Does God consider you faithful?

James Merritt tells about a member of the first church he pastored in the backwoods of Kentucky. The man’s name was Raleigh Matthews. He lived on the same farm and attended the same church his entire life. He was a soft-spoken, low-key humble man who, on the surface, wouldn’t seem to have a lot of […]

Special Olympics

This past weekend I watched the opening ceremonies of the International Special Olympics. The country of Austria hosted this event for the second time, the first time being in 1993 when it was held for the first time outside the United States. It was an impressive ceremony and made you so thankful that there are […]

Lessons of Middlebury College

Many people seem shocked at the recent savagery of a mob of students at Middlebury College, who rioted to prevent Charles Murray from addressing a student group who had invited him to speak. They also inflicted injuries requiring hospitalization on a woman from the faculty who was with him. Where have all these shocked people […]

America’s longest war

Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to spend $1.4 billion of New York’s resources to solve the persistent problem of poverty in central Brooklyn. If he wins legislative approval, Cuomo, a Democrat, intends to spend the money on affordable housing, job training, anti-violence programs, recreational space, even obesity. Some cynics suggest the proposal is targeted at boosting […]

An old back road

As the road twisted and turned while rising up through the elevation of the tree-smothered mountain, I slowed the car and looked at the place so dear to my family. A place where faith and calloused hands fought poverty and poverty gave birth to dreams and eventual escape. My ancestors sowed there so we could […]

Ask Father Paul – Best advice for young people

Answers to your questions about life, religion and the Bible Dear Father Paul: I am a college student just starting my life as an adult. I read your column and respect your wisdom. So what is the one, single, best piece of advice you’d give a young person like me? — Matt Dear Matt: Thank […]

Napoleon loved broccoli

In the spring of 1804, at the end of an elaborate ceremony, Napoleon Bonaparte proclaimed himself Napoleon I, Emperor of France and proclaimed something else: his love of broccoli. The self-crowned emperor of France loved the little loved crown-shaped vegetable. Few historians will write about the fact that his obsession was the root cause of […]

What to do with this president?

Someone recently asked me, “How should we respond to this president?” From the question, I could not tell if the person making the inquiry voted for the person who currently occupies the White House or not. And, if I did know, it wouldn’t matter. My answer would be the same. We are to pray for […]

The doctor and the SPLOST

Picture this: Paramedics wheel in to the hospital emergency room a grossly obese man in obvious distress (his name could be anything, even Cal). “Doc, his heart just stopped and he needs help right now,” the EMT says. “No, get him out of my ER until he loses at least 150 pounds,” the ER doc […]

Immigration: Some thoughts

May I quote myself? Thanks. I shall. “Immigration is the sincerest form of flattery.” I have used this bon mot on various occasions since coining it for a 1987 speech. I like its accuracy, its brevity and, not least, the sly pun. Yet as those original Americans, or the English, would say, it neither butters […]