Hey, big spender! You’re outdoing FDR

When the Democrats regained control of Congress in January 2007, they promised fiscal responsibility. They passed PayGo (pay-as-you-go) which requires Congress to find a way to pay for programs without raising taxes. However, in their first year, they increased spending by $454 billion, raised taxes by $98 billion, and added an additional $356 billion to […]


I recently wrote a letter to the paper entitled “Westmoreland Right On Most Things, get government out of the way.” In the printed version, it says (incorrectly) that government would have cut a trillion dollars from Medicare. My letter said one-half-trillion. I just wanted it to be accurate. John Currie Peachtree City, Ga. [The editor […]

MHS and the anthem: No disrespect meant

I am writing in response to Carol Jensen-Linton’s recent article referencing the alleged poor behavior exhibited by McIntosh High School students during the singing of our National Anthem at the McIntosh/Starr’s Mill basketball game played on Feb. 2, 2010. I have a different opinion. As a 20-year resident of Peachtree City, I was both inspired […]

MHS kids are patriotic

All I can say after reading Carol Jensen-Linton’s opinion (Feb. 10) that McIntosh students dissed our national anthem is, “How dare you!” Carol and I have been friends for over a decade, but I vehemently disagree with everything she said. Our national anthem was NOT desecrated by McIntosh students, nor do I believe the Starr’s […]

Obama’s many missed opportunities

Instead of listening to the American people whose focus in 2009 was the economy and jobs, this president decided to spend his first year on healthcare. Because as he said, seven presidents have tried and failed in getting healthcare legislation passed and he was bound to make history and be the last. Forget about the […]

Cover student art exhibits better

I was very impressed by a recent gallery reception at Artworks on the Square in Fayetteville. It was well-attended and included a student photography exhibit with cash awards for the top winners. It is a shame that The Citizen missed such a great opportunity to cover this event and showcase the local arts community right […]