Bug-free vegetable garden

Yes, you read it correctly. Our raised bed vegetable garden is now a bug-free zone. How? I simply used tape. Although extremely useful in securing your annoying little brother to a tree, I’m not talking about gray duct tape. I used 30 feet of copper tape. The entire garden is now shielded by an electrical […]

It’s gardening time again

Farmers all over this county are grabbing their tools and heading out to the south 40 to plow, and row the soil before planting the coming year’s crops. Unlike my dad, I’m not a farmer. I don’t own a horse or plow, and our house sits in a subdivision, not on 40 but on slightly […]

An aquarium hug

As it turned out, our trip to the Georgia Aquarium was perhaps one of the most difficult things we’ve done in years. The difficulty of our trip had nothing to do with the recent collapse of I-85. Being a native of Atlanta, I know the quickest back roads to get around any traffic problem and […]

Picky eaters

It is about to drive Yours Truly crazy. Okay, some will say that trip is extremely short. Others say I arrived at Crazy Land a long time ago. But I know me better than anyone, and last night I reached my breaking point. So what’s gotten me so befuddled I’m about to trade in all […]

We won the lottery!

The unexpected news was delivered just a little after the noontime hour. The Wife was so excited when she called that she could hardly catch her breath. When she finally did, six little words were spoken that were to change our lives, and the lives of our loved ones around us, forever, “Honey, we just […]

Napoleon loved broccoli

In the spring of 1804, at the end of an elaborate ceremony, Napoleon Bonaparte proclaimed himself Napoleon I, Emperor of France and proclaimed something else: his love of broccoli. The self-crowned emperor of France loved the little loved crown-shaped vegetable. Few historians will write about the fact that his obsession was the root cause of […]

A strange story

There were lots of strange things that occurred during those seven magical years growing up at 110 Flamingo Street, a few of which I still can’t write about. But of those that I can, this story is perhaps one of the strangest. What makes it so? Well, this time it isn’t about what any of […]

I’ve lost it

The Drill Sargeant. That was gonna be the title of this story. That is, until I lost it. Now to some of you Dear Readers out there, that statement comes as no surprise. To others, such self-analyzing by yours truly has been long overdue. But in either case, the facts still point to one undeniable […]

Four little words

On an otherwise ordinary day, an extraordinary thing happened. Four little words. That’s all it took, and the entire day changed in an instant. Tears started streaming down faces of the two adults in the kitchen. The words sent one to his knees unable to catch his breath. The other, also unable to breathe, immediately […]

Black gold

There’s Black Gold in that creek! At least that’s what my Dad always said. Now some of you, Dear Readers, may want to know exactly what Black Gold is. Others may want to know just where that creek is. For both of those answers we have to travel back a long, long time ago to […]

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