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July 31 vote: What does it all mean?

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Power. Who has it, and who hasn’t.

That’s what the July 31 vote results — and any election — mean.

So who has the power we the people have delegated to them for the next two to four years?

Answers to that in a second. Let’s first deal with that strange fowl, the lame duck.

Here are Fayette County’s lame ducks — elected officials still in power until Jan. 1, 2013 but forbidden or unable to exercise effective power after that date:

Sheriff — Wayne Hannah. Expect no problems here. There will be a smooth transition.

County Commission — Herb Frady, Robert Horgan and (functionally lame) Lee Hearn. Some potential for parting shots here, like shifting the once-sacrosanct money for the West Fayetteville Bypass, third phase, to the equally unappealing East Fayetteville Bypass.

Board of Education: Janet Smola, one-time Republican Terri Smith (running as a Democrat in November) and (functionally lame) appointee, Democrat Leonard Presberg. Real opportunity for lasting mischief here during the next five months. More later.

And the winners are . . .!

No matter what, power shifts are ahead for the county commission and the school board, regardless of who wins the two commission runoffs or the November Board of Education election.

The old majorities will be gone, banished to “out” status for at least one more year (for school board) and two more years for the county commission.

With Barry Marchman assured of a spot on the BoE come January, the new majority will be reinstalled Chairman Bob Todd, newly reelected Marion Key and rookie Marchman. In addition Mary Kay Bacallao, new Republican nominee, is almost certain to overcome newly uncovered Democrat Smith Nov. 6 and will become the fourth member of that new majority.

Mr. Presberg is slated to become the “1” in significant 4-to-1 votes beginning Jan. 1 next year. That will be the official end of the “throw more money at our schools, needed or not” regimes of the past 20 years.

But in the remaining five months, expect desperate Smola-Smith-Presberg attempts to raise our taxes in two ways: a new E-SPLOST education sales tax and removal by referendum of the 20-mill cap on local property taxes. Expect the same results as the recent T-SPLOST vote on both those attempts.

On the county commission, the only drama to be staged likely will be whether Commissioner Steve Brown gets elected chairman on the first or second ballot.

Whatever happens in the incumbent Lee Hearn-challenger Randy Ognio and David Barlow-Sheila Huddleston runoffs Aug. 21, the new majority will rule the commission.

That new majority consists of Brown, holdover Commissioner Allen McCarty and newly elected Charles Oddo. Ognio and Barlow will add to that majority if elected, but if not, Hearn will find himself on the losing end of many future votes, unlike his current situation.

What will Huddleston do if elected? That’s as unknown as she is an unknown candidate.

In the upset of the decade election, former deputy Barry Babb — demoted by current Sheriff Wayne Hannah nearly four years ago — will become the new sheriff in town.

Babb rode to victory on that perceived injustice. Now, will he replicate the mistake of his former boss, or will he be a magnanimous winner?

I have some unsolicited advice for Mr. Babb (whom I know and personally respect): Remember Solomon’s son.

Some lessons from the corpse of T-SPLOST:

The majority of us voters don’t trust those who represent us to spend new sources of revenue wisely.

Two things for local legislators to carry forward:

1. Ditch the penalty of voting down this political malfeasance.

2. Ditch the fashionable but fatuous new religion of regional governance and come home to that old time political religion: Home rule.

[Cal Beverly has been editor and publisher of The Citizen since its founding in February 1993.]


Have known this "unknown" in the past. In a word... undependable. In something as simple as being "on time" to meet people day after day for a scheduled event, her track record was late more often than on time. This says something about the character of the candidate.

So No Thanks.


Robert W. Morgan's picture

Just tell her county commission meetings start at 6PM - she'll be there by 7.

But seriously, I have a real big problem with people who are habitually late. Shows a complete disrespect for other people. Long ago it used to be cute, then it was a sign of how busy and important the person was (celebrities did this a lot), then it was racial (hispanic time) but now it is just downright rude. Same as people who don't use their turn signals.

Live free or die!

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I think she knows who you are BTW might be a bit Awkward at next event. But you couldn't give her that benefit at that time and now you bring it up wow. Class something she does have.

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Cal Beverly calls Sheila Huddleston the “unknown candidate” and that properly captures her campaign.

