World’s best babysitter

Grumpy Grandpa’s Daycare is now open for summer registration! With 24-hour care that includes fun activities and educational games; nature hikes; field trips to local splash pads, play parks, Fernbank, the Atlanta Zoo; and three well-planned nutritious meals along with healthy snacks sprinkled throughout the day, a space at Grumpy Grandpa is in high demand. […]

The mad summer scramble

Across this town there is a whiff of anticipation in the air. Days on the calendar are being marked off, and the hands of the clock slowly tick around the dial. Yes, the end of the school year is fast approaching. Schools around this fair town of ours are full of two kinds of folks […]

Moms are forever

She has always been there, reflected in the peaceful faces of your children each night as they lay sleeping. Her influence and guiding light shines through your life, your children’s and, one day, theirs. She is a constant influence whether living across town, across the nation, or long gone from this spinning blue globe. She […]

Oops, I forgot

Beads of nervous sweat slowly started to drip down my face. Can sweat actually be nervous? Why not, its origin was me, and I was more nervous than I’d ever been in my life. I had never done this before and was now in uncharted territory. It has happened to others, but I’m sure they […]

The world’s best fishing bait

The blood-curdling scream was heard throughout all of Flamingo Street. It was heard all the way up to the first house on the right, a dilapidated white clapboard home with an overgrown front yard that served as the residence of the meanest kid on the street known as Down the Street Bully Brad. The screaming […]

Bug-free vegetable garden

Yes, you read it correctly. Our raised bed vegetable garden is now a bug-free zone. How? I simply used tape. Although extremely useful in securing your annoying little brother to a tree, I’m not talking about gray duct tape. I used 30 feet of copper tape. The entire garden is now shielded by an electrical […]

It’s gardening time again

Farmers all over this county are grabbing their tools and heading out to the south 40 to plow, and row the soil before planting the coming year’s crops. Unlike my dad, I’m not a farmer. I don’t own a horse or plow, and our house sits in a subdivision, not on 40 but on slightly […]

An aquarium hug

As it turned out, our trip to the Georgia Aquarium was perhaps one of the most difficult things we’ve done in years. The difficulty of our trip had nothing to do with the recent collapse of I-85. Being a native of Atlanta, I know the quickest back roads to get around any traffic problem and […]

Picky eaters

It is about to drive Yours Truly crazy. Okay, some will say that trip is extremely short. Others say I arrived at Crazy Land a long time ago. But I know me better than anyone, and last night I reached my breaking point. So what’s gotten me so befuddled I’m about to trade in all […]

We won the lottery!

The unexpected news was delivered just a little after the noontime hour. The Wife was so excited when she called that she could hardly catch her breath. When she finally did, six little words were spoken that were to change our lives, and the lives of our loved ones around us, forever, “Honey, we just […]

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