Eagle Scout recognized at Fayette County Commission meeting

Eagle Scout recognized at Fayette County Commission meeting

Eagle Scout Jason Girolami on July 24 receives words of thanks from the Fayette County Commission for his scout project that constructed and installed a much-needed a fence around the dumpsters behind the county complex building in downtown Fayetteville. Pictured, from left, are commissioners David Barlow, Chuck Oddo and Randy Ognio, Girolami, and commissioners Allen McCarty and Steve Brown. Photo/Ben Nelms.

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Project execution

Yet another truly outstanding contribution to our community by Eagle Scout Jason Girolami. Becoming an Eagle Scout is not simply a matter of earning Merit Badges and building something, it is a long, detailed, and sometimes frustrating process in which the Eagle candidate demonstrates leadership skills, fiscal responsibility, team building skills, and a commitment to community. Thanks also to all the Scouts, Scouters, Fayette County officials, and others who came together to help make this happen. http://www.eaglescout.org/project/project.html

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I couldn't agree more, all boys that earn this level of scouting should be commended along with those that mentor them to achieve it.

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Eagle Scout Jason Girolami

Nicely done!!!!!!!!!

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Outstanding contribution

Congratulations Jason Giroiami

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