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The final lap

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I have begun the fourth unit of Clinical Pastoral Education, also known as CPE. Although CPE is standard and required fare in many seminaries, back in my day CPE was available but not in all locations. So, it was a part of my education that I missed. Or skipped.

Hearing when there is silence

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On Sunday afternoon, I was confined to the house due to a medical issue. Somewhere that afternoon, I decided to go sit by the pool where it was quiet. There’s very little about my life that is quiet. Between all the tasks, meetings, appointments, and drama, I find that quiet is almost unknown.

Music as time travel

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Is it possible to time travel? Well, yes it is — in a sense. Music has the ability to take one back to a point in time and, for a few moments, allow one to experience memories, feelings, and emotions. Music has the power of transportation.

Lesson from a sick bed

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Last week, I was sick. I mean really sick. So sick that in four days, I dropped 18 pounds. In fact, I didn’t eat anything during those four days. I did drink water (after becoming seriously dehydrated) and was able to deal with a bit of tea.

Not all lives are equal

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A serious tragedy very nearly happened this week at the Cincinnati Zoo. Somehow a 4-year-old child escaped from his mother and wound up in the gorilla compound where he was snatched up by a 17-year-old male silverback gorilla. Zoo officials quickly made the decision to shoot the gorilla.


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