Note to officials: Don’t try to change ‘face of Fayette’

A couple of weeks ago, after the intergovernmental meeting, Fayette County Commissioner Eric Maxwell hinted at a possible new development that he said would change the face of Fayette County forever. I would inform Commissioner Maxwell and any of the other county commissioners and Fayetteville City Council members that there are those of us constituents […]

Kudos to Senoia for animal friendly rules

Kudos to the Senoia City Council for their recent unanimous approval of progressive animal ordinance changes, including restricting the use of tethering and the sale of animals at pet stores. Pet store lobbyists are pushing for state legislation (H.B.144) that would prevent any Georgia county or city from banning sales of dogs in pet stores. […]

Big day for Fayette at Whitewater High

[Recently] the Georgia Court of Appeals presided over three cases in front of over 500 high school students in Fayette County. It was an incredible learning opportunity for our high school students to see their government in action and witness a live judicial proceeding. I want to express gratitude to the Georgia Court of Appeals, […]

Consider meaning of Veterans Day

Nov. 11 is Veterans Day and honors the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Services. It is a federal holiday. Originally, Nov. 11 was called Armistice Day to commemorate the end of World War I. It is celebrated in Canada as Remembrance Day for those who died in WWI. Veterans […]

Our school system has wronged expelled girl

RE: “Attorney: Girl, 16, reports sexual assault at FCHS, but she gets expelled,” Thursday news story. The decision to expel a girl who was sexually assaulted is in no way okay. She was choked and forced against her will to take place in sexual contact with a boy. She deserves to be heard and Fayette […]

Satisfied customer: PTC Post Office does good job

I was surprised to read that the Peachtree City Post Office had come under negative scrutiny recently. Since I rarely do business at the office location, my sample size there is small but I don’t recall ever leaving frustrated. As for delivery of mail, our family does receive a significant amount of packages from online […]

44% of Millennials prefer socialism — reality check reports that 44 percent of Millennials prefer socialism. The guileless mommy’s basement dwellers should do some “Social Justice” humanitarian work in a socialist utopia like Venezuela, once an economic engine of South America, to get some perspective. If they get sick or injured they can take a number for a gurney and scarce medication […]

In defense of Delta

I would like to address the criticism of Delta Airlines and their policy of requesting others not sing the National Anthem during the arrival service of servicemen’s/women’s remains. To begin,I believe almost all of us recognize the National Anthem as that one song that speaks to who we are as a nation and whose words […]

Needed: Report on members of Congress

I watch the local news on TV every morning and I can not ever remember a story about a Georgia senator or congressman doing any good for anybody. I would sure like you to do a year-end story, every year, highlighting any accomplishments these guys have made. My guess is that you probably wouldn’t get […]