Senoia homes to be walled in for ‘The Walking Dead’

AMC promotional photo for 'The Walking Dead.’

It might look like the Great Wall of Senoia, but the 15-foot temporary wall to be constructed on the Gin Property in the fall will actually serve as a contained set for AMC television’s “The Walking Dead.”

The July 7 request to construct a temporary 15-foot wall around portions of the Gin Property just south of the downtown retail district received unanimous approval from the Senoia City Council.

Stalwart Films representative Mike Riley said the request to construct the wall dealt with creating a contained set for filming portions of the “The Walking Dead” episodes for the 2014-2015 season.

The wall will be in place from mid-September until the end of November, Riley said.

Plans call for the closure of Morgan Street near Main Street on the east and just past the homes on Lower Creek Trail to the west. McKnight Drive will be closed as will Amey Street at its intersection with Morgan Street.

Access to the contained set area will be by way of manual security gates located on both sides of Morgan Street, Morgan at Amey Street, on McKnight Drive at Lower Creek Trail and at McKnight at Baggarly Way.

Riley said the gates will be staffed by security personnel on a 24-hour basis, adding that deliveries to the area will be coordinated.

Plans call for the metal wall to be anchored in such a way that it will withstand winds of 115 miles per hour.

Several area residents and business owners were present at the meeting, though only four posed questions or concerns about the project. While largely supportive of the project, concerns were raised about traffic flow, access to their residences and the potential for increased numbers of tourists in close proximity to private residences.

Riley said businesses on Main Street will not be affected and people will be in place to deal with tourists who might attempt to venture onto the property of adjacent residences.

One resident said those living inside the contained set should be compensated for the inconvenience. Riley in response noted that it is customary to work with people whose property is being impacted.

Riley also noted that the filming schedule will be posted.

As for the wall itself, it will be something out of the ordinary for Senoia, even if for only less than a dozen weeks.

“We are the elephant in the room,” Riley said of the presence of the large, neutral-colored wall which will surround much of the Gin Property. “We do our due diligence and we try to get along with everyone. It’s important to keep good relationships with all the communities we work with.”

While unusual, and perhaps unsightly as a temporary edifice, the reason to construct the wall for the contained set was not lost on council members.

“You’ve shown yourselves in the past to be good neighbors,” Mayor Larry Owens said prior to the vote. It was a sentiment expressed by others on the council.

Now in its fifth season of filming in and around Senoia and at Raleigh-Riverwood Studios, and beyond being wildly popular with viewers worldwide, “The Walking DeadÆ continues to have an obvious economic impact on this city of less than 4,000 residents.

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Filming a movie

on Robinson Rd. at Forreston Place on Aug. 25th. This from the PTC PD facebook page.

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One hundred buckeroos

it is costing Stalwart Films tomorrow from 5am to 11pm to have use of Rock House Rd. in Senoia, between Old Hwy 85 and Crawford Rd. to film. That is what the county gets in income for the road closure. The 2 CC sheriffs at the detour entrances are paid by the studio, also.

I wonder if Herschel's long lost twin bro will be found out there, walking alongside the road. We miss you, Scott Wilson.

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Oh don't worry... the Senoia Police Department is going to make a little more than a few Benjamin's when frustrated locals and clueless tourists come into town and get slammed with a speeding ticket. HMMM.... Should I take the detour or speed trap???