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Racism is alive and well in America

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Years ago my office wall displayed the picture of two men I admired: John Steinbeck, for reasons I won’t bore you with right now, and Martin Luther King, Jr. (MLK), because he was right and had the courage of his convictions.

You may discount my opinion as a white man, but I believe if MLK could come back today he would be saddened that America remains stuck in group politics instead of judging each other on our actions and content of our character.

I think MLK would be even more dismayed at how black America has squandered so much opportunity, with over 70 percent of black children born to unwed mothers, many of whom become locked into a cycle of poverty, while black men are more than seven times more likely than whites to commit murder and eight times more likely to commit burglary.

It is easy to guess MLK would be appalled that about half of black males drop out of high school, and while blacks are less than 13 percent of the population, they are 40 percent of the prison population.

You’d have to stretch the facts to the moon and back to blame this disaster on white racism, and yet some try. Maybe some day we will get past the compulsion to place everyone in competing groups and look past appearances to judge each other on our actions, MLK’s dream.

If you are black, successful and hot under the collar at my comments, please know that white America is pulling for you and ardently hopes for blacks as a whole to succeed.

But there is a long way to go, not only in accomplishment but in our perceptions of one another, as we are reminded by the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case and the group politics that fan the flames of strife.

I don’t know the facts of the Martin-Zimmerman case well enough to conclude where fault lies and whether criminal charges are warranted, and neither do all the loudmouths who have gathered in polarized groups shouting at each other and spinning the facts to their prejudices. It is so easy to believe what we want to believe.

Leaping to the conclusion the black guy has been wronged by whitey is how Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton predictably make their living as race-hustlers. The disappointing part is how the news media treats them as serious people, and how so many blacks follow their lead.

Jackson’s specialty is shaking down corporations and other organizations, leveling racism charges that he is willing to mitigate so long as a sizable donation is made to his organization. Columnist George Will nailed it a long time ago when he observed, “No modern American farce is complete without a cameo appearance by Jesse Jackson!”

That was long before Sharpton became legitimate in the eyes of the media, when he was still trying to attract TV cameras with shouts of outrage on street corners in New York.

Somehow Sharpton gets a pass from the media from his discredited efforts, like his leading role in the case of Tawana Brawley, a 15-year-old black girl in 1987, falsely accusing six white men of sexual assault and whipping up a national frenzy.

As an agitator Sharpton is skilled, like his inciting a riot when he inserted himself in a real estate dispute, characterizing one party as a “white interloper,” which prompted one of his followers to murder the interloper and kill a number of others when he burned the building. Be sure to call Sharpton “Reverend.”

I understand these two clowns inserting themselves in the Martin-Zimmerman case to promote themselves, that’s what they do. What is unforgivable is President Obama making comments on the case that fan the flames of outrage before the investigation is complete.

You’d think he would have learned the hazards of inserting himself similarly in 2009 in the case of Henry Louis Gates, prematurely criticizing Boston police officers of racism when they were doing their job, then portraying himself as the peacemaker instead of apologizing as he should have done for being dead wrong, never mind that in his position he should have stayed completely out of it.

All of these things have at the root the presumption that the black guy has been wronged by white America, a racist presumption with a hair trigger.

If the President wanted to comment on the Martin-Zimmerman case, maybe he could have assured the American people that the FBI will investigate the New Black Panther Party’s announced $10,000 bounty on the capture of George Zimmerman, the man who shot Trayvon Martin. One wonders what they plan to do with Zimmerman once captured. Maybe they will get away with it, just as they did with voter intimidation in Pennsylvania in the 2008 election.

If the President wanted to comment on racially charged crimes, he could have mentioned Shawn Tyson, the black 17-year-old who was recently convicted of last April’s murder of James Kouzaris, 24, and James Cooper, 25, two white British students on holiday.

The two students were out for an evening of drinking when they wandered into a public housing project near the Newtown area in Sarasota, Fla. Tyson decided to rob the Brits at gunpoint, but they said they had no money, and while they pled for their lives, then 16-year-old Tyson shot and killed them.

