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Deputy dragged, thrown from vehicle after traffic stop; suspect shot

An incident during a traffic stop on County Line Road Monday night left a Fayette County Sheriff’s deputy injured after being dragged and thrown from the vehicle when the passenger attempted to flee the scene. The deputy’s injury was not life-threatening. A suspect was shot and wounded by the deputy, police said.

Fayette County Sheriff’s spokesperson Brent Rowan said the incident occurred at approximately 9:30 p.m. when a deputy conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle traveling on County Line Road in east Fayette County for an equipment violation. Rowan said the deputy smelled what he thought was marijuana as he approached the vehicle.

The suspect vehicle was occupied by a male driver along with a second male who was sitting in the passenger seat, Rowan said. The deputy requested a second deputy to assist him with the traffic stop. When the second deputy arrived the men was asked to exit the vehicle and they moved out of the roadway near the passenger side of the vehicle away from traffic, Rowan said.

“While the deputies were speaking to the driver about the suspected odor of marijuana coming from inside, the passenger jumped into the driver’s seat of the vehicle in an attempt to flee the scene,” said Rowan. “The second deputy partially entered the suspect vehicle in an attempt to prevent the passenger from leaving the scene. A brief struggle ensued before the passenger was able to put the suspect vehicle into gear and began to drive away, ignoring commands to stop.”

Rowan said the second deputy who was partially in the vehicle was being dragged and nearly pulled underneath the suspect vehicle.

“The driver continued to flee and the deputy discharged his firearm at the fleeing passenger in an attempt to stop the force being used against him,” Rowan said. “The deputy was thrown from the fleeing vehicle, receiving non-life threatening injuries, and was transported to Piedmont Fayette Hospital.”

Rowan said the passenger fled the scene in the suspect vehicle and was located a short time later at a residence in Clayton County.

The passenger was injured by a gunshot wound and was transported to Atlanta Medical Center, Rowan said, adding that the extent of the injuries to the passenger is unknown at this time. Criminal charges against the passenger are also pending in this case, said Rowan.

The name of the individual being charged is not known at this time.

Rowan said the Georgia Bureau of Investigations has been asked to investigate the use of force incident.



kcchiefandy's picture

I'm surprised the deputy didn't end up shot. **Sigh...** 'Nuff said...

The suspect was from "Clayton County". Who would have guessed that?

this use of force incident. You mean taking a 4-5 thousand pound moving object and dragging and throwing a law enforcement officer along side and underneath it? I'd call that use of force. No? Oh, you mean investigate a cretin being shot and wounded? I'd call that damn fine law enforcement. No need to tie up the GBI's time there. Give both the deputies a medal and a raise for their heroic efforts in attempting to stop a criminal from escaping to the Clayton Crime Capitol of South Atlanta. Thank you, deputies, and know that we appreciate all that you do. GBI, you should take about 3 minutes on this one. You have more important things to do.

In addition to the cop shooting someone on duty, the GBI is also investigating to Atlanta school test cheating scandal.

Today the AJC siad that suddenly several teachers are pleading guilty to avoid criminal charges, but some administrators may not get off so easy!

The investigation by the School System itself found no such evidence! They also withheld a private investigation that did indicate cheating until now.

It appears that a few goats are to pay the price of cheating, maybe, and the teachers involved will have no cheating record. The Super will take her millions and be hired elsewhere.

Typical way judges, etc., are handled!

darrylwd's picture

I live near County Line Road, and I greatly appreciate the 2 deputies for taking the actions they did. I am sick and tired of THUGS from Riverdale, Morrow, College Park and the like coming into Fayette County and committing crimes against it's citizens. I have a lot more thoughts about them, but I think its best if I kept them to myself.

I will be going down to the Sheriffs Dept to personally thank the deputies involved.

I love how the trouble always starts with Clayton or Fulton County residence. I wonder what the initial equipment violation was , maybe a tail light bulb. Is it really worth the Danger of pulling over cars for such minor issues to make a buck for the Government ? If Marajuana was legal would the suspects have tried to flee the scene or did they have outstanding warrants ? I understand the cops were just doing their job and applaud the effort.I saw 4 PTC cops shooting Radar/Laser on Sunday trying to make their end of the month ticket quota. My Radar Detector was going off everywhere I drove. Surely there must be bigger fish to fry than speeding tickets in FayetteDale.

There are a LOT of people out enjoying the paths, etc...I wish they would enforce the pedestrian crossing rules more myself. Walkers/Runners etc have the right of way in a crosswalk.

And to the Deputies involved in this altercation, Thank You for your service.

Could you clarify that about crosswalks having the right of way?
Am I to assume you mean if they are already in the road, but not just as you get there?

Have you seen the crosswalk on Robinson road that has a 25MPH sign about 300 feet before one gets there? There isn't time once you see it, to slow to 25 before you get there!
The ordinary speed limit is 40MPG which hardly anyone observes---45-55 mostly.

I take it that sign is there in case you hit someone in the crosswalk you will be at fault, whether they looked or not.

Under what circumstances do the walkers and carts have the right of way?

I'll let you look up the rest. It's Georgia State Law regarding pedestrians.

Cyclist's picture

The speed limit is 40MPG? Are taking your meds?

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Yes, "are taking" my meds!

That booze you take isn't helping you!

Cyclist's picture

Give it more time.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Now, all the TEAS and other conserves will tell you they do not want regulations, but total freedom.

However, regulations about tail light bulbs is just fine!

darrylwd's picture

Regulations guide processes in order to make things regular, hence the word regulations. Regulations are best applied when created and enforced by the particular set of individuals who need them, for example specific industries like IT or finance. When a government enforces regulations, it necessarily violates the rights of people to judge what is in their own best interests. To many regulations get in the way, to little open up for abuse.

Laws are created by legislative bodies while a regulation is a specific requirement/need within the laws. Laws are general, broader, while regulations are specific, providing the details of how laws are enforced. Laws are almost always internally generated by government while regulations may be internally or externally generated, especially pertaining to certain industry.

As you can see, there is a need for both.

So you think the hamburger people can control e-coli better if not watched?

darrylwd's picture

We apply laws where laws are needed to protect a persons individual inalienable rights. That also means in respect to their safety, as long as it doesn't deny constitutional rights in the process. In our scenario, I would apply law and not regulations directly, and let the industry create the proper regulations to enforce the law. If not done, then someone is held accountable. Most of the inspections and etc surrounding this area are completed by government private contractors anyway. It's mostly about the people doing the work, if it's to be successful.

Cyclist's picture

Go easy on that common sense stuff.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

You calling that "common" sense?
What does it say?

Let me see if I got this straight!

You would let the company make the regulations for their operation as they see fit. Then you also would have a law that said if they didn't obey their own law some one would have to account for the problem, or the deaths?

Is that correct?

We want laws with "Properly" applied regulations?

They must be regular since they are regulations, get it?
It is best to allow a company to make their own regulations from some law because that way they can protect themself instead of those who bought the stuff?

Is that correct? Also, too many regular regulations are open for abuse.

Also, laws are made without any regulations in them, correct? They just have to be broader.
Regulations can be internally or externally or both.

Yes, I see the need for both!

kcchiefandy's picture

...if you're not speeding then the police are surely going to fail on their 'quota'. As for this incident, that is a classic, legal way for the authorities to detain you. And, now you can see why. I doubt we'll ever hear what other issues were involved in this event, so all else in mere conjecture. BTW, what a great friend to speed off and leave your buddy hanging! Obviously there's a character issue with this (now) criminal! LOL!

As a recent victim of the lovely out of county folks bless the sheriff for their enforcement of the laws!!!! My son was recently pulled over for a burned out bulb on the license plate holder, oh well he got a ticket but I did not complain, the cops were doing their job and we live in the county. If we can scare the scumbags from coming to Fayette to "party" or rob us by enforcing laws...then GOOD

Cyclist's picture

...the passenger fled the scene in the suspect vehicle and was located a short time later at a residence in Criminal County.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

PTC Observer's picture

I hope they drag him all the way back to Fayette County.....

I moved to Coweta 15+ years ago to escape the madness of Fayette'dale. Now that Randall is gone the place is falling apart. Clearly FUlton and Clayton folks ain't skeered of the Fayette po-po. I-85 South is teh solution to ur problems.

Anytime you want to look it up, you should post crime rates for Coweta vs Fayette. You may be surprised.

That said, both counties need to work hard to keep this a nice place to live.

MajorMike's picture

Your information is somewhat dated - about 15 - 18 years dated. At that point in time Randall Johnson was doing a good job as Sheriff in Fayette County. However....... His last two terms in office (or more), he let Bruce Jordan run that agency into the ground. The current sheriff, Wayne Hannah, from what I can tell, is doing an excellent job. He has decreased the size of the buracracy, reorganized responsibilities, addressed the illegal alien problem, and restored morale in that agency.

Ga highway 85 is indeed a major factor in the current problem. I'm almost surprised that there is not a "Thug" manual that instructs criminals to make a "run for the border" after committing a crime in Fayette County. With wide spread drug use criminals are NOT skeered of the Po Po, here or anywhere else.


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