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PTC Council splits 3-to-2 — No tax hike

For the entire calendar year, Peachtree City’s staff created a budget they felt followed the direction of the City Council.

But Thursday night, the budget got eviscerated by Councilman Eric Imker in a presentation that contained elements of a preacher and a statistician urging his fellow council members to stave off the tax hike.

“Now we face another tax increase proposed at 1 mill. It’s time we live within our means. As we all know, once a tax goes up it will never come down. It will only stay the same, or go up even further in the future with all sorts of political rationale behind it to convince you the world will fall apart if its not done,” he said.

Imker’s presentation featured four Power Point slides, along with 37 Excel spread sheets and lasted more than an hour spreading his message of fiscal conservatism.

Ultimately, the City Council voted 3-2, with Mayor Vanessa Fleisch and Councilman Terry Ernst opposing, to maintain the current millage rate at 6.756 and the current bond rate of .0332 and incorporate elements of Imker’s plan into a new budget, including an "inverse scaled" pay raise of 2 percent. The pay raise give workers at the low end of the pay scale slightly over a 5 percent pay raise, while the higher paid employees would receive a .019 raise.

Another item that will find its way into the new budget is an alternative means for mowing and landscaping. The city originally proposed hiring 22 workers to bring the work back in house, but Imker urged a different way.

He said the city needs to a award a new right of way mowing contract to include a longer season and more frequency. He also said the city should just hire 12 employees, which includes six that were already hired in the previous year. By using this approach, he estimates the city could save $70,000 in equipment costs.

The biggest item Imker slashed was a proposed $720,000 increase in road maintenance and said the current budgeted amount of $770,000 should be focused on neighborhood streets since previous year’s funds went to big-ticket projects such as Dividend Drive and Crosstown Road.

He also asked that purchases at the library be cut and the city postpone the purchase of five new police cars.

As the clock struck nearly 11, the City Council agreed to many of Imker’s proposals for the budget. In his presentation, Imker said the budget would slightly increase from $29.4 million this fiscal year to $30.3 million in fiscal year 2015. His budget proposal also includes $394,397 from reserves, instead of the proposed $210,427 by staff.

The city’s staff was stunned by the turn of events and finance director Paul Salvatore said it was a “last minute turn of events.”

Salvatore added it would take the staff some time to incorporate many of Imker’s recommendations into the budget, since Imker rounded off many of his figures.

The city must have a budget approved by October.

— Reporting by JOHN THOMPSON




In a stunning reversal of of fortune for Peachtree City taxpayers Thursday night, the Peachtree City Council voted to keep the millage rate the same and told the staff to go back and hit the drawing board for a new budget.

The surprising move came after a nearly one hour long presentation from Councilman Eric Imker that featured a Power Point presentation and 37 Excel charts. Imker beseeched the City Council to look at things differently, including a salary increase that will amount to a 2 percent overall raise, but reward those at the lower end of the pay scale with more than a 5 percent raise, while those employees in the upper brackets would receive slightly more than I percent.

For more information on Imker's successful crusade, read Saturday's weekend edition of The Citizen and next Wednesday's Citizen.



Beginning of the "End" of PTC.

Beginning of the "End" of PTC.

Mr. Imker gave a well informed 1 hour and 20 minute presentation at the eleventh hour. The only problem, how we can save here, how we can cut there. Mr. Imker even suggested not putting lights in light poles that that would save money. I'm just curious as to how it makes us look. It's a bad representation to our city. Look if it's gotten to the point were we don't want to put lights in light poles to save a penny here and a penny there than so-be-it, but it is not a place I would want to call home.

Mr. King voted no on the was time to show the public that they could trust us again. His reasoning is the last TSLOST vote failed is because the citizens didn't trust the politicians. We told the citizens that there would have to be a millage increase if the TSPLOST failed. Well that didn't happen. Meanwhile our city continues to fall apart.

My fear with our local government is like they are all in a boat in the middle of the ocean and their only concern is just don't let the boat sink...Just drifting along. They don't know where they are headed or what they are doing...just can't let the boat sink.

What our city government has not understood for many many years is that you have to spend money to make money. We have to create a product that everyone wants...this is something we are simply not doing. When it all caves in on itself, just remember, I told you so.

Dar, Come-on man.

Really? This is the end all because a street light pole doesn't have a light? This means the city is falling apart and doooooomed.

Why don't you donate $60,000 to put the light on the pole? Don't forget the maintenance and operation. This is definitely something the citizens can't live without. Meanwhile Imker talks about the other $1.7M in the budget.