You would think some diplomatic intercession might be called for, but the President has been too busy to respond to three letters from the parents of the dead Brits. I would bet you haven’t seen this case hammered on TV news since it doesn’t fit the preconceived mold of blacks as victims. That’s racist, by the way.

Was Trayvon Martin presumed to be trouble by a trigger-happy vigilante? I don’t know, but I do know something is missing from all the commentary I have heard from concerned black parents about “the talk” they give their kids warning them to avoid conflict, stay out of situations where someone, presumably whites, could hurt them by presuming they are not good people merely because they are black.

If I were black, I would be angry, too, to be suspected of criminal potential based on my appearance. But I hope I would be smart enough to direct my anger at the overwhelming number of young black men who commit a tidal wave of crimes, the ones who make me a target of suspicion by their egregious actions.

You can write anti-profiling policies and stomp your feet insisting that we all engage in willful blindness to ignore the obvious, but a little bit of common sense will sneak through the small cracks that still exist in the barriers of political correctness.

It would be nice if a black man could be judged on the content of his character, but so long as black men commit the preponderance of crimes, good black men will be unfairly seen as threats by those who don’t know them.

Racism will never disappear because we can’t control what lurks in each other’s heart. But maybe we could grow up enough to stop generating race-based frenzies with charges of racism where none may exist.

Maybe one day a genuine successor to MLK will step in to force the black community to take an honest look at itself, become the inspiration for all black Americans to shake off excuses, break down barriers and seize the opportunities of the American dream.

Maybe one day.

[Terry Garlock of Peachtree City occasionally contributes a column to The Citizen. His email is terry@garlock1.com For info on his book see www.garlock1.com.]


Have not always led all of Americas white citizens. All black leaders do not lead all black Americans. I respect Jessie for what he accomplished under the leadership of MLK. I have never voted for him for a public office. Have all the 'white' leaders you have voted for in FC lived up to your expectations.? Your arguments are weak. Leaders come in all colors as do agitators.

The last refuge for the Liberal. All leaders are the same, therefore no criticism is allowed.

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perhaps you can clarify; is Jesse an agitator or a leader?

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Doesn't that depend on who is following and when? There are some who called MLK and Jesse agitators during the Civil Rights movement. Today it appears uncomfortable for some 'whites' to call MLK an agitator. I considered Jesse a leader during the Civil Rights movement under the tutelage of MLK - and an opportunist ever since. He has never been my leader - nor the leader of 'black America' - but has been so designated by certain portions of the media. So Cyclist - who is the leader of the 'white' people? Who is leading the way to clear up the crime committed by 'whites'? Who in the white community is stopping the corruption found in predominantly white businesses? The contributor who spoke about 'grouping' Americans is right on. This grouping concept is an excellent example of holding on to the racism in this country. As I said years ago - Americans are racist, regardless of their color. Mytimite shared that truism when she heard her friends and neighbors make racist comments about 'whites'. We have come a long way since the 50's and 60's - but I'm getting tired of 'whites' always excusing their racism by pointing to racism among blacks. AMERICANS ARE RACISTS - but are improving in race-relations. There is still a lot of work to be done. Neither race deserves a pass in taking steps to further improve race-relations in America. Certainly individuals have to take responsibility for their own actions in creating an environment for improvement. That includes you and me.

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[quote=Davids mom] AMERICANS ARE RACISTS - but are improving in race-relations. [/quote]

...and that is all you need to know about DM.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

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Ha, I'm not a racist because......well because "the beaver" said so.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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Just wondering because it has been pronounced you are therefore Racist.

So there......

See I told you so.... If you are not with them you are against them.. A different opinion shall not be tolerated so you are a racist...

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

Good for you! Your narrow-mindedness on 'race' just makes some of us wonder.

