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Poacher discards butchered deer beside S. Fayette road

A poacher getting a jump on lawful deer season has left a grisly trophy beside a south Fayette County road: A headless, skinned deer carcass.

An outraged nearby resident emailed photos of the out-of-season kill and asked for more law enforcement in the area.

“A low-life in Fayette County hunts out of season, cuts off antlers [and] hooves and skins the carcass and then dumps it on the side of the road for the vultures and the game warden to find,” the resident said.

The Citizen emailed him and asked for more details:

Has this been reported to a law enforcement agency?


What roads have you seen this on?

“South side of Lowery Road east of Crabapple.” [That’s just south of Lake Horton and just northeast of Brooks.]

How long has this been going on?

“First one this year. Never saw anything like this before.”

Have you heard back from any cops?

“Did not contact them. If they don’t catch them in the act, what can they do?”

Do you have any idea who this poacher might be?

“Must be some idiot in our neighborhood. Makes me wonder what he will do next?

“I think the best we can hope for is for the game warden to concentrate on our neck of the woods. Hopefully enough people will take note of this evidence for somebody to tell this character that dumping butchered deer on the side of the road when no one is looking is a disgrace and totally unacceptable.”

Under Georgia game laws, it’s also illegal.

If you see something similar, call Fayette 911 to report it.



You couldn’t be more wrong, Deer season has been open for 2 weeks and
Nobody goes thru the work of skinning a deer to only throw it on the side of the road.
That deer was shot with a bow legally and cleaned for butchering and probably fell out of the
Back of someone’s truck. They were probably pretty disappointed when they got home.

Hay, this is your chance make a big news story out of it to discredit hunting….

Archery Season opened on Sept 14 and runs thru October 11th.

Doubtful that a hunter who took the time to butcher so well did this on purpose.

frotzed's picture

This is the correct assessment. That deer has been gutted and prepped for butchering. Poachers don't gut animals and prep them like that. This isn't journalism, this is half-assed fear mongering.

why do Deer hunters feel the need to display their kill on the tailgates of their trucks? They have to realize that some don't want to see this....

A closed tailgate would have prevented this deer from falling out.

How is transcribing an email exchange from someone too apathetic to call the police considered journalism?

But my first reaction to this article was anger that the first thing I saw this morning was, without warning, the butchered carcass of a wild animal. The article could have been written without the photos, if it even needed to be written. I choose not to hunt. Why do I have to look at the results of hunting just by logging on to the Citizen?

Dear advertisers: I won't be back for awhile.

nice to see you took some time to criticize an article & pic in a pub that costs you nothing--hope it didn't delay your PITA membership renewal. You DO know how to use "Back", "Escape", and "Delete" don't you?

Did you mean PETA? I'm not a member, but I still don't like seeing skinned animals while I'm eating breakfast. I have no idea why I would need to use back or escape or delete in order to not read something on the internet, and the idea that we can't criticize something that is free is ludicrous. Ever complained about a TV show you saw? Besides, how do you know I'm not a subscriber? I actually can't believe I took the time to respond to this.

Dear advertisers: I won't be back for awhile.



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I doubt the hunter who spent three hours gutting and skinning this fine piece of meat really intended on it ending up on the side of the road. As for his hauling techniques he must be one stupid person to just lay a deer on the tailgate and go riding into town. I think it would have been a little more sanitary and less grotesqe had he put it in a cooler on ice like I have done many times with my kills on the way to the butcher. That's really appetizing to eat meat that was just thrown into the back of a truck and hauled around. He might have found out how much the processor costs and decided to just give the vultures a free meal. Any way not much news here. Kind of reminds me of the old movie with Don Knots, the ghost and Mr. Chicken. Way to go citizen you broke the story about nothing first. You should get your own TV show and be on Dr. Phil with your most inspiring story you uncovered. Ha Ha. At least it wasn't another drug bust or robbery at Pavilionstan!!!!!!

Looking at the pictures it is obvious that the deer was killed by a perfectly placed slug from a shotgun. This should rule out that bow and arrow were used. It is more likely that that the deer was killed at close range at a salt lick, which is illegal also.
As can be seen on the pictures, the carcass rests on top of deer and skin remnants. There are no marks on the ground indicating that the carcass was dragged from the road. This should rule out that it may have accidentally fallen off a truck. The location were the deer was dumped was such that approaching traffic from both directions could easily be observed and a fast disposal of the evidence was possible.
In the comments it was relevant to point out that bow-hunting season was on between September 14 and October 11. What still needs to be said for the benefit of our juvenal would be hunters is what the fine is for hunting out of season with a gun.
The Citizen News did well in publicizing this item as a service to the community.

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[quote=Friedolin]Looking at the pictures it is obvious that the deer was killed by a perfectly placed slug from a shotgun. [/quote]

Obviously you have never seen a wound from a 4 bladed broadhead have you? Additionally many times you have to cut open the wound
to remove the arrow so... your expertise notwithstanding you make much ado about nothing...

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

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