Dar has been misleading citizens for quite a while unsubstantiated innuendo and misleading information for to long now.

He needs to be called on it now.

So an hour to talk about a $30M budget is not worth the time??? Give me a break.

So it was 11th hour. What is council suppose to do, just rubber stamp everything the city staff says it wants.

It's about time council got a backbone and started leading instead of following.

Betcha staff comes up with some innovative ways to get the job done now that they are out of their comfort zone.

No, Dar would just rather give them more tax money for status quo spending.

Dar may have the millions to afford another tax increase. Guess what, a majority of the rest of us don't.

When did the recession end for Dar? I'm still looking at years of recovery. What? Other cities have suddenly found the golden egg and can suddenly afford everything they want to do? What universe are you living in?

Dar still doesn't get it. The city is not in the business to make money. We're never going to look like Beverly Hills either.

So get over it. We're as good if not better than nearly every other city in GA. We are going to get even better. No doomsday talk from me.

Where's the details to support Dar's accusations? There are none. He'd just want you to spend your money so he can make more on his investments. Talk about conflict of interest. Where's your plan? Provide details backed up with facts, not assumptions.

Could not have said it any better. Dawgday's points are dead on target!

One could certainly debate whether the presentation by Imker was well informed. He does salary comparisons of Peachtree City with Tyrone, Brooks and Senoia. Is this good entertainment or a complete lack of substance? He proposes elimination of infrastructure funds while the city continues to crumble. Is this sage management of money or reckless endangerment of city assets? He proposes a wage increase that rewards the top management, those who have the highest level of experience, are empowered and responsible for management the assets and other unnecessary details like morale , with an amount below the cost of living increase and that essentially is an insult (although a good distribution concept ?__ how very Democratic of him!). But the most troubling part of the process is that this was done in the 11th hour. There was plenty of time prior to this to present the concepts, allow staff the time to review, correlate, collaborate and present an informed budget rather than override the direction previously provided by the very same council. Was this a last minute epiphany or pompous grandstanding? The staff are the people involved day to day, hour to hour and minute to minute in the operation of the city. While a couple may be aliens (extraterrestrial, not illegal), I am convince none are ?__evildoers?_? trying to remove our brains for experimentation. Would it not have not have been more sensible to give the profession people who are charged with the operation an opportunity to review before committing to a new course? It would have been at least a practical courtesy. Several on the council just remind me of the story of the emperor?__s new clothes. The royal idiots all agree the new clothes are wonderful, all while be stripped bare, much like the current resources and the continued deterioration of the city. Yeah, the clothes are wonderful!!!

Did Eric wear spandex and a cape when he gave this presentation? I think he does this chest thumping every year.

I was ready for a tax increase. I wanted to see improvements. I would surmise that the council members got some phone calls and emails from those on fixed incomes (which I also understand).

Yes, it disappointed me that he did this at the 11th hour. He has had plenty of time to evaluate this and meet with the city manager to discuss. But I am also glad to see that the man is trying to save us mon

But what about the others? Did the mayor or other council members being anything of substance to the table or were they ready to approve the hike until they got calls or Imkers presentation? I remember Mayor Haddix always brought ideas to the table. He could simply not gain a consensus due to personality conflicts.

Did Mr. King bring any ideas to the table, meet with staff, or was his statement simply political grandstanding?

Hopefully Saturdays article will provide more detail.

The bloggers on this site are simply the best. Continued name calling without contributing any facts.

Hey, H&F, why don't you ask Mr. Imker if he communicated with the city manager? You asked questions in your blog so why don't you get the answers? Ask Imker, ask Mike, ask Kim, ask Betsy Tyler, ask the city manager, ask the city's financial manager. Do you really think this "11th hour" was a surprise to the city manager or the finance director? Do you really think it was a surprise to the Terry and Vanessa? Imker told them he didn't support a mill increase from the beginning. He said it again just a couple council meetings ago. I can tell it wasn't a surprise because I listened to the presentation. Mr. Imker referenced his communications with many of the working leadership to gather his data. He mentioned months of data collection efforts. So you're surprised? I'm surprised you're surprised. Get off the blogs and start communicating with those who have the answers to your questions. I think you'll find out a lot more than just reading uninformed, misguided assumptions, and name callers from other bloggers. Why don't you email Mr. Imker and get a copy of his presentation? That would be an intelligent thing to do. But wait, you heard the summary. Yep a 1 hour summary. Please don't whine like the others and talk about the all important detail of how long the presentation was. Wow, that's an issue those other bloggers can hang their hat on. Thank goodness we're concentrating on the important details of presentation time and not the $3M new infrastructure plan of action.

