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Fayette plans to speed up Lake Peachtree dredging

With spillway fix unsure, Fayette Co. wants to dredge lake while lake level is low

The mostly dry bed of Lake Peachtree may be unsightly, but Fayette County officials see an opportunity among the mud puddles and weeds.

While it remains unsure when the spillway will be fixed, thus allowing the lake to be refilled, county officials are working to expedite the dredging of the lake bed.

The dredging is necessary to get rid of silt and muck that has accumulated over the years on the lake’s bottom. Since the shallow lake is used by the county water system as a water intake source, silt is a bad thing.

The county’s consulting engineering firm is working up a plan to have the lake dredged, and a timeline for the project is expected to be available later this week, Fayette County Administrator Steve Rapson said Monday.

“It’s safe to say the project will be expedited, but we just don’t know when it will start,” Rapson said.

The engineering firm is working on developing a cost estimate and seeing if dredging equipment is available to get the job done, Rapson said. The Army Corps of Engineers has already signed off on the lake dredging project, he added.

“No state agencies will be holding it up,” Rapson said. “It’s a matter of getting our plans on the table and getting it to Peachtree City so it can be approved too. ... In the next 90 days we should be able to have some decisions.”

By dredging the lake bed while it is drained, the county will be able to visually confirm how much material is removed, county Water System Director Lee Pope has said previously.

Because the county uses the city-owned lake as a water reservoir, the county is required to dredge the lake about every 10 years.

The lake was drained in February to allow for shore and dock maintenance, and the county planned to fill it back up in a matter of a few months. Before that could happen, structural problems were discovered with the lake’s spillway and it was decided to keep the lake level low until the integrity of the spillway could be addressed.

“We know the spillway issue will probably not be fixed in 90 days,” Rapson said. “If we had known it would be this long of a problem, we would have gone ahead and started the dredging project.”

The last time the county dredged the lake, it used a barge system to allow the lake to be dredged while at full pool. That system required the silt to be pumped to Drake Field where it could be spread out and dried before it could be trucked away.

— Additional reporting by Bonnie Hester



But we still won't see anything move for months. The dredging has nothing to do with the spillway. About time someone recognized this.

It will be a great education to see all the crud removed. Make people realize more about the stormwater tax.

[quote]?__It?__s safe to say the project will be expedited, but we just don?__t know when it will start,?_? Rapson said.[/quote]

Buy my fuel additive. It's guaranteed to make your car go 10 miles an hour faster at slow speeds!!!! LOL

was delayed due to stinky water last summer. Then, it was delayed at PTC request due to events scheduled (dragon boat, triathlon, get stoked) which PTC deemed more important than dredging. Now, the dam issue, which I am sure if you asked the former water system manager, he would say he knew nothing about and did not exist. There are plenty of reasons for the delays. PTC and county can share responsibility. The most recent delayed start of dredging, until the dam broke, was to start next winter or spring, after the dragon boats this September. Doing it sooner could be called expediting, since there is now a dry lake bed and repairs need to be done to the dam.

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How do you dredge an empty lake? I guess you could use bulldozers and excavators to do the job, though if they got stuck they would become a permanent addition to the lake. It seems that for as long as the lake bottom has been exposed it should have pretty much dried out, though with the recent rash of redneck mudders getting stuck I guess not.

Looks like we are still be haunted by our former water director. PTC city council apparently hired a lawyer to protect the city's interests in the spillway conversations with the county.

It appears that the former water director didn't perform any routine examinations of the dam on any regular schedule. I am told they showed a video last night where they were able to stick a 5 foot long rod into a crevice and then shot a video of the cavernous voids in the wall.

Of course these voids could have been there for years and years, but the cracks didn't develop overnight. I feel sorry for the new county water director and the hornets nests he keeps finding.

The sad part is that no one in the city or county knows the classification of our dam and Imker kept insisting that the city request that the county prepare for the two different conditions, sot that they don't lose any time.

It appears that there is no end in sight regarding the silt cleanup or the dam fix.

Where did you hear this?

My neighbor went to the council meeting last night.

I don't suppose he/she told you who said the former water director did not do the dam inspections, did they? (bad sentence, sorry)

But it sounds like it was being insinuated. Probably no records either.

He handed me the old agreement between the city and county and before it started pouring down rain, I read it in his garage. I'm no lawyer, but it seems like the county is going to be on the hook for this one.

He said the county chair was sitting in the gallery, but just sat quietly listening.

can be found here: if you ever want to know what is going on.

I guess I had only seen the 1985 version, not the 1966 version in the past.

Looks like McIntosh Trail/Kelly Dr. will become 2 separate roads just like the names say. Not many ways left to go east/wast in this city. Add that to the traffic study, too.

I briefly read the report last week on line but needed to read parts again to comprehend better.

I heard Imker was cranky last night. He kept asking for reports. He even stated that he wanted "reports twice monthly or every other week" lol. He wants updates on the traffic report for Hwy 54 and the lake, so he can report to his constituents.

Unless I missed something....I pay taxes to both city and county, I say lets get to fixing.

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