Voters no nothing about her, why she decided to join the race for commissioner, who her supporters are, what has she done to learn about the problems facing Fayette County since she is known to have not been to but one commissioner meeting and none of the budget sessions,

Where does she stand on the West Bypass and other important issues that she has not spoken about?

Since you are the only person that seems to have had any prior involvement with her that has commented about her past, maybe you could tell us more about her.

Jim Richter

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We had speculated for a while that Sheila Huddleston was probably teaming with the Frady-Hearn-Horgan contingent behind the scenes.

Now we know for sure that it's true. Huddleston and incumbent Lee Hearn thought it would be to their advantage to make the alliance known publicly and Huddleston campaign signs are now attached to all the Hearn campaign signs.

So the lines are now clearly drawn:

West Fayetteville Bypass
Deficit Spending
Fire Fund Collapse (PTC and Fayetteville are the losers)
No Bid Contracts for Services
Continue in the Regional Mass Transit Plans

They oppose all of the above.

Osiris's picture

Have you been to any of the forums? If so, you would see that Huddleston is NOT aligned with the Frady-Hearn-Horgan group. Her responses to the forums have been NO on WFB, zero-based budget, NO to TSPLOST, bid contracts for services. Reading is fundamental.

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How someone thinks that she's in favor of the WFB is beyond me, but leave it to the crazies to do everything in their power to slam her since she has the audacity to be running against David Barlow.

Total BS?

PTC Observer's picture

Then you are calling her a liar?

If you are going to spew this kind of stuff as a county commissioner, then you likely have a future in our state legislature, maybe beyond who knows? After all Harry Reid is Majority Leader of the Senate of the US and he operates on rumor too! Are you SURE you're not a Democrat? Can we be sure? Will you switch parties if you see you might lose a Republican primary one day?

Clearly you will qualify as Commission Chairman. We are all holding our breath in anticipation.

Between you and Mr. Haddix, I don't know which of you are more embarrassing to our community.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

For now the answer is Commissioner Brown. Correct on the issues, helplessly addicted to himself on the self-promotion side. Forcing himself into the forefront on the TSPLOST thing. Again correct on the issues, but image-wise for Fayette County, not so much. He is now the most embarrassing.

Haddix is a local problem so far, but he is trying hard to catch up. The sewer and annexations issues coming up give him a big chance to pull ahead of Brown in the embarrassment contest. Brown's TV-5 pet that actually lives in PTC (in a storage shed, I am told) will push the Haddix foibles just like he pushed Brown's - remember the kid in the sewer pipe? Haddix may decide it is a good thing to go on TV and actually talk (like, you know, the way he , like actually talks) and he may do his ARC thing and again - actually talk. God, I hope not. But if he does, he zooms into first place on the embarrassment meter.

But believe me folks, Brown can catch up.

Ain't it great folks, just like the Olympics - we have two top contenders right here in Fayette County. Admittedly, the category of who is the biggest dork is not what most people would want, but hey! if they spell our name right we got Fame.

At he risk of sounding like an old fogie, do you remember the good old days when Fred Brown was Mayor of PTC and people like Rose Marie Woods, Huie Bray and Grady Huddleston were on Fayette County Commission and Trigg Darymple was school superintendent and no one on the school board ever got their name in the newspaper. Remember that? I do and things were better then.

What happened? Yankees? White flight from East Point? Is there something in the water that makes us stupid?What? What?

Live free or die!

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[quote]Is there something in the water that makes us stupid?[/quote]

No, it's our stupid that makes us stupid.

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No apology for defending the citizens against the TSPLOST.

Too bad you did nothing, Robert, could have used your help.

Interesting note, the only elected official who answered in "support" of the Fayette County Issues Tea Party survey on the TSPLOST was Brooks Mayor Dan Langford.

Mayor Langford is officially endorsing the Hearn/Huddleston team.

Steve, you must have zero confidence in your candidate to try to lie about such easily disproved issues. Anyone who actually attended a Forum or who has looked at Sheila's website heard with their own ears or can see with their own eyes. You must think they are incredibly stupid. Should they believe their own lying eyes or ears or believe you?

Steve Brown's picture

Not calling anybody a liar (except for lobbyist Gene Drake who is working on the Hearn/Huddleston campaign).

The simple fact is the Hearn/Huddleston team - and yes it's a team (joint campaign signs and all) - are not going to take the people where they want to go. Look at the stands that Hearn has taken. We do not what to go there.