Get the facts and then respectfully suggest changes the Kim and Mike's and Imker approved plan. You know it wasn't just Imker.

I have asked Imker. I have spoken to Imker. I get where he's coming from. He emailed me a statement saying what he was going to say last night. It included some interesting information about how council has been raising revenue every which way under the sun for the last 4 years. He said the only logical thing that counts now. Live within your means. The city is not going to fall apart despite your hoping it will to prove a misguided point.

I asked simple questions based on the article so that the author has time to answer them in his article on Saturday. Don't be so thinned skinned.

I credited Mr. Imker as one who really digs deep into the budget each year. My only snide remark was that Imker did not have to wait until the 11th hour to showboat like he has done in previous years.

And for the record, I have communicated on topics with our council members. I didn't on this, because I was ok with a tax increase if the services improve.

First the thought of Councilman Imker in spandex may cause blindness. Or me for that matter.

But like you I want to see the details of this complex presentation before having any strong opinions. Intuitively I think not raising the millage is a mistake. One needs to look no further than swamp Peachtree to know that we are better at kicking the can down the road than being honest as to where we are.

I saw someone say something about bonds and another talk about tax and spend liberals on the other thread. But we saw this with the schools where bonds are issued and money spent today for others to pay in the future. We need to get out of that trap. No more debt. The people here today pay for the costs today.

But we as a community need to decide whether we are willing to pay for what we expect, or accept what we are willing to pay for? We like to think of ourselves as a high end, well planned and maintained city, Right now, due to stunts like this we are none of those. We react to problems with wringing of hands and traffic studies instead of thought out strategic plans.

Mr. Imker's plan sounds like a lot of thought has gone into it, but delivering it in the 11th hour without time for the public to study and comment is disrespectful and betrays the effort taken. If this presentation is as tight as some propose, why not float it out for comment? Instead, we have more of the same.

Based on the public information I too expected an increase and thought we had cut to far that is evidenced by our shabby roadside landscaping, swamp Peachtree and the omni present beach cop traps in the West Village. I hope future PUBLIC communication is coming. One blogger suggests we email or call for information, I disagree. We need everyone seeing and hearing the same thing.

Take Care


Not everything is what it seems.

To soothe their feelings on the 3-2 vote, these 2 woke up this morning and did this.

aka ..... ice...gasm

I would've elected the X water department leader and Mr. Rapson. Then I would've pulled water from like Peachtree.

the X water department leader and the X county manager and the X county BOC and the state dam (yes, there I go, I said it again...dam) inspectors. Mr. R. has been on the job for about a year. And he is trying fix years of messes. Years.

For the man who was so upset last night about the watering done by Canongate on the golf course, they use greywater. It is not potable. Or portable, for that matter. It is cheaper than potable water. Although, I don't think he is an internet type of guy. Maybe someone can get the message to him so he will feel better. SO, just to recap, if you are out there sweating buckets and you come across one of those big jet things, resist the urge to drive/walk/run/pirouette through it to cool down. And for heavens sake, do not open your mouth and swallow.

But I still think Rapson is trying to push all the dam costs back to the city. We'll see.

you are not right. We will see, yes. However, to more important matters, can we just have an evening without a storm or shower, pleeeze? Sunsets are getting too early for me. Too, too early.

For sure. Enjoy your sunset tonite

Thanks. I went around part of the lake. A new development I saw. There are stakes along where it looks like the dredge access points are going to be. Sure is wet to do a dry dredge. Let's see what the winter brings. I thought I would see more water in Rockspray pond, but that is still just about empty. Crosstown Grille..latest I heard is mid-Sept. opening.

...sorry but I don't have the time to explain Algebra to you if you don't even understand how 3rd grade math works.

The millage increase has been a known fact for some time now...out of the 18,000 plus voters we have I only saw two or three at the meeting last night that opposed the new tax increase.

The same group on council that want to be so efficient and responsible to the citizens on the millage issue don't seem to have an problems with losing $40,000 a month (losses of over 8 million dollars since it opened) on Kedron Aquatic Center...a venue that brings no added financial value to the homeowner as the soccer and baseball complex does. I'm confused how you can make one decision without making the other. It's a total contradiction.

