MHS, WHS athletes booted off new turf

I throw shot put, hammer, weight, and discus. I know what you are thinking. No, I am not Thor, but I am a 16-year-old with a passion — a passion that I cannot fully pursue because of the lack of field event equipment at my high school. I even started the season with hopes of […]

GOP reform effort fails to lower costs

David Browning’s letter of March 15 was on target. After spending 25 years in the healthcare field, most of it related to making hospitals more efficient and effective, I have become skeptical of many of Washington’s reform efforts, especially by the GOP, but also by some Democrats. The current situation is a mess. The Commonwealth […]

Principal Roy Rabold

Principal Roy Rabold

Mr. Roy Rabold, principal of Whitewater High School, announced that he plans to retire this year. After 42 years in education, with 31 of those years in Fayette County, he had some words of wisdom to share. His concerns about the future of education were threefold: teaching time, discipline, and the proliferation of laws, rules, […]

Learn to get along without SPLOST

Cal Beverly is voting “Yes” on the SPLOST. What a shame. I remember all the other SPLOSTs that he opposed. He stood for common sense and fiscal conservatism. But alas, no more. Who could forget SPLOSTs from the past? The Fayette County Board of Education convinced us that we needed a SPLOST that built a […]

Article misstates P&Z timeline

Your article titled “South F’ville Rezoning case headed to Fayette Court”, dated March 8, 2017, incorrectly implies that I was a planning and zoning commissioner in 2014. I did not join the P&Z board until 2015, and I recused myself and left the room for the entire hearing when the annexation and rezoning agenda items […]

Reasons for yes vote for SPLOST

Why vote YES for the SPLOST? Here is why. We must not neglect our infrastructure. The current corrugated metal pipes under our roads are decades old and have caused huge problems throughout Fayette County. If you can recall the 2015 Christmas flooding, at that time a subdivision road collapsed and left residents stranded. In all, […]