I'm not surprised that you don't participate in the hate blogs. But, to insinuate that the black community is sweeping black on black crime under the rug is ridiculous! We are the victims! You seem to be saying that all black men should not wear hoodies in fear of being judicially killed. NOT. That makes as much sense to me as saying white men should not drive pick ups - for it would be right for a black person to kill them because they feared for their life. ( based on past history and current crimes). Humans should not feel free to kill one another. So far, millions of Americans have voiced their opinion regarding this tragedy without the violence. I know you're not one to instigate violence in any situation. There are other contributors whose motives are questionable.

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. . . and of course it makes no sense to assume a black man in a hoodie is up to no good. But if I had a black son my talk with him would likely include this: "No matter how good you are, no matter how pure your heart is, people who don't know you will make assumptions based on how you look similar to so freaking many black men who commit violent crimes. And when you wear a hoodie to keep warm, that just makes it worse because some crooks use hoodies to hide their faces. It isn't just or sensible or fair at all, but it is real. And if you want to be angry with someone about this unfairness, instead of being mad at the people who are unfairly afraid of you, be mad at the dumbass black men who commit all the crimes and thereby create the fear."

On the reverse side, DM, there are sections of many major American cities where a white man would be wise not to venture on foot for fear of his life, and that isn't fair or sensible either.

Terry Garlock, PTC

We agree that racism is alive and well in America. It is not all the white mans fault or the black mans fault, . . But you seem to want black people to tell their sons you have no right to wear a hoodie because in this country another person will have the right to shoot you. I'm sure many black parents have had such a talk with their sons. . But it doesn't make it right. Criminals are the problem, and they fester more in large urban areas where many of our undereducated and poor reside. At one point in our history it was the Irish, or the Italians, or the Hispanics, or the Asians. Emphasizing the race of the criminal sells papers and increases ratings. There will be peace if there is justice. Those who want revenge are going down the wrong path. There are too many still alive from the 50's and 60's who just may forget the teachings of MLK and become like some agitators in this forum. This country is using it's justice system to determine the truth. Let's give that system another opportunity to work. We've already had two 'defects' go on a killing spree killing African Americans. I know you don't condone this action. Let's let the court system work. . And not predict violence as if that is acceptable. (That last sentence was not for Terry Garlock, but for some others)

thought out article. If people would put aside their blinders and read what you have written with an open mind they would see the truth in your statements. But, of course, it is easier to keep putting the blame everywhere but where it belongs. Whenever I see or hear Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson I know the coffers must be getting low and the hate mongering will begin. It is sad that both of these men do not expend their time and energy working to make their neighborhoods safer, to direct their young followers to be responsible, upstanding citizens, instead of inciting to riot at every opportunity. Of course their outrageous actions draw more media attention which they both dearly love. And our media---how they love to see and hear these buffoons. It is sad to see what is happening to so many black young men. Why aren't Jesse and Al upset about that? Why are they not seeing that these young men get the educaton they need, why are they not mentoring these young men to be responsible fathers, responsible citizens? Because it does not grab headlines, and sad to say, that is what they are about.

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You know it’s funny as I read through the article and then through the comments—I find myself agreeing with most of the points made. The only thing that kind of bugs me is the tone and the generalizations made across groups. “If I were a black person”. So as a black person I’m supposed to tell my children not to wear certain clothing because you are black. Not because they make you look suspicious but what I’m saying is the white kids at your school can wear this but as a black person you can not. And it’s not because it makes you look suspicious but because you already make people uncomfortable but with the hoodie on you make them even more so. That is the issue I have with the article. I would basically be telling my kids that people are scared of you and nervous. What I’m saying is it’s not the hoodie it’s the skin tone you have a problem with. To be honest if I saw a guy…no matter color walking in my neighborhood with a hoodie…I’m suspicious. Tell me this when was the last time you saw a guy in a hoodie and what did you notice first his skin tone or the hoodie. What made you more nervous the hoodie or the skin tone. Folks are all up in arms over this hoodie. I’ve never heard of anyone until this case getting killed or beat up or locked up because they wore a hoodie. You? So will I tell my kids to not where them. No. they can wear them. But I’ll tell you this. My kids and the many of the black kids I know—will not and do not wear their pants hanging or dress like thugs. But a lot of the comments I’ve read on here make the generalizations that all of black people do.

