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So, who can identify this Lake McIntosh snake?

So, who can identify this Lake McIntosh snake?

This slithery fish catcher was itself caught in a photograph taken by Elise Headenstrom at the dock and launch ramp at the new Lake McIntosh at about 5 p.m. July 27.

Her grandfather, Edward C. Ragen of Peachtree City, emailed the photo to us, and we’re curious:

What kind of snake is this that has one of the first documented fish catches out of the newly opened but still officially unstocked lake on the border between Fayette and Coweta counties?

Looks like nature is getting ahead of county officials.

Post your conclusions below.


Gott say the picture most matches an eastern cottonmouth.


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It appears that the whole snake is on top of the water and I believe a cottonmouth is the only one that does that.

It looks like a banded water snake. We are somewhat north of its territory. It is usually found south of The Fall Line. Alligators are too. Many critters wander north in the summer. It is an educated guess using a field guide. It is a good picture, not great.

It looks like a banded water snake. A better picture would certainly help.

At least one person here agrees with me.

or a belly up dead squirrel?

The snake is the little known noswimmingbutifyoudoyouhavetodealwithme snake.

I think Tony Parrott dumped a few dozen in there just before the rains came.

I think you are correct. squirrel


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Those were easy - what about county commission?

Live free or die!

The snake must be the sneaky GirmaHaddix snake. It sneaks in around dusk to steal our fish and our money. It is sneaky, mean, and speaks with a forked tongue.

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Looks like a pit viper - AKA Water Moccasin/Cotton Mouth. Need a clearer picture of its head.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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Water Snakes look very similar but the markings are generally a little darker than the cottonmouth. I would bet this is indeed a water moccassin/cottonmouth. Seen several in that area before now too.

Definitely NOT a cottonmouth- they are very dark, and very fat. That's a banded watersnake.

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