The Millennials: I’m not worried for them

Much has been made about the generation known as “the Millennials,” those born between and including 1980 to 2000. They are the most studied generation in history, the largest generation and most educated in Western history, are technologically savvy, and are interested in purpose rather than perks. They are also found to be civic-oriented, socially, […]

The road less traveled

When I first began in the ministry, there was a generally accepted path to success accepted by most of the other clergy I knew. The path was simple. One paid their dues by serving at smaller, poorer churches, probably in rural settings, and then, having done a good job, the reward would be accepting the […]

The greater cause

July the Fourth has come and gone this year but this past celebration was memorable for me for a couple of reasons. It’s the first Fourth that two of my grandsons spent Independence Day in the United States Marine Corps. Forty-seven years ago, I spent July 4th at the U. S. Army Quartermaster School in […]

My grandfather’s cane

I missed doing an article last week. During the last 1,065 weeks, or 21 and one-half years, of writing for this newspaper, I have missed only three weeks. One of those weeks I was out of the country in Africa. The other, I experienced last minute computer problems and the article, that I did have […]

Impressions of James Comey

I met former FBI Director James Comey a few years ago, although he would have no memory of me. My oldest son graduated from the FBI National Academy and Comey was the speaker. Afterwards, he met with the graduates and some of their families. He was a nice man, personable, and outgoing. It was a […]

The unfunny Kathy Griffin

Alleged comedian Kathy Griffin has gotten herself some attention and a public relations nightmare to go along with it. Recently, the 56-year old Griffin posed with a fake head of the President of the United States (just the head as if it had been decapitated) covered in blood. The pose was similar to an ISIS […]

Tennessee’s free community colleges

The state of Tennessee has decided that community college in the state will be free to all residents who do not already have a degree. There are some requirements. One must have been a resident of the state for at least a year, apply for federal student aid, have a high school diploma or equivalent, […]

The passing of a hero

Deacon Bill Shelton died this past Sunday morning. Bill was born in Atlanta, Ga., on June 26, 1947, and was the middle child of Bill and Christine Shelton. He, an older sister, Patsy, and a younger brother, Roger, would spend the better part of their childhood in east Atlanta. Bill was greatly influenced by his […]

Pilgrimage to the monastery

When I first moved to Georgia in June 1983, it wasn’t too long before I discovered the existence of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Ga. I visited once during the day and there discovered that one could stay overnight at the guesthouse for a modest fee. I don’t remember when it began […]

A matter of desire

At the present time, the tuition for in-state students at the University of West Georgia is about $4,080 a year. The tuition is scheduled to increase slightly in the coming year but, when compared to many others schools, and especially private universities, it’s a steal. Still, to me it seems like a lot. When I […]

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