Cursive writing returns

A few years ago, I was saddened to hear from my niece, Nicole, that her children were not learning to write cursive because it had been abandoned in school curriculum. It felt like a stab to my heart that something so civilized and beautiful was being discarded. Of course, many young people already disregard thank […]

On the road with Mama

It was November 1999, one month after my first book had been released and had made best-seller lists across the nation, aided greatly by Barbara Walters. But that’s another story. This one is about Mama and me. Bellsouth, at that time one of the South’s greatest corporations, sponsored a seven-city book tour for me across […]

For the record

When I was a child, from the time I was old enough to sit on the floor and play with my toes until far past the time I put on my first coat of mascara, I have loved records. I thought it was magical that I could put a black round disc on my little […]

Treasured friendship

Perhaps to some, it is an unlikely friendship but to me it is one I treasure. Nothing pleases me more than the moments of conversation I spent with One Arm, who lives up the road a bit. Normally, we stop to talk while I’m running in the mornings but he, I or Tink never pass […]

Thanks to the farmers

Several years ago when my agent and I were pitching my second book, we made the round of New York publishers, hoping to find enough interest to propel the book into an auction similar to my first one. At HarperCollins, which is housed in a high rise building near Fifth Avenue, we were shown into […]

Do-er or Dow-er?

Since the beginning of our time together, Tink and I have discovered that we pronounce words differently. Tink is a wordsmith. He pronounces words perfectly. He uses big, unusual words and knows the exact meaning to anything he says. I pronounce few things correctly. I make up words and the definitions that go with them. […]

Tink and the car

My husband is a simple man. This comes as a surprise to folks because of the high-profile family from which he comes and the job which he does. If it weren’t for me, he’d never spend a dime on himself. Except, of course, for all the soap and toothpaste he uses. I buy clothes he […]

The sore thumb

In the summers of late, summers where I and not Mama tell myself what to do, it is the sore thumb I miss the most. Just the other day, I rubbed my pointer finger over the edge of my thumb and I missed the tenderness that attached itself to that appendage and stayed there from […]

A young girl and the Bulldogs

It was an undeniable blessing when I, a college kid and part-time sports writer, was given the assignment to cover a University of Georgia football game. What I didn’t know at the time is that that one assignment would provide a springboard to bigger opportunities as well as giving me friendships that remain many years […]

Cooking in Connecticut

It is well known, by this point, that I married a Yankee from Connecticut. One who never knew the joy of comfort foods until he came South. John Tinker, who adored the ground his impressive mother, Miss Ruth, walked on, is honest about her shortcomings as a cook. “She wasn’t a good cook. We mostly […]