Hate speech and our country

The march in Charlottesville is nothing new. Fortunately, since the inception of the Klan in the later decades of the 1800s, these now generally marginalized individuals have been moved further and further into the fringes of society. The best response to these hateful individuals is to ignore them. They only have power when put in […]

Nazis, Communists, and Charlottesville

In the 1930s, two major groups clashed in Germany. The clashes were often violent and, at times, people were killed in these conflicts. The two groups were the Nazis and the Communists. Both sought to dominate the political conversation and, while both groups would eventually cause the deaths of tens of millions of people, their […]

Once in a lifetime

Seen from Oregon to Georgia, the solar eclipse last Monday was the event of the century and perhaps the greatest natural phenomenon of our lifetime. If you gazed towards the heavens a little past 2:30 pm. on Aug. 21, you saw it. If you missed it, join the crowd. But there’s still a chance for […]

The fruit of identity politics

By Michael Barone There’s a whiff of Weimar in the air. During the years of the Weimar Republic (1919-33), Germany was threatened by Communist revolutionaries and Nazi uprisings. Foreign Minister Walter Rathenau was assassinated, and violent street fighting was commonplace. Then Adolf Hitler took power in 1933. America is nowhere near that point. But many […]

Shouting for joy

When I was a child, it was, on occasion, that we traveled up into the mountains to visit what Mama called her “home church,” meaning it was the church in which she had grown up. It was mainly summer revivals that took us there because Sundays were devoted to the church where Daddy pastored. I […]

Some thoughts about Charlottesville riot

Charlottesville, Virginia, a city named after Britain’s first black queen, was the scene of a bloody riot Saturday, Aug. 12. The fray resulted in the death of one woman, who was mowed down by a car; plus, there were many other people injured. Have politicians and the news media told the correct and complete story […]

Scrubbing history: Some proposals

After the Charlottesville riots we learned that we have many options to sanitize history other than toppling statues, sandblasting Stone Mountain, jackhammering Mount Rushmore, removing non-PC street and memorial park signs and tearing down monuments in the middle of the night. Simply change the names of offensive people and places. For example: George Washington becomes […]

Grandbaby number six has his own timetable, also

We’re rejoicing over grandbaby number six! Back in April, we were on baby watch for our fifth grandbaby and were trying to work around Easter and another granddaughter’s birthday party in Sarasota. “Our plan” was for Nolan to be born Easter Sunday afternoon so we could travel to Charlotte the first part of the week […]

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