A simple man

Just listen to The Wife. Do what she says and nobody’s going to get hurt. After over 18 years of marriage, you’d think I would’ve learned that simple lesson. Hint: I am, if nothing else, a simple man. And if there were any question as to which one of us is the more intelligent one, […]

Lime green bananas

By now, Hurricane Irma has dumped a deluge of rain on our fair county, filling our creeks and overflowing lakes. Or not. The deadline for this story was six days ago so the Category 5 hurricane then was still spinning around in the Atlantic. It’s about to hit Cuba, making those high priced cigars even […]

The most dangerous hour

Blinded by love, blinded by rage, or blinded by the sun. All of these I’ve experienced before. I can now add a fourth item to that list. Blinded by happiness. It happened to me just as I was returning from a quick trip to the grocery store. Few things I’ve seen while driving have caused […]

Missing puzzle pieces

What happened to the missing puzzle piece? The argument had been ongoing as far back as I could remember. And at only 8 years old, that meant I could remember all the way back to when I was just a kid. Being as there were only five of us, and I knew the culprit wasn’t […]

Once in a lifetime

Seen from Oregon to Georgia, the solar eclipse last Monday was the event of the century and perhaps the greatest natural phenomenon of our lifetime. If you gazed towards the heavens a little past 2:30 pm. on Aug. 21, you saw it. If you missed it, join the crowd. But there’s still a chance for […]

Time traveling to yesterdays

Which is the most important: yesterday, today, or tomorrow? When asked this question, some would answer today because today is the present – a gift. Others would choose tomorrow because what is today without the promise of all the tomorrows yet to come? The English Teacher, who has edited this column for the past 16 […]

An unexpected gift

The unexpected gift didn’t arrive in the usual way. It wasn’t a gift from a loving parent to a child. In the house where the smallest of small now resides, there were no birthdays to celebrate that day, the next, or even weeks ahead. Long ago the Easter Bunny bounced back to its burrow, and […]

A teachable moment

Maui is a Hawaiian demigod. He lassoed the sun closer to the Earth to stretch the days, pulled the Hawaiian Islands from the sea and made coconuts into trees just for fun. He’s a trickster and star of the hit children’s movie ”Moana.” While wielding a giant magic fishhook, he turns into different animals and […]

Roadside assistance

For some of you the odd unfolding of events in this story may raise a little doubt. For others this bizarre story will simply be impossible to believe. Looking back, it’s even hard for me to accept that the events unfolded as I relate them, but assurance to you, Dear Reader, it happened exactly as […]

The Rainbow Bridge

If pure love could be symbolized with a form of light, I’m sure it would be a rainbow. From the very young to the not so young and everyone in-between, the sight of the rainbow’s vivid bands bring forth a flood of pure happiness. The fleeting seven bands of light bridging the heavens to Earth […]

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