What about a note box?

Pretending you asked my advice, I believe we all should have a “note box” in a handy spot, especially parents. I will tell you why, an explanation which would ordinarily be at the end of this column, but I don’t want to lose you in the story. The box is for what I would call […]

Remembering Zell Miller, USMC

For the last few years, I have served as the chaplain for the Department of Georgia, Marine Corps League (MCL). Part of my duties as chaplain for this veterans organization is to process the death notifications. Members of the Marine Corps League have served in all of our modern wars and some of them are […]

Kids who work hard

It had been a lovely summer afternoon. My niece, Nicole, was visiting the Rondarosa with a brood of kids in tow and we all were enjoying a lazy, country afternoon. After a picnic, Nicole and I chatted around the table while the six kids played in the pump house, splashed in the river, and enjoyed […]

Who really owns the swamp?

Who really owns the swamp?

I’m nosy, so when a shadowy organization dropped an expensive political hit piece targeting state Senator Marty Harbin (R-Tyrone) in thousands of mailboxes recently, I wanted to know who — and what money — was behind this slimy effort. It took some digging through state Campaign Ethics Commission records and Internal Revenue Service filings. The […]

Alcohol use?

DEAR FATHER PAUL: Is it a sin for a Christian to drink alcohol? What does the Bible say? Beth DEAR BETH: Yes and no. Or … sometimes, but not always. How’s that for a strong, clear and definite answer? Pastors are asked this question a lot. Some Christian denominations strictly forbid the use of alcohol […]

New Yorker slams Chick-fil-A

In a recent 1,400 word rant, the New Yorker magazine lambasted the Georgia-based Chick-fil-A corporation as a “creepy infiltration of New Your City.” What did the restaurant chain do to get the hackles of author Dan Piepenring up? Well, first of all, the owner of Chick-fil-A is a Christian. Apparently that doesn’t sit well with […]

10 little fingers and 10 little toes

Hi, I’m Mom. Up to this very moment, I’ve been known by another name, but throughout your hopefully long life, you’ll only know me as Mom. This, your first day in the world, I count and then recount your ten little fingers and your ten little toes. Don’t really know why. Just think it’s something […]

Parental love and kids’ dramas

By John Rosemond Question: My 4-year-old daughter, when I do something that upsets her, like reprimand her for something, begins to cry and tell me that I don’t love her anymore. (She’s actually very obedient and well-behaved, so the incidents in question are quite small.) When I’m finally able to calm her down, I reassure […]

Vulgar now ‘normal’

To be vulgar once earned societal disapproval, ostracism from polite company and — in my grandmother’s era — put a young person in danger of having his mouth washed out with soap. Today, vulgarities are now mainstream. People speaking in a way that “would make a sailor blush” are now on primetime television and words […]

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