Harvey, Irma and you

As I write this, Hurricane Harvey and the devastation in Texas are heavy on my mind and in the forefront of my prayers. I am from Texas, having attended both junior high and high school in Baytown, one of the places hardest hit by the flooding waters. In fact, when you were watching The Weather […]

SPLOST needs to be reformed

By Ron Sifen & Benita M. Dodd Georgia’s Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) is an optional 1 percent county sales tax used to fund local capital projects for a county and participating municipalities. Thirty-two years after lawmakers passed the SPLOST law, lessons learned prove the SPLOST is sorely in need of some updates. […]

The secret of a long marriage

My wife and I observed our 46th wedding anniversary last week. Or, as I sometimes say, “We completed 46 years of a life sentence without parole.” Which makes most men grin and most women give me “the Look.” Once in awhile, someone will ask what our secret is. “Well,” I respond, “when we were younger, […]

Lime green bananas

By now, Hurricane Irma has dumped a deluge of rain on our fair county, filling our creeks and overflowing lakes. Or not. The deadline for this story was six days ago so the Category 5 hurricane then was still spinning around in the Atlantic. It’s about to hit Cuba, making those high priced cigars even […]

The 3 cousins

It was a typical Sunday family dinner, all of us fresh from our churches and gathered together for the sake of being together. Conversation bubbled over in six or seven different conversations, a cacophony of various pitches. No one really listens to anyone at these dinners. “How did your ball game go yesterday?” I asked […]

Cowardice displayed in Tyrone cover-up

As the most local act of the current historical whitewash hysteria being perpetrated all over the South, the mayor and City Council of Tyrone overreacted in the name of political correctness when petitioned by some people who apparently suddenly realized just how offensive is the sight of a mural that includes a Confederate soldier. The […]

Resident appalled at mural cover-up

This is the first time I actually made it a point of writing to a newspaper, local or otherwise, but feel compelled to do so under the circumstances. My family and I have resided in Fayette County now for almost 10 years; the last two have been spent in Tyrone. We love living here and […]

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