Giving your time

Some people are born being able to sing or be interested in a political career or perhaps teaching. There are those who want to help others in whatever capacity that might entail. I happened to have been born being interested in a variety of things, many of them all at one time. Sometimes I can […]

The courthouse fire

The Easter of 1982 I drove up to visit with my parents during spring break for a few days. The trip to Akron took 12 to 14 hours depending on traffic. I seldom had the money to spend the night half way and pretty much had to drive straight through. This time, though, my dad […]

This and that

I have just received an invitation to my high school reunion. It will be our 65th class reunion. I am proud to say I got to the fifth to the 55th reunions. We held one starting at our fifth year after graduation and each five years thereafter. Our class graduated in January, 1951 and was […]

Easter memories

As I have mentioned before, my dad grew up on a farm in southeast Ohio and my mom grew up in a coal mining village along the Ohio River further south. She probably never got a new dress for any occasion. but one that had been handed down from a family in the village. My […]

Special Olympics

This past weekend I watched the opening ceremonies of the International Special Olympics. The country of Austria hosted this event for the second time, the first time being in 1993 when it was held for the first time outside the United States. It was an impressive ceremony and made you so thankful that there are […]

I’m most grateful

I am most grateful for a number of things – my children and grandchildren, of course, my 51 years in Fayetteville, the brains God gave me to have participated in county events during all that time, and certainly, my pretty good health. Not only am I fortunate to come from good stock that has not […]

More about Chief Dode

The second high school in Fayete County is McIntosh High School, opening in 1982 with just freshmen and sophomores. Good idea. I was appointed as the official county historian in 1981 and it certainly did not include naming new schools. I felt very strongly that they should be named for old schools that had been […]

Chief Dode McIntosh

I wrote last week that the name McIntosh came into existence in Georgia in the mid 1700s when three brothers arrived from Scotland. They settled just south of Savannah. One of them, William, married a Creek Indian princess, of the Wind Clan, and they had a son, William Jr. However, a few years later his […]

The McIntosh family

In talking about the McIntosh’s of Georgia and more specifically, Fayette County, we are talking about members of the Creek Indian Nation. The Creek Indians arrived in Georgia as far back as 10,000 years ago but until 1,000 years ago they finally stopped roving and began to become agrarian and stay put in one place. […]

This and that

I’m sure there’s a special name for people like me, but I have to have a clock in every room in the house. Yes, I always have a watch on, but looking at a big clock on the wall is more satisfactory. And for the nosey folks, no, I don’t have one in the bathroom. […]

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