Can’t we all just get along?

What connection do air conditioning, airlines and education have with today’s overheated political climate? Each has contributed to the lack of understanding, empathy and tolerance. And the results are increasingly devastating. Consider recent events: In Arlington, Va., five people were injured June 14 in an assassination attempt on a Republican congressional baseball team as they […]

My grandfather’s cane

I missed doing an article last week. During the last 1,065 weeks, or 21 and one-half years, of writing for this newspaper, I have missed only three weeks. One of those weeks I was out of the country in Africa. The other, I experienced last minute computer problems and the article, that I did have […]

From the passenger’s side

As you may recall, last week I began a story about The Wife and I setting out for what we thought would be a relaxing four days at the beach. First we had to get there, and that entailed a six-hour drive. I knew it would be difficult, but even I couldn’t imagine how difficult […]

Losing the Poet

One of my favorite characters ever and one that readers have unfailingly enjoyed is my friend, Poet, the scion of a cotton family who speaks in lyrical tones and has always been interestingly unconventional. For Poet, life has never held rules. Let me clarify. He is honorable, kind, smart, and filled with integrity, so he […]

God is working in Brazil, and we get to be in on it

Two Fayetteville churches are on the front lines of seeing God do amazing things in Santa Catarina, Brazil. First Baptist Church, under Pastor Jim Thomas’s leadership, took a team of 19 in April and saw 793 come to Christ in Treze Tilias and Seara. Previously, McDonough Road Baptist Church travelled with First Baptist, but this […]

More history

I mentioned several weeks ago that I would write more on the Mitchell and Fitzgerald families. Today let’s talk about the Mitchells. Margaret’s great-great-grandfather, Phillip Fitzgerald, came to Fayette County about 1835. He owned property and businesses in Fayetteville, and his home place, “Rural Home,” was down the road on the present McDonough Road where […]

The road trip and what happened next

For all my law enforcement friends out there, please stop reading this story now. But if you elect to continue, be advised: I wasn’t the one driving. The Wife was. Guess we need to start this story at the beginning. This time, the story doesn’t start a long, long time ago on that old familiar […]

Why so much rage?

“Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing?” (Psalm 2:1 KJV) That didn’t take long. Less than 48 hours after the shooting rampage targeting Republican members of Congress and their staff on a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, followed by the picture of Republicans and Democrats kneeling in prayer at Nationals […]

The violent political left

By Michael Barone Violence is in the air these days. It was visible to the world in Manchester, Birmingham and London in the days before the British general election June 8. It was visible on the baseball field in Alexandria, Va., on a Wednesday morning as a Donald Trump hater and Bernie Sanders volunteer took […]

Uncle Oscar and Aunt Fairy

One Saturday morning, I ran by the bank to pick up a checkbook that had arrived and found the place to be unusually busy. I did a double take when I saw my nephew, Jay, a financial advisor, in an office with clients. He’s a family man who devotes weekends to his kids. “What’s he […]

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