Here is all I’m saying when you say if I were black—that doesn’t make sense because you are only looking at one thing—clothing. You are making a generalization for all black people.
I see all the articles here and there in the comments—Neo-Nazi, Black Panther, Mike Tyson, Jesse Jackson. Lets get one thing straight That Neo Nazi and Black Panther stuff are extreme groups. I don’t know any Nazis or Black Panthers. I’m a black person and the only leaders in my life are my parents, my pastor and mentors I choose. I’ve never listened to nor followed Jesse or Al. Funny thing is most black people don’t. Trust me people the 100 or so people you see on t.v. do not represent the masses--there are more black people than that.

To me just like with everything else. This article and the points made are very media driven.

That said I don’t disagree with you there are a lot of young blacks committing crimes. Sadly you make the generalization that as whites and blacks we are in these groups and you say in your comments “ the black community sweeps it under the rug”…can you please define for me the black community. These race groups are a joke. I’m a black man. I choose my friends by who I like, my church, my place of work etc. I’ve never gotten with other black people to try to hide things from anyone. The media reports how it wants to report. Please tell me how the black community does this.
Is there a white group that makes decisions for what white people reveal and what they don’t? How does this work? Who is the leader of these communities?
Black people have leaders about as much as white people have a leader….we are not a group, gang, or tribe who gather behind some leader. We are all people.

MLK was a leader only because he was driving for equality. These guys are driving for money for themselves…no leader of mine—some of the comments they make and hate they spew is deplorable. Most black people, strangely enough, are like white people. When we see thugs we run too. A suspicious black guy is after me just like you.

Sadly I just don’t like the undertone of hate in the comments article. I know many of you are everyday regular Americans….just recognize that most black people are too. There are bad seeds on both sides. Can’t deny the fact that most white crimes may be more white collar than black. Just recognize that a lot more goes into that than skin tone.

When you place the articles in the comments it’s like you saying hey all black people feel this way. And my God…saying that Tyson had something to say. What merit does that have? You really think black people are listening to him. The articles about some black guy killing or hurting a white person…those are horrible crimes I agree. But whether they get coverage or not is not a black or white issue…it’s a media issue. And black people are not in the background cheering on these criminals—I want them locked up, I want to move away from them.
This is my community just like yours. I hate it when I see all the crime bleeding from Clayton, Union City, Dekalb and Fulton just like you. Just know guys—don’t hate or discriminate against me based on my skin tone (again the hoodie is very little to do with it)

All I’m saying guys is by reading this and the comments racism is alive. And we feed it by pushing the separatism agenda—the race grouping, if I was black I would do this, stuff like that. It seems more like from reading this article we need to get to know each other—black and whites. I know that sounds very Kum Ba Ya ish but it’s true.

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All this banter back and forth blaming one another for being scum sucking racist dogs, when peoples of differing origins have made war upon one another and committed the most vile of atrocities since the beginning of recorded history. We in America have little perspective of what inhumanities our fellow man is willing to commit on another human being. Yet we pick and choose the instances upon which we decide to protest, and ignore the literally thousands of other more heinous crimes simply because of political expediency.

Take for example slavery, is there anyone in the blogosphere that believes slavery has been abolished? Does anyone truly believe that ethnic cleansing was halted with the demise of the Third Reich? Or perhaps someone might just still believe that religious wars ended with the Crusades. I would wager that there are many in our country who cling to these beliefs, and a larger number so naive that they could easily be led to believe such.

It was tragic that a young man wearing a 'hoodie' lost his life, but even more egregious is the fact that no real lesson will be learned. That 'gansta' lifestyle will continue, others will feel threatened, and the cycle will continue. As for me, I'm removing the hoods from all my outdoor sporting apparel.

A true realist and humanist. Maybe if some could venture to have a discussion about racism in this country - it's current practices and the improvement noted over the past 30 years, a lesson may be learned. I'm afraid if we all cut the hoodies off our jackets, we'd have to acknowledge it's the 'skin color' that creates the fear.

