Dirty politics stains the electoral process

It is difficult these days to know when one ought to stand up for the integrity of someone. After all, many of us have lived through the public downfall of leader after leader who claimed to be on the side of integrity, principles, and virtue. Unfortunately, it seems that their failures have caused us to […]

A parent’s view of a walkout

If you are a parent with a child in a Fayette County public school, it is very likely you received a letter from the superintendent regarding “rumors” about walkouts being planned, locally and nationally, in response to the Parkland shooting last month, and other mass shootings that have taken place in recent years. In the […]

Politics and the New Morality

I don’t know why I am surprised, but I am. In the wake of the tragic Florida school shootings, I thought we would allow a period of time so that the victims would know that as a nation we sympathize with them, but this has not been the case. Very quickly the tragedy has become […]

Love endures all things

Love is probably one of the most overused and abused terms in the English language today. Consider some of the ways “love” is used: Love is used to describe emotions towards all sorts of things — a favorite food, a tv show, a person, a political movement, a philosophy of life. This past Valentine’s Day, […]

When are freedoms worth fighting for?

When I saw a brief television clip of how a Coweta football coach was reprimanded for joining his players in prayer, I thought, surely, this is somehow being misconstrued. However, it would appear our school administrators are cautioning faculty and staff from joining student-initiated prayer. As a person of faith, I ask, at what point […]

What is ‘end game’ of NFL protest?

Over the past week I had two friends ask me how I felt about the “NFL Controversy.” I had been thinking about it for quite some time, but I wanted to hear their thoughts before weighing in, and I am glad I did. Even though these friends were on opposite sides of the issue, they […]

What kind of example are we setting?

The other day, volunteering at my daughter’s school selling ice cream, I had the opportunity to observe the social behavior of some adorable elementary school-aged children. At first, there weren’t many children coming up to purchase ice-cream. However, as time went on, a line began to form. During this time, I noticed one boy being […]

Climate change: Can we make room for debate?

With the recent hits of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, I find many commentators are speculating as to how these hurricanes are occurring. And it doesn’t take long for global climate change to enter the conversation with “experts” and socio-political commentators pointing out that these hurricanes — and virtually any powerful weather event — are anecdotal […]

What is a ‘right’?

Two recent events got me thinking about our “rights” as citizens. The first involved an email I received from my daughter’s school regarding the compassionate efforts of one of her classmates to engage in a clean water campaign for developing countries. It was referenced as, “Clean Water is a Right.” Although I understood the heart […]

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