Politics and the New Morality

I don’t know why I am surprised, but I am. In the wake of the tragic Florida school shootings, I thought we would allow a period of time so that the victims would know that as a nation we sympathize with them, but this has not been the case. Very quickly the tragedy has become […]

TV news encourages active shooters

I tell young Americans their best defense against propaganda is reading two good newspapers to be informed, one that leans right and one that leans left, because reading requires them to think, whereas TV news relieves them of that burden by delivering feelings. The few willing to do that work better hurry, though, since newspapers […]

Billy Graham, Protestant saint

Billy Graham died last week. Up until now, there has never been a time when Billy Graham was far from my life. He began his crusade ministry before I was born. When I was a small child, I remember watching, along with my parents, his massive crusades broadcasts on black and white television. I didn’t […]

Downside for children in ‘organized’ sports

By John Rosemond [Editor’s note: The Citizen welcomes well-known family psychologist John Rosemond to our pages with a weekly column.] Thirty-something years ago in this column, I offered a free (expenses-only) speaking engagement to any community that would abolish all adult-organized-and-run children’s sports programs (excepting those run by high schools) and replace them with programs […]

Gun control vs. ‘I want to’

So, let’s imagine that in response to the Parkland, Florida, mass shooting, the government, federal or state, strongly tightens control of firearms. And then what? No more shootings? No more Nikolas Cruzes and such like, taking out their personal malice on the innocent and unwary? I speak as a lifelong non-owner of guns when I […]

On the road with Mama

It was November 1999, one month after my first book had been released and had made best-seller lists across the nation, aided greatly by Barbara Walters. But that’s another story. This one is about Mama and me. Bellsouth, at that time one of the South’s greatest corporations, sponsored a seven-city book tour for me across […]

Seven Truths about Temptation

Two Sundays ago was the First Sunday in Lent, and I preached on the story of the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. St. Matthew and St. Luke tell it this way, as I paraphrase it here. Jesus is led by the Spirit into the wilderness for the expressed purpose of being tempted by the […]

Scarlett’s Schooling

In my last installment we learned about the various buildings on the current site of Fayetteville City Hall from 1855 through 2018. The city has purchased land in town to build a new city hall in the next couple years and we all hope good use is made of the current building. Built about 1940 […]

Love endures all things

Love is probably one of the most overused and abused terms in the English language today. Consider some of the ways “love” is used: Love is used to describe emotions towards all sorts of things — a favorite food, a tv show, a person, a political movement, a philosophy of life. This past Valentine’s Day, […]

Facts about fasting

One of the practices in Christian churches during the season of Lent, which began last week, is fasting. Fasting is seen by most as, basically, the abstaining from food for a period of time. Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, for example, are designated fast days. But Lent is also considered a season for fasting, as […]