Let students protest without punishing them

Superintendent Joseph Barrow, I wish to thank you very much for your letter of March 7, 2018, with your thoughts, ideas, and specific information about consequences in reference to possible school “walk-outs.” Like you, I have a child in a school in the county. And, just like you, I have the highest concern for the […]

Logical thinking about gun control

Since we have decided somehow that we must be a 50/50 country aka Us against Them, it is impossible to have a reasonable debate on school shootings, gun control, 2nd Amendment or anything else. Almost everyone that has an IQ above room temperature that is not captive to the NRA or the “All guns should […]

Problems remain with 911, trouble ahead in transit

After reading eight pages of allegations regarding the 911 Call Center Director provided by numerous former employees at all levels, the Board of Commissioners voted 3-2 to not to have an independent investigation. Obviously, I was disappointed. There were comments that what happened was in the past and we should let it go. The Human […]

School discipline takes hit in Ga. bill

There is a bill in the General Assembly that puts preschool and elementary (up to grade 3) students and teachers at risk. The suspension/expulsion rate for students in preschool through third grade has skyrocketed. Instead of asking why this is happening, our representatives did what legislators do, solve a problem they legislated into existence with […]

County leaders ‘untrustworthy’ after 911 vote

The Board of Commissioners meeting last week represented part three of the continuing saga of intrigue and debate surrounding allegations of impropriety involving management and operations at the Fayette County 911 center. At the Feb. 8 meeting, commissioners opted to table action on the issue due to the absence of Chairman Maxwell. While there was […]

In PTC, close encounters of the 2-wheeled kind

My neighbor Jerry and I were almost killed or seriously injured today (2/27). Factors are involved here that have never been addressed by administration in all the years I have been living in Peachtree City, despite prior complaints by me and others. I was walking eastbound on the part of the cart path that passes […]

It is not the guns; guns are inert

One of the results of the Parkland shooting has been a proposal that perhaps teachers should be armed. Personally, I think that would be a serious mistake for many reasons, not the least of which would be the lack of proper training for using a weapon. Teachers carrying weapons could be a very bad idea […]

Cartoon was bullying, hateful

I am writing in response to the editorial cartoon depicting President Obama shooting an automatic rifle (The Citizen Opinion pages, Feb. 14, 2018). This depiction is offensive; not something I would want a child or adult to see. It is not a matter of whether I did or did not support his presidency. It is […]

Act on bill to aid Alzheimer’s research

It is time we change our thinking on Alzheimer’s disease. Too often Alzheimer’s is treated as an aging issue, ignoring the public health consequences of a disease that someone in the U.S. develops every 66 seconds. And with two-thirds of its annual costs being borne by Medicare and Medicaid, it is one that demands more […]