‘Right’ to healthcare? Really?

We have printed several letters recently (and are again this week) from supporters of various forms of government-paid healthcare from before birth (including, presumably, abortion) to last breath, cradle to grave. I’m struck by their shared insistence that healthcare is a “right” to which every human is entitled. In the U.S.A., that comes down to […]

Gorsuch and the ghost of Harry Reid

What goes around comes around is one of life’s undeniable truisms and never more than in the politics of Washington, D.C. (the “D.C.” increasingly standing for dysfunctional city). Last week was Cherry Blossom week in D.C. This week it’s Neil Gorsuch week. Republicans must now decide whether to use the “nuclear option,” a parliamentary procedure […]

Healthcare and we, the people

The Obamacare debacle — we might as well call it by its right name — underscores an abiding truth about democratic politics; to wit, politicians rarely get anything important done. Theirs, save on rare occasions, is the wrong forum for doing important things. In politics, you work with open minds and closed minds and reprobates […]

The janitor

The elementary school in which I received my first- through sixth-grade learning was a long, straight brick building with cement steps, an auditorium with heavy, red velvet drapes, a tiny library guarded by a grumpy gray-headed spinster and a cafeteria that was in the basement down a flight of creaky wooden steps. For afternoon recess, […]

‘He is not here! He is risen!’

A grandfather asked his four-year-old granddaughter Julie about the Easter story, testing her knowledge. She was playing with her friends, and he approached them and asked, “Who can tell me what Easter’s all about?” One little girl spoke up, “That’s when we go to the mall and see the Easter bunny and tell him what […]

Four reasons to see ‘Logan’

“Logan” is one of the most hyped superhero movies of this or any year, with brilliant marketing, a fan-praised hard-R rating, and the final performance by Hugh Jackman in the role of most people’s favorite superhero. It is an emotional night for me as I compose this list, as “Logan” exceeded my abnormally high expectations […]

Easter memories

As I have mentioned before, my dad grew up on a farm in southeast Ohio and my mom grew up in a coal mining village along the Ohio River further south. She probably never got a new dress for any occasion. but one that had been handed down from a family in the village. My […]


A recent letter to the editor, speaking of President Donald Trump, was posted under the heading, “Beware a president who will say anything.” Well, that statement could apply to just about any president in recent memory, not just President Trump. President Barack Obama is remembered for stating to the citizenry something like, “If you like […]

Picky eaters

It is about to drive Yours Truly crazy. Okay, some will say that trip is extremely short. Others say I arrived at Crazy Land a long time ago. But I know me better than anyone, and last night I reached my breaking point. So what’s gotten me so befuddled I’m about to trade in all […]

After Spring Break

First, let me begin by telling you that I do plan to write the follow-up article I announced last month which would go further into what Martin Luther would have said the day before he was excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church in 1521. You surely have not had any concern about this, but my […]