Schools’ conduct code should be more LGBTQ-friendly

It is clear that the superintendent of Fayette County, Dr. Joseph Barrow, is taking steps in the right direction to make the schools more inclusive, but why wouldn’t he be starting with the policy against discrimination? I wrote a story recently for The Prowler ( bringing light to how the Fayette County Board of Education […]

Tutoring our kids to define crazy as normal

Full disclosure, I am a pretty conservative guy. I watch Ben Shapiro podcasts and Tucker Carlson and am repeatedly amazed at the rampant stupidity led by leftists in our nation in the name of diversity and fairness. When I view the rank ignorance of many college students, I calm myself in the knowledge that we […]

Litterers trash Line Creek Trail

Please consider putting an article into your paper as soon as possible for the public to be aware of what is occurring on the Line Creek Trail every weekend and possibly help curb after-dark activities at the creek. My husband and I walk the trails every weekend, and for years, every Sunday, we have to […]

PC courts vs. the reality of terror

The London Bridge attack was the third Islamist terrorist attack in Britain in as many months, the second in 11 days. Many killed, scores injured. Prime Minister Theresa May said Sunday, “Embarrassing conversations need to be had.” (American dog-whistle code, no more PC) May was not “embarrassed” to call out Islamist extremism and too much […]

A letter of apology

Having been privileged to host the previous three Memorial Day Remembrances, it has been an honor to recognize all of our special citizens, especially those from World War Two. Yesterday I mentioned that I knew of two in the audience, but regretfully, I failed to recognize a third. This most special individual enlisted in the […]

The repairs to Hwy. 54 pavement: Too little, too late

Back in 2014, the “black tar rumble strips” applied on Ga. Highway 54 through Peachtree City and between PTC and Fayetteville, were said to have been a “temporary fix.” Now we’re learning that the state’s definition of “temporary” is at least four years. (“Fayette’s rough roads get patches,” The Citizen online, March 19, 2014; recent […]

Cringe-worthy letter shames overdose victim

I am personally affected by the article that appeared in the May 17 The Citizen (“A letter to a dead addict”). The headline made me cringe. The writer squarely put the burden on the young woman who died: “Well, you did it. You’re dead.” That statement alone stirred my compassion for the young woman and […]