1st Amendment all that’s needed

As a follower of Christ, an ordained Episcopal priest in the Diocese of Atlanta, and a citizen of Fayetteville, I feel compelled to speak to the SB 233 (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) sponsored by state Senator Marty Harbin and recently supported by the Fayette County Commission. The freedom to worship as a Christian and to […]

Fayette County’s message: ‘We discriminate’

I’m compelled to write concerning the actions of our County Commissioners decision to join the fight over “religious liberty.” I’ve lived in Fayette County for over 20 years. Over that time I’ve taken pride in working with my neighbors to make Fayette a great place to raise our families, run our businesses, and serve our […]

Be parents, not your children’s friends

I question what we are doing to our children with our technology. Do your children know how to fish, to camp, to play a board game, to play an instrument, to carry on an intelligent conversation about something relevant? As you were growing up, some of you may have actually experienced having dinner together as […]

Transgender: Dial back the rhetoric

I am responding to Abby Weinreb’s letter to the editor, “Anti-’Jazz’ letter spreads hate, prejudice” and Josh Saefkow’s “I am Jazz: Parents beware of this attack on our children.” Perhaps Saefkow alluded to WW II’s Pearl Harbor Attack in his letter because we are in the middle of a culture war over gender. Both letters […]

Hawaii launches fake missile attack

The likely scenario: An “Incoming missiles” warning text is sent to millions of iPhones. Kim Jung Un is in his bunker quaking in his boots for 37 minutes trying to get China’s President Xi Jinping on the phone to say, “I didn’t do it.” Kim is fearful of a counterattack “mistake” from a “mentally deranged” […]

No science for ‘born in wrong body’ ideology

I would like to reply in charity to Ms. Weinreb’s critique of a previous letter which raised concerns about transgender education in Fayette County. This has very suddenly become a huge issue with the overwhelming momentum on the side of the pro-transgender position, to the point where if one voices skepticism or concern, one is […]

Where are GOP debt hawks?

This week the Republican Congress passed a massive tax overhaul thereby cutting taxes for individuals and corporations. While I admit to being one of those individuals about to receive a tax cut, my concern is in the dirty details of $1.4 trillion being added to the national debt to pay for these tax cuts. Yes, […]

3,500 babies killed daily — who cares?

Why is it so quiet in Georgia with regard to pro-life activities? I was asked this question as a reaction to my pro-life button (“Abortion Stops a Beating Heart”). I am aware of the annual galas, etc., but I am puzzled by the lack of ongoing activism. By comparison, Florida has some wonderful life-affirming billboards […]