Randy’s Rules cuts out the taxpayers

A significant number of people are growing weary of the double standards in the county government. The Fayette Humane Society and other animal advocates gave an intelligent and thoughtful presentation at our Board of Commissioners meeting on September 28. A large crowd attended in support as they have previously. Once again, the presenters were rebuffed […]

Destruction of MacDuff Parkway has now begun

So it begins. MacDuff Parkway landscaping to be devastated in the name of progress. So what if the trees will be transplanted to Peachtree Parkway? And what of MacDuff? A residential boulevard, beautifully landscaped, will become a sterile concrete pathway in order to enrich developers and real estate agents. And provide a short-cut from Ga. […]

Christ’s different view of immigrants

Concerning the letter from Kim Carroll (“The left tells lies about immigration issue,” Sept. 20): What an ironic (and to me, sad) opening line, referencing the cross of Christ before his(or her, my apologies) encouragement on strict enforcement of immigration laws. It seems to me that one lesson of the cross is that the law […]

Raising pet adoption fees excludes seniors

Raising the fees for adoption from $20 to $60 for cats and quadrupling it from $30 to $120 for dogs is outrageous. You will not find people willing to adopt animals with those fees. Senior citizens are some of the best candidates as pet adopters. These fees will definitely end their ability to have a […]

E-SPLOST needed to keep Fayette at the top

There is a lot of conversation about the cost of our excellent Fayette County schools. Some suggest that money is “misspent,” although the cost to educate one student full-time equivalent (FTE) is consistently near the average across Georgia while our quality Fayette County Schools are consistently in the top five county systems in the state […]

How not to encourage people to adopt pets

I see in yesterday’s Citizen that the Fayette County Commission has voted to triple pet adoption fees. Adoption fees for dogs will increase from $30 to $120 and for cats from $20 to $60. Boy, that ought to make people run right down to the pound and adopt a pet! This is ridiculous. Why not […]

Explanations needed on animal shelter rules

I learned today that the Fayette County Commission on Sept. 15 voted unanimously to install a sewer gravity line at the Animal Shelter. The beneficiary will be the Peachtree City and Water and Sewerage Authority System to the tune of $130,000. Not an insignificant sum. The commission provided no reason, cost savings, need or value […]

On monuments and slaveholders

We erect monuments to remind posterity of what we believe to be important. We normally (but not always) place these monuments on public lands, and maintain them at public expense. Many people, including Bonnie Willis, ask the questions: Why are people now protesting the presence of monuments erected to honor the military and political leaders […]