Mr. Imker could have presented his plan weeks ago, not at the last minute. This ploy was simply done by design. To give Mr. Imker credit he did a fabulous job in his presentation but unfortunately Mr. Imker doesn't live in the real world, he lives in a world that exist only on paper. With Mr. Imker's logic, it would be like telling Delta Airlines you only need one pilot in the cockpit (because we have an auto-pilot button now), oh and by the way he or she should help load the luggage after he or she checks all the passengers in. This would save three pay-roll positions. On paper, look how much money is saved...the numbers are unbelievable. However we can only use that aircraft for one flight a day. Saved a lot of money on staff but over a short time we've lost our entire customer base due to lack of service and simply because there is no added value. No business could ever survive, using the logic that was presented last night...not in the real world.

By not fixing the problems of this city you've created bigger problems. A several dollars a month savings by not having a tax-increase will never off-set the amount of money and value the citizens will lose over the long term. I'm tired at looking at uncut grass...I'm tired of dodging pot-holes, I tired at looking at unpaved streets and jacked-up golf cart paths. I'm sorry, but if one can't afford a couple of dollar a month increase in their taxes for increased value, maybe they should move somewhere else that is more appropriate with their lifestyle and budget.

Not sure I am happy about this at all.

I want my great looking City back....pass the tax, hire the folks necessary and move forward.

Obviously, you don't know Mike King, the man, at all.

Hey dawg, why only list the 3 smallest cities? Why didn't you include Fayetteville, Newnan, Fayette County, Newnan County as part of the salary comparisons? This transparency to try to mislead is deceitful and unworthy.

You categorically lie saying Imker proposed elimination of infrastructure funds. Were you not there when he said he was including and supporting a $3M (!) infrastructure bond, $780,000 in roads, and addition of $75,000 for cart paths bringing that total up to $440,000, $150,000 in infrastructure and bridge/cart path tunnel maintenance?

How come you didn't mention the excellent plan Imker presented to save a couple hundred thousand (!) with the logical approach to contracting the mowing while hiring 12 new employees for the landscaping? A lie of omission is still a lie.

Yeah, you want to reward the highest paid with even more higher pay. Go for it in your own life. You talk about morale, well what does your formula do for morale? The top guys ALWAYS get the biggest raise. So one time, just one measly time the lowest paid get a break and your whining about it all over the blogs. Nice, very nice form.

Again, so what if it was last minute. All because the employees have been pitching all the nice wanta haves with more money with our tax dollars (easy for them since they don't have to pay for it as most don't live in the city) for months doesn't mean council has to agree. Council NEVER voted before to agree. So don't go around saying council approved something when they never did. The only "vote" I know of was last night. Council let staff create a baseline from which to change. I call that excellent strategy. So what if a change happened at the last minute. Read the blog to Dar, not Dar's blog as you and he both have a problem with facts, so you might better understand.

The rest of your blog is gobbly gook trying to make it sound like you're all that. You and Dar have a big problem with misleading and misrepresenting facts. I know you both mean well, but try being a little positive. Push boundaries and see what happens before just handing over more cash for spending.

I have not found anything worth commenting on in a long time - a year maybe - "as always". huh.... FYI. Newnan and Fayetteville are still not the same class city as explained in the meeting. Yes, the mowing proposal was quite sensible. Would have been equally sensible presented 3 week previously. BUT, the rhetoric really does not matter. Let's all wait patiently for a few weeks as the staff now reviews the magic numbers, numbers that they did not have the opportunity to review previously. My math says that there will be some addition problems.

PTC Observer's picture

I couldn't agree more with this sentiment. The only thing for certain about projections of expenses and revenues is that they will be wrong.

The question I have is what is the most likely outcome, not some last minute spreadsheet proposal. The council did the right thing in waiting until this proposal can be completely vetted by staff.

If we want to live in a community that is far superior to other communities, then we simply must pay for it.

heard anyone mention on here is the attempt to protect our bond rating. The dam issue has not been decided. Cost is who knows.

There also has been discussion between city and county about additional work being done on the lake outside of the agreement. That work would be at cost to PTC, not the county. This additional work involves dredging the upper lagoon (north of Hwy 54) and doing additional dredging on the stream inlets coming into the main lake. I would take a guess that the city would need to pass a bond for any/all of this if it is added on to the scope of the dam issue work. Or, use more cash reserves.

