Cuddling for pay

Watching television the other night, I was very surprised to learn that there is such a thing as a “certified cuddlist.” Apparently, one can hire someone who will cuddle with them for an hour or more. I fired up the computer and visited the website of the business which claims to have 75 cuddle centers […]

Time traveling to yesterdays

Which is the most important: yesterday, today, or tomorrow? When asked this question, some would answer today because today is the present – a gift. Others would choose tomorrow because what is today without the promise of all the tomorrows yet to come? The English Teacher, who has edited this column for the past 16 […]

The folly of tearing down statues

[Editor’s note: This was written two weeks before the events in Charlottesville, Va., occurred.] In these very — I mean very — weird times of ours, few phenomena appear weirder than what I would describe as the mania for pulling down or otherwise removing memorials to dead Confederates. New Orleans has done it. My own […]

Google’s repressive ‘tolerance’

By Michael Barone Would a fair society have exactly the same percentage of men and women, of whites and blacks and Latinos and Asians, in every line of work and occupational category? If your answer is yes, and that any divergence from these percentages must necessarily result from oppression, then you qualify for a job […]

Storytelling songs

When I was almost 17 and started my career in media by hosting a weekend radio show on a country music station, I was no stranger to country music and the great stories told in its songs. It was at my sixth birthday party that my friends and I did the twist – a dance […]

Back-to-school prayers

Yes, it’s that time of year again … back-to-school. I trust those of you who got back into your school year routines last week have had a good start and a bright outlook for a successful year. Please know that I’m praying for all of you in the rigors of teaching and learning. In fact, […]

Remembering Miss Clyde

I consider myself fortunate to have been part of the newspaper community in Fayette County for the past 30-plus years. Oh, I know many have been here much longer than that … some have family roots that go back to the early newspaper days. But I came in at an opportune time. The county was […]

Human identity transcends gender

Adolescence was tough on me. I was a total geek, in an era before that was cool. I was a social misfit, totally uncomfortable in my high school setting. I worked out a deal with my parents and the school authorities that allowed me to graduate a year early, simply because I hated school life […]

Beware of scammers with internet ‘ordinations’

For quite a number of years I have been aware that people could be “ordained” to the ministry online or through the mails. It really doesn’t take much. One fills out the short application, encloses a check for $35 and up and, just like that, one can either download their “ordination” certificate or it will […]

An unexpected gift

The unexpected gift didn’t arrive in the usual way. It wasn’t a gift from a loving parent to a child. In the house where the smallest of small now resides, there were no birthdays to celebrate that day, the next, or even weeks ahead. Long ago the Easter Bunny bounced back to its burrow, and […]

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