Just in time for Christmas — Yellow blinkie traffic lights

Just in time for Christmas — Yellow blinkie traffic lights

Contractors installed a new yellow turn light system at the intersection of Ga. Highways 85 and 92 in Fayetteville Monday afternoon. The system consists of four arrows governing the left turn lanes: the obvious red “stop” and green “go” arrows, along with a solid yellow arrow that allows turn movements and a flashing yellow that allows left turns if traffic flow allows. The lights have also been installed at several other highway locations in Fayetteville on Hwy. 85 and Ga. Highway 314. Photo/John Munford.

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What a waste of money

This has to be one of the dumbest things I ever saw. A flashing yellow arrow is the same as just having a green light, if nothing is coming you can turn.

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Blinkie yellow light...

We might as well get used to them as the Federal Highway Administration - FHA - has blessed their usage a few years back. According to FHA studies, some drivers approaching left turn scenarios where there is a green light (not green arrow) would interpret that as giving them the right-a-way over on-coming or opposing traffic. Go figure.

I first encountered these lights in Mesa, Arizona this last summer.

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