Folkertsma ‘obfuscates,’ fails to make case against progressives

The title was “Progressives Destroy Constitution” and the author, a Dr. Marvin Folkertsma from some place called “The Center for Vision and Values” where Cal now apparently turns when he’s looking for an answer but not a reason. Most noticeable in Dr. Folkertsma’s endless chain of quotations was the absence of any quotation from even […]

Chamber: Regional transportation SPLOST is good for Fayette

Last week, the Georgia General Assembly, in an overwhelmingly bipartisan effort, passed legislation that allows voters to decide in regions throughout Georgia if they want to approve a 1 percent sales and use tax for regional transportation investments. As a broad overview, the legislation creates 12 regional districts across the state. “Regional roundtables” comprised of […]

Some simple changes would improve traffic without new roads

The West Fayette Bypass will consume over $24 million. At our recent “Fayette Forward” forum, I offered more cost effective alternatives to facilitating traffic flow through our county: 1. Reprogram traffic lights. The most effective method of improving traffic flow and mitigating expensive road projects is to facilitate the flow of through-traffic. Unfortunately, the majority […]

Teachers: Holocaust butterflies a symbol

This is our one-time response to the Rising Starr Middle School parent who wrote in on March 31. Hopefully, it will clarify any misconceptions about the Holocaust butterfly assignment. Georgia Performance Standards mandate the teaching of the Holocaust. 1.6 million children were killed by the Nazi regime during the Holocaust. The sheer number of children […]