The Fayetteville Square

Having lived in Fayette County and specifically in Fayetteville for 52 years, I have surely seen quite a number of changes around the city square. I have bought groceries at McElwany’s store now occupied by Bidez Photography, eaten at a tiny restaurant now occupied by a real estate office and purchased birthday gifts at a […]

Scarlett’s Schooling

In my last installment we learned about the various buildings on the current site of Fayetteville City Hall from 1855 through 2018. The city has purchased land in town to build a new city hall in the next couple years and we all hope good use is made of the current building. Built about 1940 […]

Scarlett’s school house

I’m going to try to give you the history of the current Fayetteville City Hall building site. I’m sure if anyone contacts me because I have an error, I’ll be sure to pass it along. The first school on that very site was in 1855 . The first county school of record was that year, […]

This and that

I note with interest that I graduated from eighth grade this month just 71 years ago. The exact date was Thursday, January 30, 1947. The mean ol’ principal was Miss Bessie Householder and the building, Firestone Park Grade School, was probably 50 years old then. Yes, it’s still there and I understand still in use. […]

Mexican orphan

A bit of a history lesson before attaching it to Fayette County. The Mexican-American War took place from April, 1846 to February, 1848 and is also known by four other names. It seems to have begun when President James Polk, decided in1845, to take what is now Texas from Mexico, who felt that territory was […]

Famous cousins

I’ll bet you didn’t know that “Doc” Holliday and Margaret Mitchell were cousins. I’ll grant you I am stretching it a bit, but stay with me here. Miss Mitchell’s ancestry, great grandfather Philip Fitzgerald, came to Fayette County from Ireland in 1835 and is probably the prototype for Gerald O’Hara. Philip and wife, Eleanor, lived […]

More on the Hollidays

Though John Henry Holliday’s dad was raised in Fayette County, but moved to Griffin when he married in 1849, the families often visited back and forth. Dr. John Stiles Holliday, who built the house we now use as a museum, had a son, Robert, a year older than John Henry and the two grew up […]

The Holliday family

The Holliday family is a fascinating one and certainly pertinent to Fayette County’s history. The family came to this county from Laurens, South Carolina about 1829-1830. Coming with them were relatives, the McKey family (pronounced Mackey) and Anny Buroughs, age 70. The 1830 census indicates Robert Holliday, 60, was a hotel keeper. One of Robert’s […]

More history

I mentioned several weeks ago that I would write more on the Mitchell and Fitzgerald families. Today let’s talk about the Mitchells. Margaret’s great-great-grandfather, Phillip Fitzgerald, came to Fayette County about 1835. He owned property and businesses in Fayetteville, and his home place, “Rural Home,” was down the road on the present McDonough Road where […]

This and that

Those of us in District 3 are glad to have the elections in District 6 over and done. If you were a youngster growing up during World War II, you can remember your mother making sure you ate everything on your plate. She used the excuse that there were a lot of starving children in […]

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