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Fayette Visioning Initiative adopts vision statement

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The Fayette Visioning Initiative Steering Committee at its June 10 meeting adopted the vision statement that they developed along with focus group and online participants and other citizens over the past nine months.

The committee then presented a project update to elected officials from all five municipalities, unincorporated Fayette County and the Fayette County Board of Education.

The vision statement expresses, “Fayette County is the place where bold ideas become reality. We shall achieve this through our collaborative and inclusive leadership that elevates education, economic development, employment opportunities and quality of life to unrivaled heights.”

The vision identifies four major interrelated focus areas: education, economy, community and place, to lay the framework for the implementation plan for Fayette’s future.

For each of the four focus areas, the plan outlines three to five major goals, along with key actions that address issues and community needs to ensure the Fayette community retains and sharpens its competitive economic edge going forward. At the core of each action item is the inclusion of world class standards.

The plan also defines the community consequences of not taking action to invest in our future.

Most importantly, the plan inspires unity and a consensus that we are greater than the sum of our parts and there is a shared desire to move forward as one community — regardless of challenges and differing opinions. And we will accomplish this while preserving the unique character of our county and its individual cities and towns.

The process is far from over and the need for citizen involvement is even greater as we transition to the implementation phase. The Steering Committee’s goal seeks to keep the community engaged by detailing the action plan and inviting participation.

As we look at each focus area beginning with education, it is without question that the K-12 system is the hallmark of Fayette County’s value proposition. It is recognized that the Vision Plan aspires to create a national and international center of excellence for K-12 education and continuous lifelong learning. The strategic use of technology will bring students and instructors together to provide all students with access to subjects, career pathways and hands-on working environments.

The plan’s education pillar recognizes that traditional ideas of campuses, classrooms and teaching methodologies are likely to become much more fluid and integrated with the business community, colleges and universities. This shift will include the need for internships and entrepreneurial education opportunities that are tailored to meet the needs of Fayette students, businesses and governments.

The Vision Plan also looks to establish a full continuum of education in the county, from kindergarten to four-year degrees. Fayette’s educational opportunities will continue to include career changes, lifelong learning and workforce development.

Moving beyond our current education system to a world-class system relies heavily on actively supporting educators and administrators with the development, facilities and other resources needed.

The goals and actions outlined in the Vision Plan provide clear direction to initiate efforts that don’t constrain our committees, citizens, and elected officials who will make them a reality. Circumstances, opportunities and resources will certainly change and we will need to evolve as necessary to accomplish our goals.

One thing is clear: Fayette cannot afford erosion of our desirability to attract future families and businesses. This keystone goal area demands active participation by our education system, businesses, government entities, parents, students and other citizens.

The future is ours. Stay tuned — next week we’ll outline our economy focus. In the meantime, get engaged and plugged in; your input matters. Email us at to find out how you can get involved or be sure to attend our next public meeting at Dolce Atlanta-Peachtree Conference Center in Peachtree City on July 15 at 5:30 p.m.

The Fayette Visioning Initiative is diverse group of Fayette County business and community leaders who have come together to lead the community through a process to create a five-year vision plan for Fayette County. Further information about the visioning process, the list of steering committee members and important process documentation can be found at Email to join the mailing list or request a visioning speaker for your group or organization.

[Bob Ross and Trey Ragsdale are co-chairs of the Fayette Visioning Initiative.]


Reality....(above) Imker in all his glory and budget article.

Vision...(below) Ross with mind altering substance in his system doing the future is ours speech.

The dichotomy is striking. And quite frankly, high-lare-ee--us.

Someone slap both up side of the head and tell 'em to snap out of it.

Thanks Cal. You are king of print in my book.

Both like to see their names in print .

I downloaded Bobs vision report (all 72 pages) and will start the read tonight. Bet I won't need any melatonin.

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Is this some kind of Dilbert-world here? A "visioning" group meets and meets some more and raises money for months and months and now has a a "vision statement?" EVERYTHING IS COMING INTO FOCUS NOW SINCE WE ADOPTED A BOLD MISSION STATEMENT. I need to gag.

Here's what some of the powers-that-be at FV need to further develop:

1) We need to have meetings to decide when to have more meetings!

2) We need to use the word "paradigm" during these meetings!

3) Have to emphasize "buy-in" from our "strategic partners."

4) We're totally interested in feedback that we already agree with.

5) OK, some of us did LSD in the 60's so we called it the "Mind-Mixer," but we'll make it better than it is now.

That's what happened to me last evening when I started to redline the 71 page Vision Report.

The first sentence of the report reads "The Fayette Visioning Initiative is a seven month process that has included extensive opportunities for public input, stakeholder perspectives, and community involvement".

Can someone tell me when the public was invited to participate other than early March when Bob cut short the open mic to usher all into another room? The public consisted of selected people who shared the same thoughts. Its like Cobb County official who rigged the open mic when discussing the Braves.

It then lists the committee members and the organizations they represent. Represent, as in how can I help my organization improve.

Someone had a thesaurus AND a book on cliche's

that no one is talking about except those who have to actually buy food for themselves and family, what do you expect for $ 105,000? The Bible? US Constitution? Hard Choices?

Cliche's, good word for this. A lot of nothings. And taking what is already happening and expanding it county wide. Big whoop.

Now watch the steps that will require the big bucks to implement.

I had an expectation of an executive summary, followed by supporting information. Not some standard fill in the blank form that reminded me of my early college days trying to impress the professor with lots of drivel in lieu of sharp facts.

I'm going to keep reading the report for chucks and giggles .

If I submitted that to my boss, I'd be working a lot of nights on a re-write.

A 5:30 meeting on a Tuesday evening during the summer really tells the citizens you want and value their input.

How about 6:30 or 7 pm meeting to allow people to get home from work? Not all of the citizens commute within the confines of the county. Did you not read this in the report?

My vision is for this so called visioning group to take a hike somewhere outside of Fayette County. I do not approve of any idea Bob Ross has. He wants to be KING of Fayette County. We were successful with development long before he arrived on the scene.


Did you really expect more? I am really impressed they did not hold the public show meeting at a noon time ribbon cutting. But no need to rush home, the sign up list for public comment at the meeting probably has already closed. ( Go Braves! )

The letter above proves there is absolutely no interest in public input. The steering committee has adopted a vision and a plan without holding some sort of public meeting or honest comment period to say this is what we think we heard and refine. Sadly, I fear, the ink was dry before the surveys went out.

When you look in the top of this letter, you see there was input from focus groups (privately invited), a group that represents less than 2 % of Facyette County registered voters ( no idea if they live here or did focus group too) and then OTHER CITIZENS. Who were the special few who got input outside the process? But process is a very strong word to describe this effort.

It is a shame this group has chosen to not build concensus among the unwashed masses of Fayette County residents and rather made their agenda in secret.

Take Care,


According to another article

The county is ready to approve $50K for their good friend Bob.

Unless the vision is approved by the general public and not a select group approved by the Chamber and the special interest groups, this should not pass the sniff test. This non transparent group wouldn't have passed muster with any of the commissioners had the group not been marshaled by BR. That's one reason I never trusted the whole thing. The chairs to me were plants to gain commission support because the commissioners, prior to winning, always ranted about this type of good ole boy networks.

Can we now say this is the new good ole boy network?

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