Climate change: Can we make room for debate?

With the recent hits of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, I find many commentators are speculating as to how these hurricanes are occurring. And it doesn’t take long for global climate change to enter the conversation with “experts” and socio-political commentators pointing out that these hurricanes — and virtually any powerful weather event — are anecdotal […]

What is a ‘right’?

Two recent events got me thinking about our “rights” as citizens. The first involved an email I received from my daughter’s school regarding the compassionate efforts of one of her classmates to engage in a clean water campaign for developing countries. It was referenced as, “Clean Water is a Right.” Although I understood the heart […]

Reconciling faith and politics

I have written columns that were deeply personal, some that were somewhat controversial, and some that were simply jovial reflections, but this one has gnawed at me for years. It touches on why I started writing opinion columns and why I think voices like mine are so desperately needed in this day and age. When […]

The age of drama, pseudo-reality

I read Pastor Epps’ column, “Drama Addiction” [The Citizen, Feb. 4,2017] and thought, “Wow, he came to the same conclusion as I did about living in drama.” I had written a column a couple of weeks ago on the topic, but did not submit it. I don’t recall why. But maybe it is intended to […]

The U.S.A. is not a democracy

In the president’s farewell speech last week, he referred to the United States as a democracy, and my immediate thought was, “No, it’s not. Actually, it is a republic.” To be fair, the president has referred to our nation as a republic in the past. However, considering the ongoing reaction to the election; questioning the […]

‘Imagine’ in 2017

Like many families, mine sat in front of the television minutes before midnight to say good-bye to a tumultuous 2016. The final act was a singer who chose the John Lennon song, “Imagine,” as a symbolic gesture of hope to ring in 2017. Here are the words to the first half of the song: “Imagine […]

Who really is perpetuating hate?

I think one thing we can all agree upon is that it feels like racial tensions are alive and well throughout the United States. While some believed electing a black president would represent closing a painful portion of our county’s past, I think many saw his election as the opportunity to expose how deep and […]

Why is this presidential race even close?

The under-statement of the year is that this election season has been a difficult one. Many people look at the two presidential candidates and see a choice between two evils. However, despite all the shenanigans of this process, whether we would like to admit it or not, these two people received the most votes from […]

Who should pay for college?

With students starting and going back to college this month, probably the biggest concern for young people today is the cost of higher education or the massive amount of student debt they face. Now reaching over $1.4 trillion dollars, student loans have surpassed credit card debt ($1.2 trillion dollars) as the biggest financial burden facing […]

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