The return of ‘fellow feeling’

You might say it has not been much of a month for the human race. I might myself contend that signs of life float on the flooded streets of Houston, Texas. People are acting the way people used to act, back before we were all required, seemingly, to stake out a political position and hate […]

The knockdown, drag-out society

Civilized disagreement — that’s one thing. But flagrant insult, direct or strongly implied, as a lever for moving public policy along — I don’t believe I’d call that persuasive, uplifting or even very useful. I would call it another mark of the disruptive, disrupted times we live in, when every difference of opinion is a […]

The folly of tearing down statues

[Editor’s note: This was written two weeks before the events in Charlottesville, Va., occurred.] In these very — I mean very — weird times of ours, few phenomena appear weirder than what I would describe as the mania for pulling down or otherwise removing memorials to dead Confederates. New Orleans has done it. My own […]

Government healthcare is here to stay — to our loss

What do we take away, then, from the earthquake on the Senate floor recently, with wisps of smoke still rising from the ruins of Republican efforts to do something — anything — likely to rationalize the healthcare mess? We take away, or should, the lesson that government can’t do everything, and when it tries to, […]

And all for want of a spine

John McCain’s illness, which caused Republican Senate leadership to suspend formal consideration of their Obamacare replacement, is not, by far, the Grand Old Party’s gravest malady. Nothing in the diagnostic manual of political afflictions compares with the near-complete disappearance of the party’s backbone. If it’s not one thing causing GOP senators and governors to equivocate […]

Can we all get along?

Nobody ever called the late Rodney King a model citizen of Los Angeles. But he gave the world what was likely the most plaintive, plangent query of our time. He wanted to know, in the aftermath of the LA burning, “Can we all get along?” Can we — huh — rather than wallop each other […]

The moral clarity of the morally depraved

Tolerant, kind, generous, forbearing — none of this you’d call our everyday Islamic mass murderer. One thing you may justly call him: discerning. He knows the stakes in the war on terror. He knows the degree to which the Christian, or semi-Christian, West makes impossible the realization of his ideals. Accordingly, he murders explicit Christians, […]

The impeachment delusion

Several things are amiss with the impeachment machine that’s starting to shake and smoke as progressives put their hands to the crank. The first thing is the calendar date. Donald Trump has been president since Jan. 20. That makes his regime — which does have the aura of a regime — four months old. Roman […]

Life without norms

What you end up with when the moral barriers topple is, not least, the end of due process at American colleges and universities. It’s a dreadful prospect you likely wouldn’t imagine without having scanned some of the stories on the rape crisis said to be spreading across American campuses. Supposedly, college women are at immense […]

Healthcare and we, the people

The Obamacare debacle — we might as well call it by its right name — underscores an abiding truth about democratic politics; to wit, politicians rarely get anything important done. Theirs, save on rare occasions, is the wrong forum for doing important things. In politics, you work with open minds and closed minds and reprobates […]

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