My new friend, Buddy the Octopus

Making friends has been difficult for me all my life with but a few exceptions: my first friend in life and my newest friend. My newest is Buddy the Octopus. He’s the giant Pacific octopus who currently resides in a huge divided tank at the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga. My first friend was also a […]

A monster of a story

With the reboot of The Blob, The Mummy, Frankenstein, and monsters like Godzilla soon to be scaring moviegoers once again, I feel I must go over monster rules. Follow all the rules and you’ll at least have a chance of survival. Choose not to and, well, it’ll be your last monster movie. That is if […]

What not to wear

By the time you read this column, The Wife and I are about to land in France. Soon, she will be enjoying our once in a lifetime vacation. I should be, too, if they let me through customs and into the country. Seems those nice folks over there have some rather high standards. Two weeks […]

A fable by third-grade writers

I truly enjoy telling stories to a group. After all, I’ve had lots of practice telling stories – ask any of my brothers. They’ll say I’ve been telling stories since we all were growing up back on Flamingo Street. So when the third-grade teachers at Oak Grove Elementary School asked me to speak about writing, […]

The kidnapping of Twin Brother Mark

There are many memories I cherish from time spent growing up on Flamingo Street: climbing trees, then riding them slowly back down to the ground as they bent over, performing flips off rope swings into cool waters of Cripple Creek, and weekly water balloon and dirt clod fights. But this story isn’t about any of […]

Heaven and the Other Place

Despite the title, this story is actually all about the color yellow, but it’s going to take a little while for us to get there. Believe me, during this time of the year; the color yellow is something to sneeze about. And the majority of achooing around our house comes from Yours Truly. Keep reading, […]

Senior citizen discounts

It has taken my entire life to get here, but finally it’s happened and it’s better than even I could’ve imagined. I received the designation “Senior Citizen” last Wednesday, bestowed upon me by cashier number one at our local grocery store. She asked if I qualified for the discount, and I replied that I would […]

A life-changing decision

Standing in the middle of the football field, wearing nothing but well-worn tennis shoes, shorts and a tank top in 35-degree weather, I knew I had to make a life-changing decision. My option: either stand there and freeze to death, or, for the first time in my life, quit something that I had started and […]

Once in a lifetime

Our trip of a lifetime actually starts in our basement. Not really a strange place to start a trip because we actually live in our basement. Why? Well, there are two reasons, and they are as cute as they can be. Our two granddaughters live upstairs. Ours is a unique family situation, but that’s a […]

On alert, unsleeping, a quarter past 3

It’s a quarter past 3 in the morning, outside temperature has dipped to below 30 degrees, and I must stay awake because it’s a matter of life and death. Sounds of the night reach through walls of our home bringing with them a unique picture of the outside world occurring under the cloak of darkness. […]

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