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PTC to consider 'continuous green T' application

A proposal to apply for a new “continuous flow” traffic light intersection on Ga. Highway 54 West and Line Creek Drive will be considered by the Peachtree City Council Thursday night.

The intersection would include a traffic light to serve the proposed Overlook shopping center, but would allow the problematic westbound traffic to flow through continuously without stopping.

To accomplish this feat, traffic on the northern part of the intersection will be restricted to a right-in, right-out ... and traffic turning left out of the shopping center to go west will line up in a merge queue that will be constructed in the median.

The item was added to the agenda by city staff Wednesday afternoon.

Trinity Development has agreed in writing to fund the cost of the improvement, which was recommended by the city’s traffic consulting engineer Pond and Company based on a review of the entire 54W corridor. The city council spent $70,000 on this specific traffic study, and it was unveiled for the first time Monday night at a workshop meeting.

If council agrees to apply for the intersection change and traffic light, a more formal agreement with Trinity and the city would be prepared, according to city staff.

The Georgia Department of Transportation must approve the new signal and intersection changes since they would take place on the state-operated highway system.

Another new item on the agenda for Thursday night is a development agreement with Brent West Village for development of 650 “active adult” homes on 403 acres that was annexed into the city in 2007. The agreement had been on hold pending a challenge to the annexation, which was ultimately deemed valid by the Georgia Supreme Court in 2011, well into the recession that saw nearly all new construction in Fayette County grind to a halt.

The development agreement, which spells out a number of requirements including construction of the MacDuff Parkway extension including a bridge that will be funded by Brent West Village and John Wieland Homes, is a requirement of the rezoning approval from council in May of 2007. It also spells out the quantities allowed for a given lot size and also the minimum size of the smaller courtyard homes.

The document has already been signed by representatives of Brent West Village.

Prior to rezoning the 403-acre site to limited use residential, the land had been located in Fayette County and zoned for agricultural-residential use.



Robert W. Morgan's picture

On the surface the continuous green T intersection seems like a good idea. Indeed I have seen them in Florida and up north and they work great when properly installed and thought out. But what we have here is traffic zooming past the new traffic light at Line Creek Drive without even slowing down only to encounter a traffic light at MacDuff a couple hundred feet in front of the traffic light they just bypassed - and sometimes it will be red- which means stop. So then, you stop, the cars behind you stop and you all wait for the light to turn green. Right? The MacDuff light still has to cycle in a normal fashion to accommodate in and out MacDuff traffic, doesn't it? Am I missing something? Did I read this wrong?

I think this is a very expensive short-sighted excuse just to approve a traffic light that a developer wants. Great that he is paying for it instead of us, but we spent $70k on the traffic study for this rather silly idea.

Now then, if there is a way to continuous flow traffic westward past MacDuff without stopping at that infernal traffic light, we would really have a solution, wouldn't we?

Live free or die!

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