Ask Father Paul – The name(s) of God

DEAR FATHER PAUL: A friend of mine insists that God has a number of different names and that these are actually all in the Bible. I’ve always just called him “God.” So what IS God’s name? Frank DEAR FRANK:  Your friend is right. The first reference in the Bible to God’s name is found in […]

Faith vs. Understanding

DEAR FATHER PAUL: I am a 41 year-old business owner who has had huge success in the past. Now, due to some poor business decisions on my part, I am facing loss of the business and personal bankruptcy. Basically, I need a miracle, and I need it soon! The problem is that, while I do […]

Ask Father Paul – The origin of Thanksgiving

DEAR FATHER PAUL: My family moved to America and to this area from the Middle East over ten years ago. We love America and we love it here. As I email this, it is only a few weeks until Thanksgiving 2017. Of all the many American holidays, Thanksgiving has become our most favorite. We love […]

Ask Father Paul – Is Doubt A Sin?

DEAR FATHER PAUL:  I am a long-time Christian, but I find that I sometimes have doubts about some Christian beliefs and doctrines. I am well educated and have always had a strong inclination to seek the truth and reject falsehoods. Are my occasional doubts a sin?  J. K. DEAR J. K. Thank you for your […]

Ask Father Paul – Dear Jane

DEAR FATHER PAUL:  I am a 41 year-old woman. My teachers always told me, “you are so smart,” but I am beginning to wonder. I am a professional with two college degrees and an IQ of 137. Last week a friend asked me a question that stopped me in my tracks. She said, “if you […]

Ask Father Paul – The sin question

Answers to your questions about life, religion and the Bible The sin question Dear Father Paul: I am a 48-year-old man. When I was a teenager, I walked the aisle at a little country church and received Christ as my savior. For a time, I lived a godly life. But now, decades later, I am […]

Ask Father Paul – Suffering … why?

Answers to your questions about life, religion and the Bible Suffering … why? Dear Father Paul: Why does your “loving God” allow so much suffering in the world? — Brad Dear Brad: Thank you for your question. Pastors get it a lot. The question is fair and is perfectly legitimate.  If God really does love […]

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