Hogg was seeking fame, unlike Murphy

Carolyn Browning referred to my 4/17/18 The Citizen letter: “Compare Two 17-Year Olds” as “vitriol.” On 5/2/18, Marcia Hendershot’s rebuttal stated she was “disturbed” by my letter preferring WWII highly decorated hero Audie Murphy over media opportunist David Hogg. The facts are that Parkland Florida MS Douglas HS survivor David Hogg’s primary interest was his […]

Everyone welcome at SVC gathering

[Eitor’s note: This letter arrived too late for last week’s paper, but we are including it in light of the demonstrations at the Fayette County Commission last week.] When the Fayette County Commission and the city councils in the county issue proclamations of Confederate Memorial Day/Month every year, we members of the Sons of Confederate […]

Murphy and Hogg: Both are admirable

I was disturbed after reading Michael Velsmid’s letter to the editor comparing two 17-year-olds — Audie Murphy who killed 50 Germans during World War II and David Hogg who has become a gun control advocate after the Parkland High School shooting. Mr. Velsmid concluded his remarks by asking, “Who will defend our freedom?” At first […]

We need growth but not through annexing Coweta

Last week Dar Thompson presented an opinion piece proposing the annexation of 1,600 acres of Coweta County parcels in order to create “a new city center and high-tech corridor.” Left out of this proposal is the fact that such a plan would require a very substantial investment in infrastructure and a lengthy litigation process, as […]

Peachtree City, ban outside burning

I just read the letter from Chan Suto in The Citizen regarding outside burning in Peachtree City. I totally agree with this issue on burning. As a 90+-year-old retired physician, I appreciate the value of clean air in the lungs. Walking is my main source of exercise — simply having to terminate this to escape […]

Murphy vs. Hogg: another viewpoint

In response to Mr. Velsmid’s vitriolic letter regarding David Hogg’s actions on the day of the shooting at M.S. Douglas High School, I would just like to add a few comments. Yes, Audie Murphy was a full-blown American hero in WWII. There is no denying that he went above and beyond in defense of freedom. […]

Guns and Constitution

It was most difficult to follow the gun control debate in the Georgia Statehouse this 40-day term. The law of Georgia was being ignored. At no point did the judicial committees speak with any knowledge of the Constitution of either Georgia or the United States of America. As our money was wasted through this session, […]