Peeking into your windows; knocking on your doors

Every now and then (like now) I run out of  things to put on this page. The one before is pretty much taken care of with my wonderful weekly columnists, David, Justin and Paul. But when we have a holiday and everybody is otherwise occupied, they don’t have time to send off their church announcements […]

On being thankful

Greetings from suburban Newnan! (Newnan, she says? But isn’t The Citizen in Fayetteville?) You are, of course, right, but thanks to my wonderful boss, I am now working entirely from home, which solves a whole bunch of problems. I am blessedly thankful for this change. Back in 1988, I moved from my little cottage in […]

How I met my hubby and changed my life forever

Yes, it’s me again. I have always liked writing personal columns, especially when I could be Erma Bombeck-y about it. I love making people laugh. Back in the olden days, when I was much younger and working for the  “other” paper, I wrote two of these a week, plus two editorials and and a bunch […]

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