Mike King's picture

Could it be that an avowed racist is addressing me?

But, to answer your question if we all shed our 'hoodies' and accept full responsibility for ourselves as individuals, then most of the fear you equate with skin color would soon dissipate.

We agree that the practices and improvements over the past thirty years have created lessons that we must note. Those of spiraling dependency on welfare, the vast majority of minority children being reared by single parents, rampant violent crime as an accepted culture, and the list could go on.

BTW, as far as venturing into a serious debate on race or racism, I would strongly suggest you drop the skin color defense and accept the reality that differences do exist.

GoDawgs1's picture

Mike King ... that's a good comment sir.

Given: differences exist between some blacks and some whites
Given: similarities exist between some blacks and whites
Given: too many American citizens are on some type of welfare
Given: there are not many white parents who fear for their sons when they leave the house wearing a hoodie.
Given: in these United States it would be difficult to discuss race or racism by dropping 'skin color'.

You know Mr King as much as I promote celebrating race relations in 2012 in Fayette County , I still am weary of white men in pick-up trucks. Some fears based on past experience are just hard to get over. Right?

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...on when these men will be arrested for killing the unarmed teen in this story, whose only crime was 'aggressively approaching' the guards when he thought his sister was threatened (by another girl). I posted it a couple of weeks ago but no one here, or much anywhere else, noted it. The similarities to the Martin-Zimmerman case are striking (I imagine apt. complex security guards have about the same lethal force approval/options as a neighborhood watchman):


Oh, wait; the 2 shooters/murderers/killers were black... NOW I see why it's not a big deal; no $$$ in this for Sharpton & Jackson, but yet an unarmed, innocent teen is dead. You'd think these 2 guards could physically subdue a teen...

Sharpton and Jackson did not do the leg work for getting over 1 million signatures and/or organizing the protests throughout this country and abroad. You 'black leader' haters are giving too much credit to these two. You're right tho - black on black crime just doesn't get the coverage as white/black crime. Sad. A product of 'group' racism in the US.

kcchiefandy's picture

...and I agree, but they did, and do, instigate and promote much of the hype, egged on by overexposure in the media. Again, an innocent teen died at the hands of someone not authorized to utilize lethal force, but alas the color issue is not the quality race-bait the media & 'those two' prefer to exploit.

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Zimmerman was licensed to carry... So if he felt his life was in danger technically he was therefore "authorized to use deadly force".

His burden is to prove that endangerment.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

kcchiefandy's picture

...is going to be HUGE in this trial. I am very surprised, give the 'stand your ground' FL law, that they went for 2d degree murder; I think that'll be hard to prove. I thought they'd have a better shot at manslaughter, invol or vol, because if the jury finds him not guilty for 2d degree, the baiters are going to go ape-s**t(as like how the Casey Anthony trial turned out).

Using the Stand Your Ground Law, if Martin was alive and could testify as to his thoughts during the confrontation - he might be able to say he was standing his ground in the presence of imminent danger. This strange man was following him in a black SUV - (a car favored by gang members in the urban area) - the man disappeared for a while, and then reappeared on foot. Hmmmm. May be Trayvon feared for his life because this unknown 'gang' looking individual kept following him. Oh well - we'll not know about that since Trayvon is dead.

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Stand your ground had nothing to do with the shooting.. This is just another ploy by Race Baiters inc...

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

Mr. Zimmerman was not arrested for killing Trayvon based on the Stand Your Ground law. That is the basis of his defense, he was in fear for his life and could not retreat. We'll see what comes out in the trial.

S. Lindsey's picture

SYG is a moot point.. If you are attacked you have the right to defend yourself. No "Law" changes that basic fact. His defense team will not even use that defense in Court. It is a concept law not an actual actionable one.

This will help...


"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

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I just wanted to say that I think you have performed a great local public service with your column here, you certainly have created a dialog among the regular visitors to the board. This dialog is emotional because your hypothesis that race is a factor in our lives continues without end and everyone is sensitized to it. "Visionaries" want a perfect world but I am afraid we will never see it. We can strive for it, but alas we are imperfect people.