If they were to increase our millage now, add on a new bond and or use more reserves, my guess, our bond rating will drop. No council would ever want to take on the liability of seeing our bond rating being lowered.

PTC Observer's picture

Another great observation. However, remember that Mr. Brown say's we have nothing to worry about.

Hmmmm......we still don't know how much or how long do we? Could it be that we will be waiting a long time to find out?

I would predict more than a year from now the lake will still be empty.

Where did Steve Brown say we have nothing to worry about?

The time frame is outlined and from what I have seen is on track. Neither the county nor city can be definite on any of this since there are approvals that go through the state and permitting needed from the Army Corps of Engineers. Plus, there is the appeal that both county and city have jointly submitted on the classification on the dam to Safe Dams.

If you ever want to read the history on the USACOE Permit 404 which is a big deal, go back a few years in the FC Water Committee meeting minutes and read up on how long it took to get approval for the wet dredge. Which, btw, has been decided against. Now, the wait is for a dry dredge approval from the same. I read, over a period of time, those water committee meeting minutes last year and that was just about when the you know what hit the fan over a MIEX water treatment process that the former water manager and former county manager and former FCBOC were thinking of going ahead with. The whole plan fell apart when the GAEPD inspection found all the deficiencies that needed to be corrected. The holdup to that plan was the approval for the Permit 404, which they finally were told by the USACOE was not needed. This is the only time I can think of where a govt. approval delay actually indirectly brought about needed change, much needed change. All of that change has been directed through the work of Mr. Rapson, who inherited this mess when he came on board, and the water system director, Mr. Pope, who came on board when the former dope of a water manager was demoted for his ineptness.

Now, we are waiting for a hearing on the dam classification, which is out of the city or county's control. We are also waiting on the 404 Permit, which also is out of the city or county's control. There are other approvals needed by the state and feds. A timeline has been set by the county engineering firm for the dredging and so far they are on schedule. Jan. is the target, but just like we cannot control the weather, they cannot move without the approvals and permits needed. The city has hired another engineering firm (or two) and who knows what the scope of that work will entail, since they feel they do not have to explain anything to us.

The good news? Someone has mowed the grass on a portion of the eastern part of the lake bed. Looks like a lake lawn now. Almost up to PTC mowing standards, if I do say so myself. At least small children, illegals, golf carts and pick up trucks are visible from the shore again.

I like that Imker dove into the budget. I doubt the others did as much work. But springing this on at the final of 3 meetings was chicken poop. He owed it to the citizens and the finance dept the time to think this through.

Like most citizens, I was ok and prepared for a tax increase because I think it's about time that we increase services.

I think if services and appearances don't improve soon, there might be a lot of mad residents.

PTC Observer's picture

Letter to the Editor July 1st of this year.

"I have seen no reason for anxiety." - Mr. Brown

The theme of this letter is that it's "all drama".

I for one would like to see nothing done or money spent on anything until all the regulatory approvals are in place.

I am guessing that will take about the same amount of time that it took them to open the golf cart bridge across the CSX track on Hwy54. In the meantime, while we're waiting, they can figure out how much all this will cost and who's paying for it.

Then perhaps we can make a rational decision on whether we want to invest the money in this project, or don't we have elected representatives that want to make rational decisions with our money?

Great news about the grass, LOL

"Up to this point, I have seen no reason for anxiety. Government infrastructure projects like roads, new buildings and lakes take time to complete. Yes, the dam/spillway problem was unexpected, but there is nothing with that situation that cannot be resolved as long as we follow the state's procedures and regulations.....Do the reconstruction of the dam/spillway the right way and for the next 40 to 50 years, our citizens will have nothing to worry about."

The money is already being spent. Engineers and lawyers (and staff) are on the payrolls to get the needed regulatory approvals. Everyone gets in on it from the gitgo.

Good example on the CSX bridge. Seems there is a teeny weeny problem with a small piece of land that CSX and the city just might go to court over and hold up the MacDuff Pkwy extension. That came from the Kolter rep. at the council meeting Thursday. Gee, hope the mayor doesn't have to hire another lawyer for that.

Ho hum....

Who hid this gem?

If it is being hidden (don't think so, at least not yet and maybe never) my guess it falls under executive session. Good luck with that. I failed the bar exam 6 times so I'm not invited.

After the vote to approve. Hope council makes the developer pay for any legal issues.

PTC Observer's picture

Well I am not talking about the money spent on the approval process, yes it's a cost but nothing compared to the other potential expenses related to this non-approved project.