It's like the road to nowhere West Fayetteville Bypass that Lee Hearn clings too - we do not want it.

PTC Observer's picture

Voter is not voting for Mr. Hearn. However, having a sitting commissioner attempt to persuade those reading these pages with half truths and misstatements is at the very least unbecoming to your office. You sir do not come across as a leader and statesman. You come across as a political opportunist and hack.

The only thing you have accomplished in your postings is to harden those opposed to your "selected" candidate.

You clearly will become our next Chairman, now it's up to you to represent all of the citizens of this county with reserve and decorum. I think I speak for many here when I say that you are not raising the bar compared to our outgoing chairman.

PTC Observer's picture


Steve Brown's picture

I do not get the "opportunist" part. What exactly is the opportunity? Currently, I get voted down routinely. However, I will say that the voters (not Frady, Horgan or Hearn) have agreed with me and we have cleaned house.

I will bust my behind fighting for the constituents whether its the TSPLOST or the West Fayetteville Bypass or no bid contracts. I stopped paying attention to the personality attacks a long time ago.

There is no lie: Go look at the joint campaign signs all over the county. There is no doubt that Huddleston is siding with Hearn and we do not want to go there, never.

The lobbyist beneficiary of the TSPLOST, Gene Drake, is siding with Hearn/Huddleston. I am sure not going there!

I admitted that I was wrong on the defined benefits plan because the HR Director showed me section 19 in the plan that prohibited elected officials from getting the benefit. I am delighted that is the case because, quite frankly, Lee Hearn has done quite a bit to harm our county.

PTC Observer's picture

Is having your guy sitting next to you that will take your lead. At least to me this is the way it sounds when your harp on about.

I have never seen a single co-sign to which you refer. Perhaps that they are only close to your residence, just to get you to post things on this board. Or perhaps it's one of Ms. Huddleston's opponents putting them there. I only believe what I hear from my representatives spoken and written, what I read and hear from you does not impress me.

You still have time to turn things around, just focus on solutions, present them, fight for them, but stop with the attacks and mistatements on other candidates that you maybe forced to work with in the future. How do you build a team for the county and your agenda by making enemies? The answer is you don't. Try your best to show that you can work with anyone and you might get something productive accomplish. Park your ego, if you can.

Study Don Haddix on how not to do things, he is your best reflection of how you look today. Try and be humble, listen to others, debate the issues, display intelligent and creative solutions, make the hard decisions, if you can.

Communicate positive things, inspiring things but above all show results with the least amount of money you can

efdrakejr's picture

Steve - I find it interesting that you have referenced me twice in this blog string. I suspect it's because you are embarrassed (assuming you are capable of shame) that I was at the County Commission meeting last night and got to witness Lee Hearn exposing your false statements and/or outright lies. Let's recap for the citizens who weren't able to make it out for the meeting:

1: You have claimed repeatedly that Hearn is only running for re-election so that he can qualify for the Defined Benefit plan but at last night’s meeting the County HR Director confirms that commissioners are not eligible for the plan....Brown’s statement UNTRUE. But maybe even more disgusting was that after lying about the man’s intentions and essentially questioning his character and then being caught in the lie, you act like the child that you are and think you can excuse it all by saying, “My bad”. How about, “I was completely wrong and I apologize for the assault on your character.”? I wouldn’t accept “My bad” from my teenagers and I certainly hope the citizens don’t accept it from you.

2: You continually claim that Mr. Hearn has been Deficit Budgeting the past four years but he clearly shows that three of the past four years have had a surplus at the end on the year....Brown’s statement UNTRUE.

3: Your claims about the T-SPLOST as rated by the AJC….. Brown’s statement’s classified as FALSE.

There is a pattern here, Steve. You can’t stand on the truth…you make things up as you go along…you are incapable of working with other commissioners…you have no leadership skills. It is frightening to think that you are our likely next Commission Chair if Barlow and Ognio are elected. I can only hope the voters understand the consequences of this run-off.

Gene Drake

NUK_1's picture

Brown has convinced enough of the ignorant and easily misguided sheeple that anything he says is 100% gospel and that's enough for them. They'll never question ANYTHING Brown says and simply spew it all over the place without hesitation. Really, these are no more than wanna-be cult-followers who are incapable of thinking for themselves. "Gee, he seems like such a nice man and he works hard." PUKE.

