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I love Chick-fil-A . . . now more than ever

Bonnie Willis's picture

While I knew there was a contingent in our society that have contempt for traditional values, I did not think we were at that day when simply expressing those values would be vilified and construed as undermining our country, but that is exactly what is happening to a brand that I love — Chick-fi

‘Eat Mor Chick’n’ on Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day August 1

Dr. David L. Chancey's picture

I was out of town on vacation two weeks ago when the news hit about Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathy’s clarification on the company’s stand on biblical marriage.

“Guilty as charged,” he was quoted as saying when asked about his corporation’s support of traditional, biblical marriage.

True Blue

Sallie Satterthwaite's picture

Why, when we were little, did we believe we had to have favorites? A favorite flower, a favorite dress, a favorite friend, a favorite color.

I suppose it was our way of defining who we are. If I can describe the things I like, perhaps I am seeing my own self.


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