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Add $100 to your PTC tax bill?

Peachtree City property owners likely will be on the hook for at least one more mill in property taxes, providing the city with an additional $1.7 million in revenue for the upcoming 2014-2015 budget year.

That will equate to about a $100 increase on the property tax bill for the average-priced city home, valued at $247,000. However, things could change depending on how the final budget shakes out; last week’s meetings were considered preliminary in nature to “guide” city staff on spending priorities for the upcoming fiscal year.

A tax increase would necessitate three public hearings to be held before council could vote to enact a higher millage rate.

The new spending as currently proposed would pay for an expected salary increase for staff dictated by a pay study authorized earlier this year by council, tabbed at $405,000 for now. It also includes an extra $382,000 so the city can ditch its contracted landscaping services and move the work back in-house by hiring 19 new staffers.

The plan is to increase the amount of spending on street resurfacing to $1.48 million and slightly increase cart path resurfacing to $440,000.

Also included in the city budget is an annual debt service payment of $350,000 over 10 years to fund facilities authority bond improvements in the coming fiscal year ranging from restoration of a wall at the Kedron pools for $182,000 and replacement of a roof at the city’s tennis center for $175,000 to items as small as $20,000 to paint the exterior of the tennis center, $32,000 to replace awnings at the tennis center and $32,000 to add sealant and railings to the city’s burn building training facility.

Also included is $87,000 to demolish the Clover Reach Pool, which has gone unused the past several years and $42,000 to resurface the All Children’s Playground, a project that has already been concluded.

Despite this year’s list being heavy on tennis center items, the lion’s share of the $2.6 million facilities authority budget is split almost evenly between recreation and public works projects.



Robert W. Morgan's picture

I say that since the cart paths are one of the most valuable and revered assets in PTC, we should keep them maintained and usable. Adding $100 per year to our taxes does not seem to be a big problem. Even if it is $200 or $300, that seems a good investment so that when you sell your house to some family with 2.3 children, a dog and a cat and a 3-seat golf cart and they notice the cart paths are wide and smooth? Easy to understand.

As Dar and others have explained before - you want the lifestyle and the amenities - you have to pay for them. There is no Santa Claus when it comes to city services. $100 or $200 is a good investment.

BTW, I am happy as can be that the city is hiring their own landscape crew instead of the outsourcing. Congrats!

Whose idea was it to outsource, anyway? Vote him out. Yes, him, no female would want to lose control over the mostly male workers. So answer me - who outsourced the landscaping?

Live free or die!

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