Obama Administration officials spied on Americans

While national media feeds the clamoring around Democrat claims of foreign intervention in our elections, the foibles of a former FBI director and a president who tweets, most of us never hear of the real threat to Americans at the hands of our own government. The 9-11 terror attacks ushered in government-approved surveillance laws that […]

Imker outlines mayoral positions

The 2017 Peachtree City mayoral election is about four months away and this will be the first time in many years when there is a clear difference between the candidates. It is more important than ever that voters have a chance to see those differences before aligning themselves with a candidate. Please do not vote […]

Ernst announces reelection bid

My name is Terry Ernst and I am announcing my candidacy for reelection to Post 4 of the Peachtree City Council. It has been my honor and privilege to serve the citizens of Peachtree City for the past four years. I am again asking for your support to be your voice for the next four […]

State of the Republican Party: Perilous

Republicans just dodged two bullets. Karen Handel had the help of many high profile Republican of worth, Trump, Pence, Scalise, Gingrich and Price to name a few. Fortunate for Karen and the GOP, she went up against an uber lightweight, but won by only 3.8 points. Ralph Norman won by 1.8 points in South Carolina. […]

Appreciation for gender training in our schools

I sincerely appreciate and commend the Fayette County Board of Education for training the school systems’ nurses concerning LGBT matters, and I encourage similar training for all school system administrative and teaching personnel. The LGBT community has long been ill-defined and misunderstood and it is only through further knowledge and understanding can we hope to […]

‘Hateful reporting’ on LGBTQ issue

What an embarrassment to the people who live here. People are really fighting to keep others (nurses in this case) from being educated on handling LGBTQ students. The man on the front page needs to hang his head in shame and the women who said, “This if Fayette County, not New York or San Francisco, […]

Schools are for learning, not gender counseling

Isn’t it time to stop the ridiculous focus on what some misguided liberals define as political correctness? It seems something is permissible only if the liberal political correctness “police” decide it is so. I’ve grown quite tired of it. I rather expect most children can use any bathroom in their home. Isn’t that enough? As […]