Where’s Paul Revere when you need him?

Much of what Americans remember about American history is full of inaccuracies. As one writer put it: “With time, facts fade. But myths seem to go on and on.” Nothing is better known, for instance, than the story that Christopher Columbus’ 1492 voyage proved the earth was not flat, when, in fact, Aristotle proved that […]

What God says about the poor

The lesser known version of the last supper has Jesus breaking bread, drinking wine, telling his disciples to remember him, and ending with a wink, and the advice to “always leave yourself an out.” When the Romans came for him, the centurion said, “I’m looking for the guy who led the procession into Jerusalem the […]

High grass and rules

What is up with the Peachtree City Hotel’s tennis courts? The courts are trashed. There are weeds growing through the cracks in the courts that are about five feet tall, nets are ragged and other equipment is strewn around. The courts can be seen from the golf cart path and take away from our beautiful […]

Chairman of WASA decries ‘provincial attitudes’ about extending sewer outside PTC

Considering recent news and developments regarding the policies and work of the Peachtree City Water and Sewerage Authority (PCWASA), our Board of Directors would like to provide some background information about the Authority’s history, mission and scope of services, as outlined in its charter. The current PCWASA Board has members who have been in place […]

Healthcare: A human right

Nothing warms the cockles of an American Evangelical’s heart like a well-explained reason to deny government services to the poor. Bonnie Willis [The Citizen, April 12, 2017, Page A4] convinced us that human rights derive from our creator; that those rights don’t include access to food, to clean water, and most definitely to any government-sponsored […]

Can’t have pursuit of happiness without healthcare for all

There have been more than one commentary in The Citizen about rights of Americans. John Lewis, Bernie Sanders and others have been stating that healthcare is a right. This interpretation is entirely consistent with our Declaration of Independence. You cannot pursue happiness if you cannot afford healthcare. A good summary of the Declaration is found […]