My only comment to this raging debate is that discrimination of all ilks has been with mankind since we learned to walk on two legs. No form of society is without it and there will always be those that discriminate and those that are discriminated against. If the black and white race never existed, men would find something else visual or otherwise on which to discriminate. It's in our nature.

It is incumbent on each of us to live our lives under the Golden Rule. It is our only hope for a civil and just society. It is a rule handed to us by God for our instruction, it is up to us to follow it, if we can.

It starts with each of us as individuals.

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judged as an individual on their own actions, not based on race or any other grouping. That said, and even though there are many blacks who are strong, successful and productive citizens, there aren't enough of them because taken as a whole the black community in the US is a train wreck, and it is long past time for excuses, time for leaders blacks will listen to facing the truth and doing what they can to turn it around. It isn't easy, it isn't pretty, and it hurts, but there it is.

Terry Garlock, PTC

PTC Observer's picture

I am somewhat surprised at your premise can't you say the same thing about parts of other communities as well? Generalizations can be troubling....I believe they are also called stereotyping? I don't think you or I can take any segment of our large society "as a whole". It is simply not within our intellectual grasp.

I will grant you this, the entire US society is in a decaying orbit philosophically, ethically and morally. Much, if not all, of it stems from an entitlement mentality fostered by the government nanny state and the cult of celebrity. The cult of celebrity and its acceptance and reinforcement of the misogynistic gangster ethos has taken its toll on the black community more than most; however, this is not exclusively a black phenomena.

The real train wreck is the nearly complete absence of knowledge of the philosophy that created our great nation and what this ignorance has wrought on our current society. A government dependent citizenry is devoid of the ability and incentive to "turn it around", that goes for blacks, whites, native Americans, and any other way the government can divide us to keep us dependent. We all become special interest slaves to the political elite "masters" the more we let them divide us.

Remember if we are fighting each other, then we don't notice the elephant in the room, but we do feel its presence.

Most on this board don't accept or recognize this fact, you may be a notable exception, but then maybe not given your premise above.

Please show me how to turn this wreck (black community) around by getting rid of those majority residents that live on the backroads of so many of our states, but especially here in the south! Then go to California and demonstrate how to clean up the prostitutes and drug dealers on Hollywood Blvd. Took a ride to deliver dental supplies in Tennesee. The poverty in these communities is disgraceful. Gosh, not one 'black' family. I guess you feel I should only concentrate on my own community. You hypocrite. Practice what you preach. Most of my work is in the Atlanta area. There are white Americans who work right along with black Americans. That is why I took the ride to Tennesee. There are some Americans who work together on improving American communities. You and others still demonstrate a racist attitude. I admit it is hard to rid oneself of these carefully taught attitudes, but believe it or not my attitude has changed greatly during my seven plus years in Fayette County. I have learned that there are Americans who see more than the color of ones skin.

tgarlock's picture

. . . and I also know there are successes and failures everywhere. I think it was PTCO who observed a deep concern that the majority of all Americans have little knowledge or appreciation of the roots of our country, and he is dead on right about that. My concern in this column is the epidemic of failure in the black community that has perpetuated misery and wasted so many lives that could have been fruitful, a sad waste that has been made worse IMO by the race hustlers who take personal advantage of opportunities for public complaint. There is just one thing that all could do to begin a turnaround, and that is to stop with the excuses.

Terry Garlock, PTC

PTC Observer's picture

My point Mr. Garlock, is that there is a correlation between the deterioration of our society (including the black community) and the absence the understanding of the philosophical underpinnings of our country. They are inextricably linked.

So, while your premise is flawed (the black community is a train wreck) the symptoms you observer need to be discussed for their causes and cures. For this, I thank you for your observations on race and the black community. Now we need to acknowledge the actual problem and see if we as individuals can do something about it through educating those that know nothing about it. Even if they think they do.

Since you have a public forum, you are more responsible for this than most.


Your point is expressed with excellence. Thanks.

