Zaxby’s aims at Hwy. 54W, MacDuff Parkway

Zaxby's logo.

A proposal to build a Zaxby’s restaurant on Ga. Highway 54 West at MacDuff Parkway got its initial vetting by the Peachtree City Planning Commission May 13.

The building would be located on the northeast corner of the intersection, and traffic flow was one of the main concerns shared by commissioners.

“This intersection is at best saturated, if not oversaturated,” said Planning Commissioner David Conner. “... What will this do to the existing infrastructure, and can the existing infrastructure handle this?”

The site is already zoned for commercial use and will take advantage of shared parking in addition to having its own designated parking spots.

One significant problem for the commission is the location of the drive-through menu board at the front of the building where it would be seen by traffic passing by on Hwy. 54. The developer noted that was devised to mimic the drive-through at the Chick-fil-A on Ga. Highway 74 south in Peachtree City, which has a similar setup.

The commission suggested that landscaping be used to screen the menu board from view of vehicles on the highway.

The building exterior will be brick with some stucco and black steel plantation shutters.

The commission did not approve the conceptual site plan but is expected to consider voting on the proposal at the June 9 meeting.

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Traffic light at MacDuff & HWY 54

This corner is already a nightmare to get out of. The current lack of effective traffic light control forces MacDuff to back up past the apartments waiting the for the turn signal to flash on for a short period of time. Now the city wants to approve more traffic congestion with a drive-thru restaurant along with extending MacDuff Parkway so a developer can add more homes while adding even more traffic congestion. We will be waiting at this light forever. Without a more effective traffic light system on both HWY 54 and MacDuff I suggest we revisit this corner for approval. Progress is sometimes regress! The latter is true in this case.

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There are already so many empty stores on that side of the road.

I've lost count of how many restaurants/cafes, etc. have been in and out of there. Is Flying Biscuit still there? There are quite a few of those spaces (some facing the highway) that never had a business open. I hate to see what is happening to 54--it is all looking less and less like PTC and more and more like all the congested areas with empty businesses that so many moved here to get away from. It is disgraceful to open more and more stores when there are so many empty ones all around. I know developers and builders have to make a living but this is so sad.

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The zoning is in place..

It can't be revisited at this time. I use the Discount Tire on the corner and I haven't experienced much of an issue getting in and out. I was there last evening at 5PM and not really too much of an issue...granted I would rather be on my golf cart, but I digress.

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What Corner of MacDuff??

Where exactly do they want to build this?? