All are religious and all discriminate

My friend, Leonard Presberg, wrote a letter to the editor last week expressing his displeasure with the Fayette County Commission’s recent resolution in support of the Georgia religious freedom bill. While he will always be my friend, I disagree with his assessment that Senator Marty Harbin’s bill is discriminatory. In fact, his letter does the […]

All are created equal: Do you believe that?

On July 4th we celebrated the signing of a document containing some of the most stirring words in the history of the world. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the […]

Clinton and the left are playing you

Recent allegations of sexual misconduct by Donald Trump have produced a flurry of moral outrage. Yet, things actually are not as they seem, and certainly not as the media portrays them. I am not writing in support of any candidate. Rather it is crucial that you understand how you are being played politically. The accusations […]

Religious respect or religious warfare?

America is in the midst of cultural convulsions both economically and socially. For many the economic turmoil would be endurable were it not for the larger social issues that are ripping the fabric of our society. For many it seems like progress, and for others it is a new social tyranny. Those who challenge the […]

Welcome to the sharia world

My jaw dropped in horror last week as we all watched the sickening scenes of Islamic terrorists attacking the Charlie Hebdo satire magazine in Paris. These Muslims barbarically murdered 12 people and left many others wounded. The terrorists’ motive for murder had a short-term and long-term goal: defend the honor of Muhammad, and impose sharia […]

What is the origin of our ‘rights’?

The silence is deafening from a recent court ruling. No mainstream news agency reported this significant decision from the European Court of Human Rights. Just weeks ago this high European court reaffirmed its 2012 verdict stating there is no right to gay marriage. It is as if the event never happened, unless you read […]

Welcome to Auschwitz

Living near the busiest airport in the world has its benefits. It is easy to explore the world whether for work or pleasure. I have visited nearly every state in our country and 40 others around the world. Occasionally when I am traveling for work I take my children with me. Not every place we […]

Diversity: Missing the point

It’s amazing how someone can read a column and see something entirely different than what is written. A recent response to my column on diversity and inclusion is a classic example of missing the point. The purpose of the column was not to deny the reality of a diverse community or to imply that a […]

Are diversity, inclusion important?

Recently, my middle school daughter’s English teacher assigned his students to write an essay on the Fayette County NAACP’s annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day theme. This year the topic is “Why Inclusion and Diversity is Important for the Future Health of Our Community?” We had a great conversation about Martin Luther King and civil […]

Celebrating the shutdown

We are several days now into a partial shutdown of the federal government. While many people may loathe the budget impasse in Washington, I am celebrating. However, I am not celebrating for reasons you may think. True, I tend to have more conservative political leanings, but my gratefulness is not really for political reasons. I […]

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