PTC Observer's picture

welcome, does this mean that I am no longer "disturbing" to you? ;-)

LOL! No, but it demonstrates that people who have different views on one issue may agree on another. Our politics are different, but not our humanism.

PTC Observer's picture

I am not sure what you mean by this....but I guess I will take it in a positive way.

Just to be clear though, I don't separate my "politics" from the "individual" so if that's "humanism", then you may actually be intellectually salvageable DM.

However, given your entrenched ideas on the vision of "common good" concept (AKA, theft by the majority of property through force of law), I doubt it.

Now I guess I am disturbing you?

LOL. No PTCO. I 've accepted that you are content for the rich to pay less taxes than the middle class. I just congratulate you that you are not a separatist based on skin color.

PTC Observer's picture

That's just not right, I am content to have EVERYONE pay a whole lot less tax for a much, much, much, smaller government. That includes you and everyone that reads these pages.

What do you have against the rich DM? Don't you want David to be rich? Now how can he be rich if there is a whole lot of people like you taking his money away from him?

Remember it's up to the government to decide who's rich DM and you know who works for the government don't you DM?. So, I guess it won't be long until everyone that works for the private sector is rich. These folks are all responsible for paying for all the other folks that work for the government.

It's kind of like you ignoring visual evidence of voter fraud, you know if you ignore these things or call them "pranks", they just go away.

Anyway, I have to get back to paying my taxes today.....have to pay my "fair share".

I stand corrected. Thanks. Don't agree with your interpretation of reality. David pays the lower rate today- and the adjusted rate won't hurt him one bit.

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Mr. Garlock... the comments you are making here are very disturbing. Calling the black community a train wreck and that blacks are making excuses. As a black man I find that very offensive. The sad part is there are parts to all of our communities that are train wrecks--as PTC Observer says as a whole the entire nation has parts that are bad. However there are great parts. It is this seperatist attitude that has people at odds now. And who are you talking to when you say enough with the excuses. So the black people that you see and pass each day are making excuses for things now. Generalizations and Stereotypes feed the racism.

tgarlock's picture

. . . and a train wreck it will remain so long as excuses give it cover. May I suggest instead of wasting energy being offended, maybe you could speak out about the train wreck since as a black man you would have so much more credibility than I do?

You are right that every "community" has problems, but one does not excuse the other and that is another conversation for another day.

Terry Garlock, PTC

Commenting as an outsider and using stereotypes and generalizations to make your points are disurbing. But you are opening the eyes of many. Maybe you can help by sharing what you are doing to help your community? (Is your community the 'white' community?

By the way, how do you know that GoDawgs1 is not already working in his community? Again a stereotype. Tsk, tsk.

GoDawgs1's picture

Mr. G... This is exactly what I mean. I am a youth minister at my church. I mentor many kids most black. But you are you to tell me that I need to fix the black problem. Once again you are saying we as black people need to fix this black issue because its all a black thing. So as a mentor if a white kid has an issue do I not help him with the same fervency that i would a black kid.

This is my point to you sir. You keep saying its black and if I were black and black people need to stop making excuses for the black people. I'm a man first. If I have a neighbor in Fayette who is white isn't he apart of my community. So shouldn't we all help to fix the so called black problem. Because last I saw there are whites and blacks in trouble. All our youth need a helping hand.

Thats were I take issue. The points you made are exactly right but you can't just say it's a black thing. It's a people thing. I want to move away from thugs just like you, I see a thug and I'm going the other way. Period. Hoodie on a white guy who looks like he is jogging won't bother me. Hoodie on a white guy with many tats on his face I'm a little nervous. Hoodie on a black guy who is jogging no problem. Hoodie on a black guy with saggy pants and a tats I'm nervous. You see this is a people thing sir. Your tough love will not work unless you choose to nto push it as a black thing.

