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Busy PTC intersection beset with traffic light malfunction

Prepare for traffic delays at the intersection of Ga. Highway 54 West and Huddleston Drive, the Peachtree City Police Department is warning.

In a traffic alert sent out July 5, police said, “The traffic light at Hwy. 54 and Huddleston Drive (area of Best Buy, Walmart, Hwy. 54 West) is malfunctioning to the extent that the entire system needs to be replaced.

“The light is currently sent to manual, which will cause significant delays when traffic increases. Please be patient as GADOT is working to replace the system,” police said.

As of the evening of July 4, police had placed traffic cones at the Huddleston Road access to Hwy. 54 westbound that effectively extended the concrete median from the railroad overpass bridge to the signal at Planterra Ridge.

East- and westbound traffic on Hwy. 54 is not impeded and will continue in a continuous flow through the flashing yellow light.

However, drivers used to crossing the Hwy. 54 intersection from Huddleston Road to the westbound lanes will find themselves with only one option: Turn east-bound toward The Avenue.

Entrance to the Best Buy and Petco parking lots is accessible only from the westbound Hwy. 54 lanes until the defective signal is replaced.



How long do the powers that be think it will take to get a replacement?

Seems like there would be some vendor that has an emergency contract to provide for instances like this.

TinCan's picture

That would be PetSmart. If not that is a really big traffic problem.

So now instead of traffic backing up to the tennis center in Planterra it will back up to Kelly Dr

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