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Should Lee Hearn be re-elected?

I could easily write several pages about County Commissioner Lee Hearn, but in the interest of brevity, I will make this short.

First, let me say, I find Mr. Hearn affable but I have serious concerns about his character and strongly feel he should not be allowed to hold public office.

While Mr. Hearn was a county employee, his supervisor admonished him (element #5 2004-2005 review) for using a Fayette County purchasing card to subdivide purchases into small amounts to avoid following the county’s established competitive bid rules and warned him “any future incidents will bring disciplinary action.” Such behavior would lead to an immediate dismissal if he worked in the private sector, and quite possibly, a criminal complaint.

Mr. Hearn wrote his own performance reviews from August 2000 to August 2004 and, not too surprisingly, gave himself good reviews. But on 3/16/06, 4/25/06 and 3/7/07 his supervisor gave him unsatisfactory performance ratings that should have led to his dismissal. On the 4/25/06 review, a letter referred to “six (6) previous oral warnings related to substantial performance failure to follow instructions.” Why wasn’t he fired? Oh yeah, silly me, he had a government job!

Some of his performance reviews were scored quite low and his evaluations contained words such as “needs improvement, substandard, marginal and deficient performance.” His file contains letters of reprimand and on 3/6/07 he received a three-day suspension. Evidently he saw the writing on the wall and resigned in 2007.

Mr. Hearn will undoubtedly try to put a spin on the above information but you can get a copy of his personnel records by filing a Freedom of Information Request with the Fayette County office.

While serving as a Fayette County Commissioner, the Oklahoma License Board found Lee Hearn guilty in 2010 for offering and performing engineering services in the State of Oklahoma without a license and was reprimanded and fined $750. He knew this was illegal but apparently felt the law was intended for others but not for him!

Mr. Hearn failed to disclose that John Addison Lester III was his second cousin when he nominated Lester for a seat on the Board of Elections. When the Commissioners appointed Lester, Hearn referred to him as a friend he knew through church. Before being accused of intentionally lying, he had more than two weeks to reveal his true relationship to Mr. Lester but kept silent. His intentional deceit speaks volumes about his character!

Lee Hearn voted consistently with his pals, Jack Smith, EricMaxwell, Herb Frady and Robert Horgan, for the West Fayetteville Bypass (which has been dubbed a road to nowhere and a developer-friendly good old boy’s project), and now that an election is coming up, has had an epiphany and suddenly changed his tune about funding the East Fayetteville Bypass. See Citizen 5/22/12 article entitled “Lee Hearn must have evolved on bypass:”

He voted with his pals Jack Smith and Robert Horgan for a Defined Benefit Plan (a Cadillac Plan) during Smith’s reign (some call it a reign of terror) that could ultimately cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. Much to Herb Frady’s credit, he surprisingly voted against the plan and Eric Maxwell abstained. See Citizen article entitled “how did we let this spending happen?”

Mr. Hearn recently voted for an Early Retirement Incentive Plan that will most likely cost the county taxpayers dearly. The “upfront cost” alone is almost $3 million dollars and is payable in July 2012. See Citizen article entitled “how did we let this spending happen?”

Please don’t re-elect him - we deserve better!

Advanced early voting begins July 9, 2012 and the election will be held on July 31, 2012.

Jim Richter
Peachtree City,Ga



What you have just provided only reinforces the reason why I gave Lee Hearn a thumbs down the other evening while he was standing on the corner of 54 & 74 with his campaign sign.

I do believe the voters will give Lee Hearn a new performance review in the next few weeks that just might get him fired from his current government "job" on the BOC.

Thanks, Jim.

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Mr. Hearn is the commissioner whose cousin owns property along the West Fayette Bypass. His cousin stands to profit when the West Fayetteville Neighborhoods development is built. That portion of the development is known as Lester Hamlet.

Remember, Lee Hearn is the commissioner who has repeatedly said that "the West Fayetteville Bypass is my baby!"

