Do-er or Dow-er?

Since the beginning of our time together, Tink and I have discovered that we pronounce words differently. Tink is a wordsmith. He pronounces words perfectly. He uses big, unusual words and knows the exact meaning to anything he says. I pronounce few things correctly. I make up words and the definitions that go with them. […]

Do you need a new heart?

I remember years ago getting my driver’s license renewed, and was asked, “Do you want to be an organ donor?” “I hadn’t thought about it, but I said “YES,” and ever since, my license indicates I’m a donor. Last year, according to the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network, at least 34,772 transplant operations took place […]

Legislators have unfinished business

Part two of Georgia’s two-year legislative session is under way. Weather delays notwithstanding, campaign fundraising for this year’s elections is on legislators’ minds so expect a quick 40 days. The governor announced Jan. 10 that he would call a special session if Georgia became a finalist in online behemoth Amazon’s search for its next headquarters. […]

Arrest, imprison the ‘sanctuary politicians’

An illegal immigrant who admitted to gunning down two Sacramento-area cops threatened to escape and kill more on the first day of his double murder trial, according to a report on the national news. Luis Brisements, who allegedly murdered Detective Michael Davis Jr. and Deputy Danny Oliver in October 2014, smiled in court Tuesday, stating, “I […]

A comedy of errors

It was a simple request from The Wife: could I repaint the bathroom? Now looking back, the request was anything but simple. Who knew it would start a series of events that can only be described as a comedy of errors? It started early Saturday morning. It ended nine hours later with over $1,200 spent, […]

Al Capone lives!

“You can get a lot farther with a smile and a gun than you can with just a smile.” This quote has often been attributed to the late Chicago mobster Al Capone, who with his fellow organized crime buddies used extortion as one of their tactics to get what they wanted. Today’s modern congressional Democrats […]

Tink and the car

My husband is a simple man. This comes as a surprise to folks because of the high-profile family from which he comes and the job which he does. If it weren’t for me, he’d never spend a dime on himself. Except, of course, for all the soap and toothpaste he uses. I buy clothes he […]

Ask Father Paul – The name(s) of God

DEAR FATHER PAUL: A friend of mine insists that God has a number of different names and that these are actually all in the Bible. I’ve always just called him “God.” So what IS God’s name? Frank DEAR FRANK:  Your friend is right. The first reference in the Bible to God’s name is found in […]

On downsizing

We are in a transition phase of sorts. My wife and I are very seriously considering, and making plans for, downsizing. It sounds so simple downsizing. Like buying a half gallon of milk instead of the whole gallon. However, it s one of the most complex activities I have ever considered. One of the big […]

A time before light sabers

A long, long time ago on an old familiar street not so far away, a brave young group of kids banded together to fight off all adversaries — both of this world and worlds beyond. Enemies came in all shapes, sizes, and species. Some attacked the brave band of Flamingonites by crawling, others by flying, […]