Propagandists, not historians

I was only one of many Vietnam veterans who wrote opinion columns criticizing the Vietnam War film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, opining their work seemed more like propaganda than history. In doing so I occasionally used “Burns” as shorthand for the pair, to which Ms. Novick emailed me her objection. She is correct, […]

Book review: ‘Direct Fire’

On the occasions I am invited to speak to a veterans group, I tend to start with these bites of humble pie: “Compared to many of you guys I was just a bit player. I was in the Army only four years, and my stint as a helicopter gunship pilot was cut short when my […]

The angels we call ‘caregivers’

Not all of us think the same way about angels. The angels I think of are all around us every day, in every city or town of any size, living on our street or even next door. They often wear a weary look from their unremitting daily tasks, along with the smears and smudges that […]

About Doug Field

The writer who first caught my interest was John Steinbeck. I will spare you the details of how that happened, but over a two-year period in my early 40s I read everything he wrote and published, and then I studied his life. It was a journey of curiosity, reflection and a little bit of self-discovery. […]

Vietnam War: False history again

As I and many other Vietnam vets are compelled to publicize our unfavorable opinion of the Ken Burns/Lynn Novick documentary on the Vietnam War, I fully realize many of you wonder, “Why can’t they let it go after all these years?” Simple answers are preferred, and this one isn’t. When we came home from Vietnam […]

Part 2: Ken Burns’ Vietnam documentary is a great lie

[Editor’s note: Last week in Part 1, Terry Garlock began an examination of documentary filmmaker Ken Burns’ “The Vietnam War.”] There certainly were villains in the Vietnam War, but a bit different than the film portrays. The chief villains were Communist invaders intent on conquest, feeding to naive anti-war types like Burns and his predecessors […]

Skeptical of Burns’ ‘Vietnam,’ Part 2

Some readers didn’t much care for my column last week advising skepticism on Ken Burns’ new PBS series on “The Vietnam War.” I understand that, and am not surprised some would think of me sympathetically as trying to justify my role as a young man in what they have been taught was a horrible mistake. […]

Be skeptical of Ken Burns’ ‘The Vietnam War’

Some months ago I and a dozen other local veterans attended a screening at the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, a preview of a new documentary on the Vietnam war by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. The screening was a one-hour summation of this 10-part documentary, 18 hours long. The series began showing on PBS […]

After July 4th, America nods back to sleep

July 4th in Peachtree City is particularly memorable for first-timers, with flag images adorning everything from hats, shirts, cups, or straws, and covering or hanging from any imaginable surface on golf carts, gathered by the thousand it seems for the parade, with scenes that would make Norman Rockwell proud. After the flag-waving frenzy of the […]

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