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Mr. Richter:

I'm not sure why you keep dredging up old news on Mr. Hearn. He hs addressed all these issues in the past. Yet you and others keep trying to make false allegations stick.

If you looked back at the reviews given to Mr. Hearn by Billy Beckett you would find positive reviews. Take a look around the county and look at our roads and signage. Mr. Hearn left them in good shape.

The alleged mis-use of the Purchase card is a non-issue. Did Mr. Hearn purchase anything he shouldn't have purchased? If he did, he would have been fired.

The Elections Board issue with Mr. Lester is another non-issue. Mr. Lester is respected on the Elections Board, and he was recently elected chairman of the board. You continue on a political witch hunt with this issue. If you had real issues with the Elections Board, you would have fussed about the Studdards.

I researched Mr. Hearn's engineering license status in Oklahoma and he is currently in good standing. This is another non-issue.

Mr. Richter, why don't you tell us how Randy Ognio will help lead our county? How will Mr. Barlow manage our tax dollars? Mr. Oddo will probably develop family land in the County with inside help at the County. Do you really believe these guys are good for the county? Please?

We need good solid leaders in our County and my vote is for Lee Hearn.

Surfaced again, have you--well surprise, I agree that the previous employment issues w/Fayette Co should not be a issue for this election--they're not new and if relevant, should have figured into voters decisions when he got elected initially. Now the issue about his Engineering license in Okla--I surely don't know he details, but if he indeed did solicit and perform engineering svcs in OK without being licensed, that's a professional integrity problem. I know a little bit about that, having a son who is a licensed PE in Montana & Wyoming (I bought the stamps!). More importantly, has he served the citizens of FC well since elected and does he deserve another term. My view is NO and NO.

You like it when a commissioner appoints his relatives? And you call Lee Hearn's horrible job evaluations "old news"? You're crazy.

I didn't vote for Hearn because of his building that darn West Fayetteville Bypass. What a waste of money that thing has been!

I've been following Mr. Hearn's voting on major issues since the new commissioners took office in 20111, and have yet to see him cast his vote against Commissioners Frady and Horgan.This tells me that he is ignoring those folks who voted against Smith and Maxwell in the last election.

Commissioners McCarty and Brown have voted against each other in numerous instances, and are not afraid of crossing Frady.

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It appears that Brooks mayor Dan Langford and Mike Hofrichter's plans are backfiring on them. The two started a nasty mudslinging campaign on opponents of county commission incumbents Lee Hearn and Robert Horgan as well as former commission Jack Smith.

The weekend version of the Today in Peachtree City has an article entitled, "Newspapers, readers scammed by political ad.” Hofrichter, a local attorney in Fayetteville, is now trying to distance himself from the brutally harsh political ads. Hofrichter’s friend Dean Howard, whose name also appears on bottom of the ad as the funding source, implied there were other people involved in paying for the ad as well, but no other names were listed.

Now questions of illegal activity are being raised with the possibility of the undisclosed funding sources not being listed on the ads and a political action committee not being formed in accordance with Georgia law.

According to Today in Peachtree City, Howard “refused to divulge the names [of the others involved].” Howard claimed, “I’m not at liberty to give that information.”

Mayor Langford began a distracting campaign in an attempt to dilute the response from a mailer sent by a local citizen’s advocacy political action committee named Take Back Fayette County. Langford claimed the facts listed in the flyer were divisive even though most of the items were covered in local newspapers for months.

Hofricther and his friend Howard tried to protect Horgan, Hearn and Smith by purchasing full page color ads in local newspapers blasting Take Back Fayette County’s Harold Bost. The ads ridiculed Bost for supplying factual material reflecting the negative impacts Hearn, Horgan and Smith have had on Fayette County. Hofrichter and Howard callously placed photos of Bost next to a photo of the Boss Hogg character from the 1970s television series The Dukes of Hazzard.

Hofrichter and Howard also launched several conspiracy theories in their ads in an attempt to discredit opposition candidates Charles Oddo, Randy Ognio and David Barlow.

