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The Walking Dead to shoot scenes in PTC this week

Some roads, cart paths closed in SE PTC through Wed.

Zombie alert for southeastern Peachtree City: Camera crews will be filming scenes for the mega-hit cable TV series “The Walking Dead,” resulting in some closed roads and cart paths near Starr’s Mill High School through Wednesday of this week.

The movie-making will slow and sometimes stop traffic in the southeastern corner of Peachtree City, according to the Peachtree City Police Department.

The areas affected include Redwine Road at Robinson Road, Summer Place and Foreston Place, police said in a traffic alert emailed Sunday afternoon.

“A movie production will be closing streets frequently on Monday, Aug. 25, Tuesday, Aug. 26, and Wednesday, Aug. 27,” police said. “Avoid travel in the area if possible.”

Redwine and Robinson roads are heavily traveled connector roads, while the other two are within residential subdivisions.

In a letter sent to residents of Foreston Place Aug. 20, Stalwart Films location manager Michael Riley said the production company is closing the entrance to the subdivision at Redwine Road to both vehicular and golf cart traffic Monday through Wednesday.

“We understand that the golf cart path closure may be an inconvenience, but we have determined that it is essential in order to achieve a maximum level of safety for the crew and the public,” Riley wrote.



tonight about 5PM a black Rolls Royce went by on it's way to Senoia. Never saw that before. Guess those Brits on TWD are showing off their stuff over here on this side of the pond now. Either that, or might be used on the show. Nice to see some money roll by.

Take my Rolls out on a Sunday drive anymore? I'll switch to the gold one next week.

Wellllll, why didn't you wave and pass the Grey Poupon as I scooted by in my Chevy Corvair? Snob.

Slapping the Grey Poupon on my Ballpark hotdog. I only wave when I drive my Yugo.

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You still have your Corvair? Traded mine in for a VW

Is now Shirewilt Estates....no red tape there....filming.down on Summer Place this afternoon. These scenes won't be on till January or later...lotta blood on the sunburst in the road...never a good sign.... Wolves too....,bwaaahaaaa...

My better half was happy to report that she got to see some zombies yesterday And it made her day.

Driving home tonight WSB was discussing a article on eonline.com related to the stars orientation. Seems TWD will be introducing gay zombies, lol.

Have not heard that. Big rumor is Daryl is going that way...if so, going to lose a lot of viewers...more than they know.

is leaking this very slowly to gauge reaction of the fans.

Another reporter asked Norman Readus point blank recently if he sees Carol as a mother figure or a lover figure this coming season. His answer was "Neither". For a character to even be allowed to answer a question like that in the secrecy involving this production is very telling. Unheard of so far, none of them have made any comments about their characters in advance, only after airing.

This is where the "Hollywood" of the entertainment business will interfere with the existing fan enjoyment of the show. The pressure of the gay community will alter the absolute fascination the fans have with TWD.

BTW, that video clip included in your link of TWD above with Carl with his dad was filmed in a house on Plyant St. in Senoia, whose back yard is right behind the new homes being built now. Just in case your weekend would be ruined without that tidbit.:)

I keep saying I am going to watch but life gets in the way.

I wonder how the bible belt is going to react to the Hollywood types, lol.

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I never watched the show, and from all the local filming I decided to go ahead and break down and watch on Netflix. First scene - a man shoots a little girl in the head point blank. And that was the end of that. Thanks for the image Hollywood.

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just think of the confusion if someone dropped in from the 50's and heard about gay zombies. An interesting mental picture indeed. From the Adam's family Maybe?

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