The passing of a hero

Deacon Bill Shelton died this past Sunday morning. Bill was born in Atlanta, Ga., on June 26, 1947, and was the middle child of Bill and Christine Shelton. He, an older sister, Patsy, and a younger brother, Roger, would spend the better part of their childhood in east Atlanta. Bill was greatly influenced by his […]

Pilgrimage to the monastery

When I first moved to Georgia in June 1983, it wasn’t too long before I discovered the existence of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Ga. I visited once during the day and there discovered that one could stay overnight at the guesthouse for a modest fee. I don’t remember when it began […]

A matter of desire

At the present time, the tuition for in-state students at the University of West Georgia is about $4,080 a year. The tuition is scheduled to increase slightly in the coming year but, when compared to many others schools, and especially private universities, it’s a steal. Still, to me it seems like a lot. When I […]

Old Corps, new Corps

As far as I know, my uncle, George Epps, was the first member of our family to serve in the United States Marine Corps. His brother, my father, William “Bill” E. Epps, Jr., was a Navy veteran of World War II. Uncle George served (I think) during the late-1040s and early 1950s. He was part […]

Honoring a faithful man

I first met Bill Shelton over 20 years ago in a hospital in Atlanta. I don’t remember who told me about him but, for some reason, I felt compelled to visit this man who was a stranger to me. When I prepared to end the visit, he asked me what else I had to do […]

A letter to my grandson in boot camp

My grandson Isaac Epps has, if all goes well, 13 days until he graduates from Marine Corps boot camp at Parris Island, S.C. He will have spent 13-plus weeks of the toughest days he has ever, or will ever face. He still faces “The Crucible” next week. According to sources, “The Marine Crucible is the […]

Homesick on Easter

It was Easter Sunday morning in 1970 and I was away from home for the first time on an Easter. I was undergoing Marine Corps Recruit Training, or boot camp, at Parris Island, S.C. I don’t remember why but, on Sunday morning, I was alone and standing looking east across the water at the rising […]

Dr. George Dillard and Good Friday

I first came to the Peachtree City area 34 years ago this coming June. I hadn’t been in town too long when I received a phone call from one of the local pastors inviting me to a weekly breakfast meeting of Peachtree City clergy. I accepted the invitation and soon became a member of the […]


A recent letter to the editor, speaking of President Donald Trump, was posted under the heading, “Beware a president who will say anything.” Well, that statement could apply to just about any president in recent memory, not just President Trump. President Barack Obama is remembered for stating to the citizenry something like, “If you like […]

Jumbo shrimp

Want to travel to Jacksonville, Fla., and take in some jumbo shrimp? It’s not what you think. Unless, that is, you are a fan of minor league baseball. Jacksonville has sported a minor league baseball team as far back as 1962. Many of these teams were quite good, winning championships in their league. The latest […]

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