After July 4th, America nods back to sleep

July 4th in Peachtree City is particularly memorable for first-timers, with flag images adorning everything from hats, shirts, cups, or straws, and covering or hanging from any imaginable surface on golf carts, gathered by the thousand it seems for the parade, with scenes that would make Norman Rockwell proud. After the flag-waving frenzy of the […]

After Memorial Day, a reflection

Now that Memorial Day has passed, perhaps I can say a few things without causing too much trouble. For the past three years, Peachtree City Councilman Mike King has taken tight-fisted control of our Memorial Day ceremony and I have helped him behind the scenes, under the radar. This has been an effort to refocus […]

About WASA, from a former board member

Recent public statements about the Peachtree City (City) Water and Sewer Authority (WASA) deserve clarification to avoid misleading the public. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I can share a little dated sunlight that might help form smarter questions. I never wanted to publicly disturb this hornet’s nest, but now I feel […]

Conservative dad says ‘No’ to campus carry

My daughter is a UGA sophomore. I am an Army combat veteran with a Georgia concealed carry permit and a conservative devotee to the 2nd Amendment. Like many fathers, I would sacrifice my law-abiding history in a heartbeat to become a felon to inflict very ugly vengeance on any dirtbag who harmed my daughter. So […]

The leftists have already won

A renowned icon of fatal neglect is Nero fiddling while Rome burned. As emperor, he not only sang and played the cithara, a stringed instrument similar to the lyre, he also organized and performed in musical competitions, more horrifying to his subordinate officials than the gruesome murders he ordered. But I wonder if the ancient […]

An Oscars critique

“I want to thank the Academy and my mom and everyone I ever met plus their dog,” or so it seems after a few acceptance speeches. Most are inane, a very few are eloquently insightful and worth watching twice. I admit that I watched some of the Oscars extravaganza, again. I confess, I am drawn […]

Hope and change after Obama

Unlike the rest of you, my new year starts Friday, the day the Marxists vacate the White house. I hope they don’t leave sabotage in the offices like their leader is leaving in his last-minute malevolent policy bombs. When Obama was first elected, I tried to be respectful in my public opinions. His actions, even […]

Will the left ever grow up?

A few weeks ago I opined the gulf between the left and right in America is so deep, vast and irreconcilable, that we really should divide into two countries. That unlikely event, messy though it would be with a long and bumpy shakeout, would at least enable us to carry on our affections from behind […]

Americans don’t know their own anthem

When I hear the Star Spangled Banner played, like many of you I stand, respectfully silent, with right hand over my heart, foregoing the option to salute. I would not consider for a second the televised disrespect on display earlier this year by some athletes while our anthem played. They childishly used that occasion to […]

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