Is anybody listening?

Has anyone noticed how we are talking “past” each other and not “to” each other? Certainly we see this on the TV talk shows where guests try to talk over each other with no one listening to the others. Some time ago, I was listening in as members of a small group were speaking with […]

Stupid, tasteless homeowners

[Editor’s note: The City Council of Peachtree City voted 5-to-0 last week against adopting the ordinance that would have set house color standards.] About the time I think that I’m going to have nothing to write about, along comes the government to bail me out. In Peachtree City, the City Council was debating whether you, […]

Confessions of a pacifist, part 5

[Continued from last week.] In 1989 I became a law enforcement chaplain for a local police department. I rode with officers and began to get a grasp on the world of the police. One of the discoveries was that there are three population groups: (1) Normal, everyday people who occupy the streets during working hours. […]

Confessions of a pacifist — Part 4

[Continued from last week] By the time I was discharged from active duty in the Marine Corps, I had acquired a wife and a very young son. For the first time, I was responsible for the day to day provision and safety for someone other than myself. As the family grew, I felt that responsibility […]

Confessions of a pacifist — Part 3

[Continued from last week] Eventually I received orders to report to Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia. I began attending a church in the Woodbridge area and attended a mid-week Bible study in the home of a staff sergeant. All of the Bible study attendees were Marines and the wives of those who were married. […]

Confessions of a pacifist — Part 2

[Continued from last week.] Following Marine Corps boot camp, I went to a six-month course at the United States Army Quartermaster School at Fort Lee, Va. During that time I was safe with my secret pacifist views. I settled in to a hectic but predictable routine during that period of time. After several months, I […]

Confessions of a pacifist

As a teenager, I never thought very much about the taking of a life. I had a pretty peaceful childhood and teen life and, with the exception of an occasional bully, karate, and football, violence was not part of my life. I believed in the Ten Commandments, including the one saying, “Thou shalt not kill,” […]

Billy Graham, Protestant saint

Billy Graham died last week. Up until now, there has never been a time when Billy Graham was far from my life. He began his crusade ministry before I was born. When I was a small child, I remember watching, along with my parents, his massive crusades broadcasts on black and white television. I didn’t […]

Facts about fasting

One of the practices in Christian churches during the season of Lent, which began last week, is fasting. Fasting is seen by most as, basically, the abstaining from food for a period of time. Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, for example, are designated fast days. But Lent is also considered a season for fasting, as […]

Lent begins — for billions

The vast majority of the Christian world is entering the season of Lent. Lent is a solemn season in the liturgical calendar that begins on Ash Wednesday and concludes just before Easter. It is a time of reflection, self-examination, prayer, fasting, and repentance. It is a time of “laying aside” unproductive habits, attitudes, practices, and […]

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