You can expose lie after lie by Brown as has been done the past week where he really went off on a stretch of craziness that is even rare for him, and they don't care. They'll march in tune with that drummer and chant the praises along with posting whatever he tells them to.

This happened in PTC for a while, but thankfully the voters woke up and some of the sheeple either moved or didn't show up, judging from the huge drubbings he took against Logsdon and Ramsey. Steve Brown Part 2 will flame-out just as quickly and we'll all be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Even better, Haddix will also be gone by then too.

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Listen Nuk, and this is the God given truth.

I am hesitant of politicians and check my facts before backing an issue or candidate. My background is that I moved here a few years ago. I met Mr. Brown a few times around town and got to know him. I started hearing rumors about him and that he caused all kinds of trouble.

OK, I thought, I am going to find out for myself what all this so called trouble is about. I started do research on the man and how events transpired. I found that what Mr. Brown said and did coincided with what exactly he was telling me. I listened carefully to what he was telling me and then I would listen to all of my friends here in PTC on how they all hated Brown. I started asking my friends "Why do you all hate Steve Brown so much?"

I can tell you without any hesitation that not one of them came up with any reasonable answer as to why. NOT ONE! Most of them realized that they didn't like him so much is because the have listened to their friends on all the mean and nasty things Steve did to them, and then they realized that their friends did not know why they hated Steve Brown so much.

So....NUK, tell me. Why do you hate Steve Brown so much. Give me a reason. I think MudCat said Steve killed somebody...or even two people, but wouldn't go into much more detail. Please tell me instead of Steve Brown destroyed PTC as mayor.

BTW, I don't know why I am responding to you. If you can't even use your real name on here. I stand behind my comments with my name, you stand behind your comments with a fictitious picture and a false user name.

Josh Bloom

That said SB is not running.

Vote for Huddleston.

hutch866's picture

I can tell you NUK doesn't hate Steve, I know that's the party line, and what Steve writes on here, but thats just another Steve Brown LIE. Kind of like the one about Hearn and the retirement package. You remember seeing that one Josh? Maybe you saw the one where Steve says what NUK, Morgan and myself believe, or endorse, did you see that one Josh?

The fact that you claim spam on one poster but have nothing to say to Richter and his multiple comments posted over and over and over, sometimes the same message posted into multiple threads, guess you never saw that one either did you Josh.

The fact is Josh, that your savior Steve deals in lies, half truths, and innuendo long before he offers up a fact. Then when he's called on it, he dodges the issue. God given truth Josh? Now you sound like Barlow.

I yam what I yam

NUK_1's picture

Maybe if you had lived in PTC during the Brown reign of error you would know something instead of the total ignorance you display here over and over.

I don't "hate" Steve Brown. I happen to agree with a lot of positions Steve Brown advocates. Steve Brown is also my neighbor, and he's a good neighbor and a decent human being when he's not going all political or lying here or in the newspaper. I can curse Brown's tactics all day long and that's only a problem with the simple-minded sheeple who don't have the mental faculties to distinguish political disagreements with human worth.

When you know what the hell you are talking about instead of being an acolyte and ignorant about everything, we might can have a reasonable discussion. Or, you can keep whining about me using the name "NUK" instead. Your choice. I could care less and I also don't know why I am responding to you either because I usually only have discussions with people who know what they are talking about, regardless of whatever name they use.

Josh Bloom's picture

I know Mr. Brown single handedly squashed your dreams of laying all of that cement if TSPLOST passed but it is a dead issue now. The voters didn't want it.

BTW, I do appreciate you using your real name on the comment section here. I give you two thumbs up. Some of those on here just like to stir up trouble while hiding beneath a rock using a made up user-name.


<a href="">Georgia Concrete Paving Association</a>

efdrakejr's picture

A few things Josh:

1. When you say, "Mr. Brown single handedly squashed your dreams....", you come across as an over-admiring butt monkey. You may have noticed that the TSPLOST failed overwhelmingly here and also failed in 8 of the other 11 regions. I know your fearless leader likes to take all the credit and you are more than happy to give it to him but it's clear to most reasonable people that the citizens don't trust their government and don't want another tax. This is going to kill you and Steve-O but judging by the margin of defeat, I'm certain it would have gone down even without his extended 15 minutes of fame.

