visioning. This five-year plan had four focus areas: Community, Economy, Education and Place. The plan included more than 100 recommendations. One of the most ambitious action items was to create a countywide brand. The Fayette Chamber, along with the Fayette County Development Authority, […]

Fake news: ‘Tax cuts for the rich’

One of the painful realities of our times is how long a political lie can survive, even after having been disproved years ago, or even generations ago. A classic example is the phrase “tax cuts for the rich,” which is loudly proclaimed by opponents, whenever there is a proposal to reduce tax rates. The current […]

Exploiting the presidency

The headline in the March 5, 1929 edition of the Chicago Tribune read, “Plain Citizen Coolidge Shuts Desk and Quietly Goes Home.” Calvin Coolidge would write a newspaper column from Northampton, Massachusetts, for which he presumably was paid a pittance, but other than that he refused to exploit his notoriety or accomplishments as president for […]

TV star to preacher

Mama was always proud for people who were able to pull themselves up and do well in life. She rooted for them, bragged on them and delighted in their happiness and happenings. In the early-1990s, a little boy from our family – my cousin’s baby – found himself co-starring on the NBC drama “I’ll Fly […]