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Brown: Thanks for support

I want to thank those citizens who took the time to vote and please know that I shall continue to give you my very best efforts on behalf of all citizens of Fayette County.

Special thanks goes to my family and my legion of campaign friends who helped me get my message across to the voting public. It was truly humbling to watch so many people give of their valuable time and financial resources to aid my reelection.

Elections can be strange affairs and I am both fascinated and humbled by the broad range of support, including the many Democrats who told me they voted on a Republican Primary ballot for the first time in their life just so they could vote for me. Simply imagine ardent conservative TEA Party people waving roadside with my campaign signs next to liberal Democrats.

People can touch local politics and tell if the politician is open, trustworthy and fair.

The campaign people got comments related to “doing a good job” or “turned things around” or “truly representing the taxpayers” from a wide range of Fayette voices.

It was humorous when a couple of guys from the local VFW told me that they were being compelled to “feel obligated” to put my campaign opponent’s sign in their yard, but they were voting for me. I reassured them that was not a problem.

We had a great deal of success in 2013. Your county government is now centered on the citizens, preserving our quality of life and advancing economic development in a thoughtful way.

The new 2013 Board of Commissioners focused on restoring our citizens’ faith and trust in their county government. This does not mean we will always agree on every issue, but decisions will be made for the right reasons and with public participation.

Your Board of Commissioners has kept the pledge of a heightened level of fiscal accountability, unparalleled openness and transparency, leading-edge local government collaboration, strengthening positive economic development efforts and finalizing the process of completing the badly needed interchange improvements at Highway 74 and I-85.

We, as a board, have made a commitment to take ownership of the county’s problems and we have taken the necessary steps to resolve them, including taking on decades of disrepair in the water system and replacing our crumbling storm water infrastructure.

Commissioners Randy Ognio and Charles Oddo have been valuable allies in getting the county government back on track. I truly appreciate their kindness and teamwork.

Likewise, Commissioner Allen McCarty used his skills from the broadcast industry to bring our Board of Commissioners meetings to the public through the county’s cable channel and the Internet. I enjoy those relationships.

Even longtime county residents have maintained that the level of collaboration from the current Board of Commissioners has been the best they have ever seen.

We are embarking on new things like making progress on increasing public art in our community through the Public Art Committee. Likewise, you can look forward to some specialized educational training opportunities on the way for our students and adults related to the film industry, healthcare and more, all compliments of another new collaborative effort that is starting.

To all those who voted for me, I love you. To all those who voted against me, I love you too. Early on in my days as an elected official I had to adopt the philosophy of, “If you hate, you lose.” That attitude has served me well and I have witnessed the internal destruction of those in politics who failed to adopt that viewpoint.

Please know that all of you, as Fayette County citizens, have complete access to the chairman of the Board of Commissioners. Your opinions and ideas are very important to me.

I want to extend special congratulations to all of our outstanding graduating high school seniors. Your Board of Commissioners takes special pride in recognizing the achievements of our Fayette County students. I pray for success and happiness in your futures. Thank you for being such an integral part of our community and, as my grandpa used to say, “Don’t forget where you came from.”

Remember all those from Fayette County and across our country who gave their lives so that we can have free and open elections and live without tyranny.

I also want to acknowledge my opposition candidates, Don Haddix and Harold Logsdon. I appreciate their willingness to place their names on the ballot.

Steve Brown, Chairman
Fayette Board of Commissioners (new District 3)
Peachtree City, Ga.



Looks like Mr. Barlow forgot who pulled him to victory last year and failed to help Mr. Brown this time around. Ungrateful? Too caught up in himself? The weakest link? He needs to look in the mirror and pray.

That's ok with me. Barlow needs to go.

Mr. Browns past year and a half has been his best yet and the most professional campaign to date. He earned the victory. Hopefully things continue to improve. Best of luck.

He's not the guy who said God told him to knock Steve Brown off as chairman because he didn't attend the office Christmas party is he???

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Former ally, helpmate in getting elected, but say one bad thing - you are now an outsider. Sure as the sun coming up in the AM, 2 years from now the chairman for life will say "It is time to go in a new direction and inject some fresh blood into county commission and elect ______________ - fill in the name of Barlow's opponent". Guaranteed.

And coming up this year, will Brown endorse his old voting buddy Alan McCarty who was with him every step of the way on the 2 side of those famous 3-2 votes under Frady OR will he go with the double minority glamour candidate further boosting his popularity with the Dems that secretly support him? Stay tuned.

Speaking of quotes, here's one from Brown's letter "......including the many Democrats who told me they voted on a Republican Primary ballot for the first time in their life just so they could vote for me" I can see Dems crossing over to vote for the weakest candidate in the Republican primary for governor or Senator or just to force a runoff, but one or more of the 15lifelong Dems living in District 3 crossing over for Brown? Hmmmm.

While I agree with those who say that Brown is doing a much better job as chairman than he did as mayor and that Bost's campaign workers did do a good job for him in this election, he still remains essentially the same person - as his crossover voting claim shows.

Live free or die!

Mr. Brown said that two were valuable allies and a third was instrumental in bringing the meetings to cable and the internet. That leaves one as Benedict Barlow.

You know the type. The deadbeat you pull up by his bootstraps and lead him to victory and then turns his back on you even to go as far as to allegedly infer that god wants him punished for missing a party.

They guy is two eggs short of a dozen and is probably making things difficult behind the scenes. Just watch. He will strike back with a religious message much like the Taliban.

Steve Brown's picture

Robert Morgan always provides the political comedy when we need it most.

In Morgan's case, it's always the ones you are closest to you who bite you in the behind.

Fight the good fight, and remember, none of us are perfect.

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He's a better FC commissioner than he ever was PTC Mayor. He has matured some from those days and he now looks more forward instead of constantly backwards, though I've heard enough about the failings of past commissions from him for a lifetime. Don't be one of those "it's all Bush's fault" guys.

He at least emphasizes in this letter what they are doing to move FORWARD instead of all the political axes to grind instead. Kudos.

Why no mention of your favorite candidate Barlow here :) You sure campaigned hard and nasty for him against Huddleston, despite him being terribly under qualified for anything.

I will say that this is the "cleanest" race you have ever been involved in, whether it was your own campaign or others you supported. It's appreciated.

Best to you and all the commissioners.

PTC Observer's picture

It's nice to know we are loved, no matter what.

You have done what no other commissioner, to my knowledge, has done. You have won the support of your most vocal opponents. These are people who have been in the business for many years, and they have done their homework. They presented facts to back up their positions, and showed great skill in voicing their opinions. They put up well-defended blogs.

To see them salute you the way they have is something I never thought would happen. It brought a tear to my eye.

I think you have developed skills that have enabled you to admirably stand up to your platform and your critics. You are for the people.

I give you an A+ in this campaign.

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