2. I don't know if you are trying to "out" me by posting a link to our association web site but, if so, you are woefully late to the party. I have often acknowledged on this site that I am the Executive Director of the Georgia Concrete Paving Association. In fact, I put my name and picture on here for the very reason that I don't want anyone to think I am hiding anything. I know you're an "SEO guy" but your Google skills do not impress anyone.

3. "Laying all of that cement if TSPLOST passed" would have been a terrible mess. Try those Google skills again, learn the difference between cement and concrete, and feel free to report back your findings.

4. Neither I nor the anonymous bloggers need your affirmation.

Gene Drake

Gene Drake

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Josh Bloom is a Steve Brown invention just like Ms. Fran Shelton was. johenry may be as well. This dude (Steve) has a lot of time on his hands - especially now the kids are back in school.Nobody except maybe Robert Rothley actually supports Steve Brown, he creates his own support group through multiple identities and imagination.

Not only does Steve Brown invent straw man opponents, he invents straw man supporters. The sooner we in Fayette Couny wake up to this scam, the better off we would be.

I am voting Ognio and Huddelston. You do know that Shelia Huddelston is related to the famous Huddelston family that founded Fayettte County and helped to create Peachtree City - did you know that? A vote for her is a vote for history.

Live free or die!

My wife and I were discussing this last night
Do you think Mr. Brown created a persona to pander to the Jewish voters to support his candidates?

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Steve Brown only cares about Steve Brown and his image. The multiple screen identities goes back a long time. It is mostly harmless and sometimes real funny (i.e. Ms. Fran Shelton and Silence Dogwood) but it is misleading in the sense that maybe someone actually thinks that the brown clown does have support from others.

Jewish voters in Fayette County are not exactly a huge factor. Love them, yes. But big numbers - no. Josh Bloom comes across as an immature kid, but very contrived, so that is probably Brown as well, but it ain't working with the true believers.

Live free or die!

Josh Bloom's picture

"...a powder of alumina, silica, lime, iron oxide, and magnesium oxide burned together in a kiln and finely pulverized and used as an ingredient of mortar and concrete."
"...a hard strong building material made by mixing a cementing material (as portland cement) and a mineral aggregate (as sand and gravel) with sufficient water to cause the cement to set and bind the entire mass."

Interesting, I always thought of them as one in the same. Thanks Gene!

Wasn't trying to out you since you use your pic and name in your posts. Not too hard to figure that, since I am somewhat new to the game of politics here in Fayette County I tried to do my homework on who some of the players are by reading past posts on the issues that are important to me. It wasn't hard figuring out your views, agenda, or who you are. I tried introducing myself to you awhile back but you were still fairly upset and didn't want to talk with anybody at one of the TSPLOST informational meetings.

I agree with some of your reasoning as why TSPLOST did not pass, trust issues with the government and new taxes. I don't mind fiscal responsibility in building roads which includes feasibility in plans. If that happens maybe we could be on the same side some day. Then the "concrete" could flow like water.

efdrakejr's picture

Good research Josh and don't feel like the Lone Ranger thinking cement and concrete are the same thing. Ever since Elly Mae Clampett took a swim in the "cement pond", most folks have used them interchangeably.


P.S. I gather you're a young man so you may have to Google Lone Ranger and Beverly Hillbillies too!!

Gene Drake

Efdrakejr, your language is over the top with the "butt monkey" comment. Why don't you tell us why you're supporting West Fayetteville Bypass Lee Hearn?

You need to clean it up a bit. You owe Josh Bloom an apology!

PTC Observer's picture


Osiris's picture

Have you tried to look at her Website?
She is very clear on issues and where she stands and she has also posted the missing "who is behind me" disclosure statement and other information as well If you would actually read it and quit taking everything you read off the blogs for the truth you might be surprised to find out what some folks are thinking and saying isn’t really the actual facts. There are other reason for why things happen and if you read the CCRD she posted it explains the late file information. I have to say wow if this really all you can dig up you don't have much there. Also hummm person with a couple years living here vs someone that has lived here for 20 plus years all of a sudden has the counties best interest in hand let's don't forget those two bankruptcies and those poor folks he defaulted on. Guess if the county gets in serious trouble old Dave would know how to get them out of it Chapter 7.

Steve Brown's picture

Peter, you did a great job on writing her points. They don't call you the maharishi of spin for nothing!

