Immigration: Some thoughts

May I quote myself? Thanks. I shall. “Immigration is the sincerest form of flattery.” I have used this bon mot on various occasions since coining it for a 1987 speech. I like its accuracy, its brevity and, not least, the sly pun. Yet as those original Americans, or the English, would say, it neither butters […]

The uproar over DeVos

The bad thing about elective politics (not the only bad thing; there’s a long list) is the philosophical and, especially, rhetorical extremes into which it squeezes differently minded folk, who, more and more frequently, find themselves saying things like: “You un-American crackpot!” “You racist neo-fascist!” “You (expletive) hater of (fill in the blank).” Which could […]

Turnaround time in America

Like him or not — and I can argue it both ways — established constitutional processes have hoisted Donald J. Trump atop the presidential plinth, where he stands now, getting ready to run things, insofar as anybody runs anything anymore. The latter point — the semi-chaotic nature of 21st century social and political life — […]

Two kinds of power

If we could just, at last, finally get the right government in! Then we’ll get things fixed. What kind of things? All kinds of things: so that they can be — it always seems to work this way — un-fixed by the next succession of leaders, with their own notions as to how things should […]

The God gap

God (lucky Him!) doesn’t vote. But this indisposition does not make Him a mere spectator of our electoral processes — or their aftermath. If you go to church regularly, the Pew Research Center says, you are likelier than not to have voted for Donald Trump. If you hardly ever darken a church door, you are […]

When things fall apart

What with writers and speakers everywhere quoting William Butler Yeats’ poetic appraisal of modern times, as I read recently, maybe we can better appreciate House Speaker Paul Ryan’s present dilemma and resolve to leave the guy alone. He is a good man doing the best he can in bad — no, awful — times, despite […]

The horsewhipping of Donald Trump

To call the massive media obsessed — eyes roaming crazily in all directions, mouths afoam with horror — would be an understatement. They fear that the sovereign voters, in their obvious dimwittedness, could put Donald Trump in the White House. And so the words of abuse tumble forth. The New York Times is unable to […]

Hillary Clinton and the ‘homophobes’

Say, do you think she might have to drop out of the race if she’s as sick as she looked last month in Manhattan? I understand the question. However, something more than the obligations of Christian charity militate against wishing for such an outcome. The first deterrent to this wish-fulfillment is Hillary Clinton’s iron determination […]

Obama’s odd definition of ‘democracy’

Do we really need to be talking about restroom access during an explosive political season, with public sentiment already boiling? Yes, we really do need to be talking about restroom access, less so for anatomical than for constitutional reasons. We need to be talking about the matter with urgency — and with anxiety for the […]

The Great Bathroom Debate: It’s all about me!

The 1940 presidential election centered on potential U.S. entry into World War II. In 1860, Lincoln and Douglas, along with two other candidates, squared off over chattel slavery and state liberties. John Adams’ use — or abuse — of presidential power animated the 1800 contest with Thomas Jefferson. And 2016 found Ted Cruz going after […]

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