One source near the Oddo, Ognio and Barlow campaigns claimed the venomous backbiting newspaper ads from Hofrichter and Howard “were an extremely desperate attempt at trying to save the campaigns of the two incumbents and one former commissioner who have tried to ruin our quality of life in Fayette County.”

There is no way to determine whether an investigation will be launched to uncover all the parties responsible for the ad and whether they followed state law because the District Attorney’s office is closed on weekends.

There has been no public comment from campaigns of incumbents Robert Horgan and Lee Hearn, as well as former commissioner Jack Smith regarding the vindictive political ads.

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Almost missed this due to americanpatriots vomiting all over The Citizen blogs the same message same message same message same message same message over and over like a 2 year old having a temper tantrum.

Anyway, didn't Bost Hogg run into this same issue the first time he bought a newspaper ad slamming some people and then not disclosing anything when Cal asked who paid for it? I remember this vaguely from 2-3 years ago and maybe you can refresh my memory on the facts, but I thought it was similar to this fiasco.

As far as that ad...bad mistake, IMO. I'm not talking about the legalities or reporting/registration requirements; it's just sleazy and classless and what it does is convince some voters that the ad's favored choices have so little to offer that the only way to get some votes is turn their opponents into Satan. There's taking the high road, the low road, and then there is going subterranean, which is what that ad does. FAIL. I understand that Horgan and Hearn are horrid, but this doesn't help them either.

If the ad had been solely about why Barlow is a poor choice, it might have been effective because I sure think he is and there's another candidate besides Jack Smith in that race so the voters at least have a choice.Ahhh...but obviously the ad sponsors are Jack Smith proponents so that doesn't work either. Trying to turn Oddo and Ognio into something lower than trash because they are running against Hearn and Horgan is a really dumb move. Again, IMO.

Mr. King is a decent writer, and he generally gives some interesting views when not bashing Steve Brown. I would like to hear what he has to say about Commissioner Lee Hearn's prowess as a leader. I'm sure he would probably agree with Mr. Ognio on st least some of the points he made in his LTE above. One problem facing us is the ability to determine Hearn's performance in Henry County. Word has it that an Open Records request for his personnel file was submitted to see how his performance there compared with his old job of Director of Public Works in Fayette County. I understand that the request was filed in early July, but the Henry files have not been forthcoming. While the requestor submitted the request by email complete with the return mailing address, I'm told that he/she later called in, and was advised by Henry County that it had responded. According to Henry County officials, the response (not necessarily the requested information) was sent to an address which included all the return address numbers, but in different order.

Let's face it personnel files on Lee Hearn until after the election. But judging from the Fayette file, the news from Henry County will probably make our local newspapers. Can't wait to see what his Henry supervisors think of him!

Mr. King, we've heard your story on Commissioner Brown over and over. Are you voting for Lee Hearn?

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A search on the Georgia Government Transparancey and Campaign Finance Commission site does not show any registration as they listed on their smear campaign ad.

Dean Howard still will not release who their funding partners are in the smear ads. Everyone is wondering whether candidate Jack Smith and incumbent Lee Hearn supplied the funds under the table to Hofrichter and Howard.

We could have some major league trouble here!

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You've not heard me comment on Horgan or Hearn simply due to the fact that they're overdue for a change of vocations-at least the elected portion. Each should have read the writing on the wall with the defeat of Smith and Maxwell two years ago, but as many in positions of power they simply will not go away quietly. Neither got my vote.

What does concern me, however, is when it's time for Mr Brown to step down or is defeated for reelection, do you believe that he will go away quietly? He certainly didn't in Peachtree City.

There are many really good people in this county who simply refuse to toss their hats into the ring due mainly to the vitriol from those who oppose them. The end result is we end up with far less capable individuals than those that would make the "first string."

As far as leadership goes, I wouldn't follow either of the five on the commission out of idle curiosity.