The joint campaigning with Lee Hearn is an obvious sign of where Ms. Huddleston is heading too. Peter, not even you could run Lee Hearn through the your "spin cycle" and turn his voting record around.

The voters did not want the TSPLOST, do not want the West Fayetteville Bypass, do not want no bid contracts and do not want to stay in regional mass transit plans. It's pretty darn clear that the TSPLOST - Jack Smith - Ken Steele - Robert Horgan and now the Hearn/Huddleston team are not in the best interest of the Fayette County. Just ask the voters!

And Peter, don't be hanging around with Egyptian god of the after life anymore - it's just a creepy combination.

The real fact is there is NO DOUBT where David Barlow and Randy Ognio stand on the aforementioned issues which is why they will be elected.

NUK_1's picture

If Brown really thinks Barlow is the obviously better choice, why does he continue to LIE about what Huddleston has stated as her positions?

Huddleston is against both the WFB and EFB and clearly states that personal enrichment was behind some of the decisions made. That sound like a Lee Hearn position to you, Steve?

Huddleston is for zero-based budgeting, as is Ognio. Real radical here!

Huddleston totally against TSPLOST

Huddleston is for leaving the ARC and FC having its own transportation plan. Again, if that's a Hearn/Horgan?Frady position, they did a great job lying about that too. It must be contagious.

None of these positions are new and have been on her website for months. Too bad the stupids can't read and can only regurgitate what they have been told to say from others who have shown a lot of problem with the truth.

Brown knows all of this and continues to simply lie about Huddleston's positions. For someone who is always sure he's 100% right on EVERYTHING, Brown has had quite a past week where he's lied several times and been busted over and over on it.

Steve Brown's picture

You don't fasten your signs to Lee Hearn's signs and run a joint campaign because you disagree with him on the issues.

Jack Smtih and Ken Steele (both Hearn/Huddleston supporters) lied through their teeth telling us they did not favor mass transit in Fayette County, but they voted in favor of plans that included Fayette every time.

We have seen it before and voted it out.

With the sweeping victory comes high expectations. If every one else is an idiot, Then it should be easy to spectacularly surpass them. Right ?


Osiris's picture

Huddleston's positions from day one on her website.

Huddleston's Set the Record Straight from her Website
It does require Adobe Acrobat Reader on your PC

Wow concept maybe that is why you don't get it you never read it?

Na I bet you don't want her elected is because you have a great deal to get Randy and David to make you the high ranking grand poo pa of the circus and this would allow you to have you own good ole boy club. Gee how about a independent lady on the board to keep things in order and make the county proud?

Robert W. Morgan's picture

I explained it before, but all possible combinations of winners in the runoff get Brown as chairperson - except for one and that is Huddleston and Hearn winning - there you get either Oddo (great choice) or Hearn (ugh!) as chairperson. I think Hearn, his pro county employee followers and his real estate supporters conjured up the Hearn/Huddleston alliance in the hope that the anti-Brown votes migrate to them. Seriously doubt that is going to work for Huddleston, but it might for Hearn.

So what you get out of all that is Barlow and Hearn and I see no other chairman candidate that can get 3 votes other than Brown. It make take 3 or 4 ballots, but he'll wear them down. Just get used to the idea and move on. It is only for a year or two. I mean what can happen.

Live free or die!

Josh Bloom's picture

I am going to start replying to all your Spam. Comments are fine and I enjoy reading the opposing view, but in todays day and age. I HATE SPAM.

We get it, and her website is already linked through SEO since she is advertising on The Citizen.

NUK_1's picture

Start complaining about how your fellow goof "americanpatriots" posts the same stupid message anywhere he can, along with the EIGHT times he posted the same message in 8 different places two weeks ago. You remember? The one about about how Huddleston is a Lee Hearn ally and didn't file her campaign disclosures on time? Yeah, hypocrisy rules with your group and you could care less about Fayette County as long as "your guy" wins.

Maybe "americanpatriots" needs the same talking-to that Don Haddix had to give Barlow about how you're not running for Preacher but for a political seat. Have to give Don credit on that one.

Since my initial post last week, I have read all of the spin doctoring concerning the runoff election. I went to each of the candidates websites and developed my own spreadsheet to compare the candidates response to the important issues concerning FC.

