$1.4M extra pay for coaches, others scrutinized by BoE

School system salary supplements received some spotlight scrutiny at the April 13 Fayette County Board of Education meeting, leading up to budget discussions in coming weeks. Booster clubs may be asked to help with transportation costs in some sports, school officials suggested. Those supplements — extra pay for everything from football coaches to yearbook advisors […]

Crunch time approaching for Fayette BOE budget

Members of the Fayette County Board of Education Tuesday night are expected to continue discussions on issues relating to the upcoming budget for FY 2011 that begins in July. As it stands now, the school system is expected to end the year on June 30 with a $14.9 million general fund surplus. Waiting in the […]

Coweta school system files suit over charter school

The Coweta County School System has joined the ranks of a handful of other systems around the state in filing a lawsuit against the Georgia Charter School Commission (GCSC) and the Georgia Dept. of Education (BOE). The suit filed April 2 in Fulton County Superior Court follows the commission’s February approval of the Coweta Charter […]

Fayette School Board moves closer to decision on furloughs

The Fayette County Board of Education Tuesday will discuss whether to impose additional unpaid furlough days for school employees to offset further state funding cuts. School board members previously said they would wait until April to determine whether to absorb the anticipated furlough days for all school system employees or to impose the furloughs in […]