PTC takes part in ‘31 Days of Geocaching’

PTC takes part in ‘31 Days of Geocaching’

Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix is encouraging residents to discover more about the hobby of geocaching, as he recently proclaimed that the city would celebrate “31 Days of Geocaching” through the month of August.

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt using GPS coordinates to discover hidden items, and Peachtree City has been nominated as one of the top geocaching cities by the “Best of the Road” program administered by Rand McNally.

Residents can sign in and vote daily through Sept. 3 at to support the city in the competition. The grand prize is a custom GeoTour of the winning community provided by Rand McNally and

The challenge under the 31 Days of Geocaching is to find one geocache every day for the entire month.

Haddix said geocaching gives residents a chance to have fun and explore the city.

“It’s a family activity that can travel with you on vacation or business as well,” Haddix said.

Nancy Price, director of the Peachtree City Convention and Visitors Bureau, is working with the Georgia Geocachers Association to develop an official GeoTour for the city involving a series of caches that lead seekers to a final prize.

There are 300 caches hidden in Peachtree City ranging from easy to very challenging, Price said.

“There is a thrill that is part of the geocache hunt that appeals to everyone’s inner child,” Price said.

Betsy Tyler
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Peachtree City in dead heat for Best for Geocaching

Peachtree City has edged up from 5th to 3rd and is now neck and neck with Manhattan, Kansas, in the Best for Geocaching. Please vote, even if you haven't tried out geocaching yet!

Husband and Fat...
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Geocaching is fun

Spent lots of time searching with the kids. Find many fun prizes too. We will see you out there.

Mr. Mayor, are you playing?

Don Haddix
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Haddix: Playing

I had my fun when they contacted me and I got the CVB and City involved.

Have fun!

G35 Dude
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H&F- Be careful

Be careful. A friend of mine was geocaching took a wrong turn and wound up in a strangers back yard. The homeowner not knowing what was going on came out with a shotgun. LOL

Husband and Fat...
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Thanks for the heads up

I try to keep the kids on public property, but they are fast and get excited to search for the prizes. Some hide it real well. I am more concerned about snakes than anything.

The kids and I went geocaching about a month ago. We ran out of prizes to refill, and the kids guilted me into leaving money. Some kid got lucky behind Braelinn shopping center where we left a dollar and another kid near Glenlock got some free McD ice cream coupons. Need to set up a few hunting cameras to catch the kids expressions when they find good stuff.

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