Tired of long-winded former mayor; what’s big deal about 1 traffic light?

The elections in Peachtree City are over, yet The Citizen continues to publish articles submitted by our former mayor, Steve Brown, that are better measured not in column inches but in column feet. His article, “Advice to new Council,” printed on Dec. 8, could have just as easily been delivered individually to the five members […]

‘Shop with a Sheriff’ needs help for kids

The holidays are fast approaching, and we need your help to brighten the faces of some disadvantaged children right here in Fayette County. This will be the third year that the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office has coordinated the “Shop with a Sheriff” program. This valuable program collects donations and takes disadvantaged children shopping for Christmas. […]

Whoever says reform won’t cost you a dime hasn’t read the House bill

When polling Americans about healthcare, there are ways to get two very different answers to the same question. If you ask people, “Should everyone be required to have healthcare?” the answer comes back 67 percent yes, 27 percent no. However, when the question is rephrased to “Should we require everybody to carry insurance, or face […]

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