Personally sir my community is your community--Fayetteville... Whites and Blacks stay here.
You can't tell me who I can choose to help. If I help a room full a white kids succeed who were on there way to failure I feel just as good as if they were black. Because they need my help just as much.

tgarlock's picture

. . . and I couldn't agree with you more. The back-and-forth always drifts the conversation off the original topic, and you are handing back to me the very same arguments I use with other people. Putting people in groups is antithetical to what I believe, and giving the appearance of lecturing you on your duties is wrong, I shouldn't have. So let me back up a little.

I tell my adopted Chinese daughters that they will be expected to call themselves Chinese-Americans and advocate for that group, and that I hope they call themselves Americans who happened to be born in China, and advocate for everyone. The balkanization of America is part of our problem.

I also tell my kids that I admit that I do judge people, but based on their behavior, not what they look like or where they came from. I believe those things strongly, so cudos to you for working with kids to help them on the right path, and even better when we ignore those imaginary racial lines - I have done so too but maybe not as well as you.

And yet the train wreck is still there. I took a risk in bringing it up, and while some may assume my motive is hate of some sort, actually I care enough to take the licks that come with raising a tragic subject that gets ignored when it should not.

Terry Garlock, PTC

Excuse me if I have misunderstood what you have said about the 'train wreck'. I perceive an arrogance in your assuming that the black community has ignored our own problem and as individuals and organizations are doing nothing about it.

tgarlock's picture

. . . before this conversation dies I want you to know that the issues I have raised about racism and train wreck in the black community - and my mind is not changed at all - are not my primary concern, but still vital to our country, and I take the risk of your ire because I do care. Of even more concern to me are the issues raised by PTCO like the overall cultural decay in America, ignorance and apathy about the birth of our country and the threats to our constitutional balance, celebrity focus, inept and unbalanced media, disconnect between our armed forces and citizens, etc.

But I write opinion columns when an issue moves me, and there is more than one problem to address. The Martin-Zimmerman yelling contest was an opening to talk about the train wreck in the black community, but there is a train wreck among whites as well. One disaster does not excuse the other. Call me an alarmist, but I wonder if America has already passed over the hump and is descending irreversibly down the slippery slope of decay. I fear for our country.

And with a nod to Cal and The Citizen, I want you to know he has never once, not one time, tried to influence what I write, and I thank him for publishing what I write without tinkering with the language, letting me make my own mistakes.

Terry Garlock, PTC

PTC Observer's picture

Thank you for all you have done for our great country, your past service, your service now, and your service in the future.

I will refer you to a book that you should read about Honor, "Honor: A History" by James Bowman. It is a book that I think many should read but you in particular.

Its conclusions about the absence and intentional destruction of honor in Western society and the culturally instilled honor of those enemies seeking to destroy Western Civilization are particularly chilling. It illuminates what we are up against. Good men must always seek to expose the root causes of our decay and those factions that promote it.

America is doomed without your voice and voices like you. We can only hope that the philosophy of the socialists may be exposed for what it is and that good men everywhere take us back to our founding fundamental principle of the protection of our rights: Life, Liberty and Property.

There are few honorable men left Mr. Garlock.

Thank you for not being afraid to irritate! What you have done is make many of us realize that because of our hesitancy to express our opinion regarding race, there is a serious understanding gap due to lack of knowledge from participants in the discussion. Enjoy your weekend with your family! If you are at all interested, there is a wealth of information regarding the work that individuals and organizations (black) have done and are continuing to do to avert the acknowledged train wreck in the black community and the American community due to poverty, inadequate education and a division among American citizens since black humans were brought to our shores as slaves/property. Thousands of children have been mentored, tutored, received scholarships, received homes through the cooperative work with Habitat. The train wreck in any American community will have consequences on all Americans. You have been public with your name. I would love to meet with you with the evidence of what the black community has attempted to do to secure success for more in our community. We have been assisted by many individuals and organizations of different ethnicities. What has been discouraging is that we have had to fight for legal help from the impositions found in state and federal law that have been a detriment to black progress in the country that many of us have fought and died for since the Revolutionary War. ( Crispus Attucks was a black colonist)
Enjoy your weekend. It's not your use of the term 'train wreck', but the assumption that the community (black and/or white ) is not addressing it.


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