Am I thankful for Trump? Not exactly

Your editorial “Thankful for Trump?” appeared in the November 29-30, 2017 of our local paper, The Citizen. Although I could address several issues with which I disagree with you (your take on the tax reform, for example; your belief that a healthy stock market somehow equates to a better financial situation for the average citizen; […]

Who are the worst haters on the planet?

So David Epps is now upset about the way Christians vilified President Obama on social media and elsewhere. He didn’t mention the racist attacks. He didn’t mention the slurs against Obama’s lovely wife or beautiful children. He did mention the fact that some Christians were now saying naughty things about Trump, and all this unkind […]

The Pope’s personal opinions vs. theology

Pope Francis was quick to condemn President Trump for relocating the Israel American Embassy and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The Pope sides with the two-state preference of China, Cuba, Russia, Syria, Iran, Venezuela and every other U.N. Banana Republic. How inspirational. Pope Francis is not in sync with President Trump’s immigration policy, […]

Suicide: The battle on the home front

I recall in Command General Staff College learning the importance of conducting mission analysis. In war, a strong understanding of unit capabilities, enemy capabilities, and the terrain are essential to winning on the battlefield. The same could be said of life in general; and such is very much the case in what we do at […]

Fact-based talk on GOP’s tax reform

Reading David Browning’s letter to The Citizen prompted me to dig into the specifics on the Tax Reform Bill circulating now in Congress. I want to be specific on what has been proposed and how this bill, although not perfect, is a step forward in improving a tax system that presently favors people that are […]

Some thoughts on sexual harassment

Is it any surprise that we’re hearing so much about sexual abuse and harassment in Hollywood and Washington, D.C., when 25 years ago many in our country turned a blind eye to the very serious allegations against candidate Clinton? Or when those same folks pretty much dismissed what he did with Monica Lewinsky in the […]

Tax reform bill helps only the well-off

I cannot imagine how or why any right-minded American could support the Republican-proposed tax reform bill. It is nothing more than a thinly veiled monetary reward to upper income earners who generally are Republicans. In fact it so favors the rich and wealthy that it is odious to most others. The bill as it stands […]

Fire TSA screeners, hire Walmart greeters

The TSA failed a recent Homeland Security audit by not detecting 80 percent of “test weapons” smuggled through Airport Security checkpoints. They beat their own 2015 record of a 95 percent flunk rate. TSA screeners earn $20-plus per hour ($40,000-plus a year), plus all of the taxpayer funded gimme government benefits. It takes many to […]