I didn't appreciate the lies spread about Mr. Hearn. A sitting county commissioner needs to know the facts before he opens his mouth. One simple call to HR solved that. That being said, I will be voting for Mr. Ognio because I feel there needs to be a change. Mr. Hearn has shown that he does not listen to his constituants and has been less than forthright in his decision making skills.

I also checked both websites for Huddleston and Barlow. Both claim to stand for the people, transparency, are against the mismanagement of the by-pass, and do not associate with any special interest groups.

There are too many negative marks for Mr. Barlow. One should not have to be advised by Mayor Haddix or Councilman Brown to tone down his religious speeches. He needs to understand that he will be representing people of all religions. Mr. Barlows lack of education is a downside. Parlaying his his high school AV club experience into videoing court cases and council meetings does not give one the tools to help run a county. He only recently purchased a home in the county. Though by law he is allowed to run for office, he does not understand the history of the county other than what Mr. Brown is feeding him. He claims that others are corrupt, yet files bankruptcy twice leaving his creditors holding the bag. His communication skills (letters) also rival Mayor Haddix.J

I will be voting for Ms. Huddleston. The Attorney, who raised a family, put herself thru school and is now wanting to give to the community.

I believe these choices would provide the county with objectivity. My choice for Chairman is Mr. Oddo. He would bring the level head we need. Though I believe Mr. Brown has some very positive qualities and brings good ideas to the table, his antagonistic methods are not conducive in getting things accomplished and would not be worthy of the leadership roll.

Now that's a pretty decent piece of analysis and logical conclusions in my opinion.

NUK_1's picture

Well said once again and I agree with your choices in Ognio and Huddleston, as well as a thumbs down to Brown's mockery of anything resembling "leadership" and instead giving Oddo a shot.

The history of the county dear Husband is that Lee Hearn and Herb Frady and Pothead Horgan and Jack Smith and mean old Eric Maxwell took advantage of us every chance they got. Mrs. Huddleston hooking up with Lee Hearn doesn't make our future any brighter.

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Looks like Ms. Huddleston got fed up with Mr. Brown and the Barlow lies about her and Mr. Hearn. See what she just posted on her website.

I would like to resolve any misconceived perception that my campaign is associated with Mr. Hearn’s campaign. This is simply not the case and never has been. In fact Mr. Hearn and I respectfully have differences of opinions when it comes to Fayette County and what is best for the residents and communities. These rumors have been started by my opponent’s supporters and current commissioner Steve Brown to intentionally draw attention away from their candidates and to sway my supporters. This is typical dirty politics that I have avoided in my campaign efforts. However, I can no longer sit still and allow them to spread inaccurate and false information. Fayette County residents deserve better from their elected officials. Please help me put a stop to this type of representation by voting Huddleston (Post-2) on the August 21st runoff election. Thank you for your support and votes, Sheila Huddleston

I guess Morgan was right and that Brown is trying to sway folks to his choice to gain control. He really continues to get caught in lies and why anyone would trust his word and those supporting Barlow is just amazing to me.

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that we have stuff like this going on. Fayette County and Peachtree City have so many positive things that make this a wonderful place to live. It would be nice have representatives that reflect our overall happiness instead of going the other way and making it appear to outsiders that we are spawning politicians that appear to be part of Obama's Chicago mafia.

Still can't imagine any of our past leaders or candidates getting into this type of petty gotcha politics. It all started in 2000.

Yes, Ms. Huddleston seems to be the big winner from this flap, if enough people pay attention.

Live free or die!

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and of course Ognio, but I really don't care whether Brown becomes the Chariman or not. He was voted out of Peachtree City in a very big way and if he wants to stroke himself on the County Commission Chaiperson's seat - let him do it. Who cares anymore.

Of course I understand that people like this turn into a Westmoreland or an Obama, but I doubt Steve Brown has the skills to rise even close to that high. Let him be Commission Chairperson for a year and then burn out.

And yes Robert, this attack type politics did start in 2000 and even before with the Brown clown dissing and libeling Bob Lenox and Tom Farr in the newspaper. They should have all been sued.

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I voted for Huddleston, again, and Ognio of course, regardless of Huddleston's choice of sign placement. I have had many uncomfortable dealings with people who prominently proclaim their piety and religious morals, but Steve Brown's rantings on this forum really sealed the deal against Mr. Barlow.


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