Steve Brown was the only honest mayor we had. You can hate him all you want but he weeded out a lot of corruption in PTC. He saved that couple in Kedron off of the parkway when their house was sinking. I met the woman and she said had Steve not been there to get after that developer they would've had to demolish the house.

That Robert Horgan is disgusting! I went to three commissioners meetings and Robert looked like he was in a daze every time. What kind of message would that give our young people if he gets reelected?

Glad to see the people who did the smear ad and coming to justice too!

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My Henry County government employee friend (and former college roommate) has given me all I need to know about Hearn's job performance. It is excellent, he is a valued employee and his chances for continuation or extension of his contract are good. Satisfied? Me too. Yes, I know he works in McDonough. That's in Henry County.

Of course that has absolutely nothing to do with his performance as Fayette County Commissioner, but some want to dig into that the same way as they want Obama's grades at Columbia or Harvard or Romney's tax returns when he was in the Private (repeat - Private) sector. So just buzz off with this stuff. The past is the past. Someone seeking reelection (Obama and Hearn) should have their feet held to the fire on their last 4 years - that's all.

Live free or die!

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I checked online with the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission and there is no record of Dean Howard and Mike Hofrichter having filed
an RO form (a registration form for a committee other than a candidate).

If anyone else besides those two individuals contributed money or anything of value for the full page ad attacking the Take Back Fayette County Tea Party, Harold Bost, Bob Ross or any of the candidates, Barlow, Ognio or Oddo, they are in deep trouble!

Anyone can go online and check to see if what I said is true.

My “Concerned Citizens of Fayette County” is a properly registered PAC and the registration number is NC2012000064.

Jim Richter

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Herr Richter, I will pay the $200 fine for these fine gentlemen who supplied the funniest and somewhat politically accurate (as opposed to politically correct) ad in the entire campaign. You gotta lighten up a bit. The ad was right on and it was funny. State election law has an exemption for ads that are well conceived and well received. Get with the program dude.

However, as much as I liked the ad, I am voting for Ognio, I have already voted for Oddo and will be voting for Huddelston. The attack on Barlow did not sway my vote - his bible thumping support of Brown did.

Live free or die!

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Let’s finish the job and vote Hearn out of office 8/21/12.

Do you want more of the good ole’ boys tricks that Lee Hearn and his pals Herb Frady, Robert Horgan and the former chairman, Jack Smith, have played on us for years or have you had enough?

The answer to that is quite obvious: Smith was defeated twice, Frady is retiring because he knew he had absolutely no chance of being re-elected, and Horgan was just voted out in the primary election on 7/31/12.

Let’s finish the job and vote Hearn out of office on 8/21/12.

Examples of what Hearn and his pals have done include:

Stopping the East Fayetteville Bypass after sinking $600,000 into the project

Changed the priority from the East Bypass to the West Bypass in spite of the overwhelming citizen’s outcry. They went ahead with the “developer friendly” West Bypass and plowed all of our money into a road to nowhere. The West Bypass was not even eligible for any federal funding because the federal government did not consider it worthwhile.

Hearn, sensing a defeat in the upcoming election, had an epiphany earlier this year and began talking about stopping the West Bypass and diverting funds to the East Bypass. Everyone quickly caught on to this charade and saw that he was only saying that to help him in his re-election campaign.

Hearn voted to approve a $500,000 employee bonus scheme that never appeared on the public agenda.

Hearn voted in June 2012 to approve the employee early retirement plan that cost us $3 million of “upfront” costs.

Hearn appointed his relative, Addison Lester, his cousin, to the elections board and lied about the family connection.

Hearn voted for the Defined Benefit employee retirement plan that has the potential to bankrupt the county in the future.

Hearn voted to spend almost $100,000 to pave a short gravel road (Snead Road) that only had two driveways and 10 or 12 lots that could be developed after the road was upgraded and paved.

Hearn is a career government employee and wants to be re-elected so that he can cash in on
the Fayette County retirement plan.

Hearn voted for numerous “no-bid” contracts, which denied us to find out if there were other contractors that could do the job for less money.