I say we ask for a plan with a time line, cost for the entire project before any money is spent on things like dredging. If we don't have everything in place to make a rational decision on the costs, timing and financing, then our elected officials have failed in their fiduciary duties.

We could end up with a big hole in the ground after dredging and no lake for a couple of years awaiting some bureaucrats' "blessing". We don't need a hole in the ground for years.

While I am at it on this subject, who benefits from this lake? I agree it's nice to look at, perhaps there are a few fishermen that like it too. However, those closest to the lake benefit the most and have privileges that other citizens don't. So why don't they pay the cost for living on a lake? Other lake communities do this, why not PTC? So, if bond financing is required, I would propose that we put radius tax zones around the lake center. Those that live on the lake or close to the lake would pay the most, those that live in distant areas would pay the least.

Waterfront homeowners will be on the lookout for you now. Holy moly. You are suggesting....well, blasphemy. I have to think on this a while. My head hurts right now from wrapping my brain around this very thought. No politician in you, that's fer sure!

PTC Observer's picture

Perhaps they will but I was always taught that if you use something you should pay for it, if you benefit from something you should pay for it. I have posted on this idea many times.

Having others pay equally for your benefit is dishonest. The notion that "spreading" taxes "makes it affordable", is the moral hazard that is bringing down our country. Only nationally, it is our children and children's children that will suffer the most by our deferred reckless spending.

In PTC, it seems that everyone wants something for nothing but it's true in most of the Nation as well.

We want nice clean roads that are well kept.

We want nice golf cart paths, paved and level.

We want good "pipes" to keep that nasty storm water from ruining our lakes.

We want nice recreational centers, ball fields, swimming, tennis, etc.

We want safety a really good police department and fire department.

We want a nice lake that benefits the few at the expense of the many.

We want dog parks

We want great schools, without drugs and thugs

We want all those things and more, only......we want someone else to pay for it.

You're right, I am no politician, I couldn't be elected dog catcher.

diligence pays dividends. I believe good things remain in and will return to PTC. This is not the beginning of the end to PTC's appeal, but we are losing the value of exclusivity. Whereas Councilman Eric Imker's eleventh hour budget blaster was annoyingly unexpected, he demonstrated a commitment to the city and its citizens. I applaud him for his hard work.

The Tea Party mentality is not what we need. Good things may result from taxes as can poor stewardship and corruption. The more I think about generic municipal financial strategies, the more I am convinced PTC needs at least three streams of revenue, and maybe up to five.

First, a city sales tax of up to one percent. Much of local retail revenue comes from non-PTC resident shoppers and employees. Financiers refer to this as another form of OPM (Other Peoples' Money). Non-PTC residents share in our enjoyment of a relatively (compared to adjacent localities) safe and well lit commercial, residential and recreational areas.

Second, real (as in real estate) property taxes. Mileage rate increases may be necessary, but only on a temporary basis. I believe inflation will increase faster than property values.

Third, user fees. Increase permitting fees for golf carts and lobby the State to require license plates on bicycles ridden by those over the ages of 18 years. As we reinvest in our locally maintained cart paths and collector streets, more cyclists will demand more space under current laws allowing bicyclists the same privileges and/or rights as motorized vehicle operators.

Fourth, continue re-looking permit fees. New development creates change and stress. I do not believe commercial interests are paying their share of fees and taxes. I also believe PTC should encourage redevelopment with a partial or total reimbursement of permit fees for projects that increase property value. This strategy excludes initial development and commercial interests.

Fifth, make PTC the equivalent of a speed trap. Cite and fine unlawful vehicle operators. Put cameras in intersections. We have a great public safety department. However, outsiders continually tax our public safety resources. Tax the outsiders. If you live here, you should already be compelled to follow the law.

PTC has many resources available. Among those are some very smart people who have interests in the city, whether they be personal, professional, commercial, or other. My agenda is entirely personal. Like many, I don't like what I've seen in PTC changes. My family, now three generations, is probably forever embedded here and I, like most, want my family to experience a safe, healthy, and enjoyable environment. This place may not be cheap, but hard work and diligence pays dividends and can make PTC a place you want to come home to (again).

Do that and you will lose out-of-town shoppers. Bye Bye city sales tax!

Sounds like a win-win to me.

Why is Imker and others blindsiding the mayor on the budget presentation???

You'd hope they could all start working together for a change. How come the city's finance people weren't included???

Don Haddix comes off looking like the voice of reason. More division and more people scratching their heads.

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