Arrest, imprison the ‘sanctuary politicians’

An illegal immigrant who admitted to gunning down two Sacramento-area cops threatened to escape and kill more on the first day of his double murder trial, according to a report on the national news. Luis Brisements, who allegedly murdered Detective Michael Davis Jr. and Deputy Danny Oliver in October 2014, smiled in court Tuesday, stating, “I […]

On downsizing

We are in a transition phase of sorts. My wife and I are very seriously considering, and making plans for, downsizing. It sounds so simple downsizing. Like buying a half gallon of milk instead of the whole gallon. However, it s one of the most complex activities I have ever considered. One of the big […]

With apologies to the University of Central Florida

The college football champion has been crowned and, again, it is a Southern team. A few weeks ago, I made an argument for expanding the payoffs to eight teams rather than four. While in the midst of that very valid argument, I noted that the only undefeated major college football team, even if the field […]

Resolutions and lists for the new year

I’m not doing New Year’s resolutions this year. I have written some down over the years with varying degrees of success. I even put together a “bucket list” or two over the years. Not a great deal of success there either. I still haven’t made it to England or Scotland or Vietnam. All those were […]

My opinions — 1,095 of them

With this article, I have written 1,095 columns for The Citizen newspaper. Any and all of my high school English teachers would be amazed to hear that I could string enough words together to make an intelligible sentence. Early in December 1996, I was in the newspaper office turning in information for our church’s first […]

’Tis the season

“’Tis the season to be jolly …” But not for everyone. In early December, our church began a coat and blanket drive. Some years ago, a lady in our congregation was moved by the plight of the homeless men and women of Atlanta, many of whom have nowhere to go, and sleep in alleys and […]

Expand the playoffs

Let’s just say openly what every college football fan knows already — that the present system of choosing the top four teams to play in the national championship games is flawed. The latest furor involves whether Ohio State University should have been chosen over Alabama. Alabama has the better record but was not the divisional […]

Political rants by Christians

I have been appalled by the social media behavior from Christians toward this present presidential administration and the last. I have read the posts from people purporting to be believers who have said the most vile and offensive things about both President Obama and President Trump. It is distressing, and I have been around quite […]

Sex and power

The news is full of people who, from a place of authority and power, have been accused of, or have admitted to, inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. That’s no secret, of course. Such actions have been around as long as there have been men, women, and positions of power. Back when I was about […]

The wall

Once in a great while, I will try an experiment in church. On the appointed Sunday morning, I will ask for a volunteer from the congregation. When the victim, er, the volunteer, comes to the front, I ask him or her to stand in a corner with his/her nose touching the wall. That, done I […]

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