Space is limited so I will have to close by saying: DO NOT VOTE FOR LEE HEARN.

Jim Richter

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Early voting for the August 21, 2012 Primary Election Run-Off for the Fayette County Board of Commissioners begins on Monday August 13, 2012 as follows:

Peachtree City Public Library, 201 Willow Bend Rd., 8 am - 5 pm M – F

Fayetteville Board of Elections, 140 Stonewall Ave., Suite 208, 8 am - 5 pm M - F

Tyrone Town Hall, 881 Sonoia Road, 8 am – 5 pm M – F

Absentee ballots: Click on this to print out the form:

Post 2:

First place winner of the July 31, 2012 primary David Barlow, a retired businessman Vs. Sheila Huddleston, a local attorney that was admitted to the Georgia Bar in 2010 (no relation to the Fayette County Huddleston family).

Post 3:

First place winner of the July 31, 2012 primary Randy Ognio, a successful local businessman and owner of B&O Electric for over 27 years Vs. incumbent Lee Hearn, a career government employee with the City of McDonough. He previously worked for Fayette County and Henry County.

Jim Richter

I’ve studied the candidates in the commission race by attending the debates, asking the candidates questions and then reading the comments on this forum. I am disgusted by the vile and baseless comments on here about Mr. Hearn and baffled by the blind approval given to Mr. Ognio and his rudimentary understanding of what the commissioner position entails…unless, of course, ginga1414, pips1414, americanpatriots, Steve Brown, johenry, suggarfoot, etc. are all members of the same family. That would explain a lot. If you want to see an example of Mr. Ognio’s approach to our county’s issues, click on the link below and slide the time bar over to about 9:13 to see his responses to the 5 questions all the candidates answered. This presentation should make it clear to all voters that Mr. Hearn is the best candidate.

I believe Lee Hearn is the obvious choice and will be voting for him when early voting starts on Monday, the 13th. You can vote any day next week at the three regular locations for early voting. They are the Fayette County Elections Office, Tyrone Town Hall and the Peachtree City Library. Each location will be open from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday, August 13th through Friday, August 17th. There will not be any early voting on Monday, August 20th. All 36 of the counties voting locations will be open on August 21st from 7:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m.


This video is interesting. It seems that Mr. Ognio can't construct a simple sentence. I had never seen him attempt to field a question before.

County commissioners conduct the business of the people and should be run by the people, NOT, career politicians, govt employees, or lawyers. The county already has these types on payroll to serve the needs of the county business. The voice of the people will be heard. Please vote in the run-off election Aug 21.

Post 2:
First place winner of the July 31, 2012 primary David Barlow, a retired businessman Vs. Sheila Huddleston, a local attorney that was admitted to the Georgia Bar in 2010 (no relation to the Fayette County Huddleston family).

Post 3:
First place winner of the July 31, 2012 primary Randy Ognio, a successful local businessman and owner of B&O Electric for over 27 years Vs. incumbent Lee Hearn, a career government employee with the City of McDonough. He previously worked for Fayette County and Henry County.

Early voting for the August 21, 2012 Primary Election Run-Off for the Fayette County Board of Commissioners begins on Monday August 13, 2012 as follows:

Peachtree City Public Library, 201 Willow Bend Rd. from 8 am - 5 pm M – F

Fayetteville Board of Elections, 140 Stonewall Ave., Suite 208, 8 am - 5 pm M - F

Tyrone Town Hall, 881 Sonoia Road, 8 am – 5 pm M – F

Absentee ballots: Click on this to print out the form:

"Let's Talk Issues. . .
Mr Ognio's goal, when elected, will be to do everything possible to assure that Fayette County will be successful in surviving the tough financial times. It will take budgeting and transparency!

The current majority-voting block has done a great job of representing the special interests in the county and neglecting the majority of us who are supposed to be benefitting from OUR tax dollars. Is has got to stop!

Get the Politicians OUT and help elect a businessman who cares about the Community and ALL Fayette Citizens!!


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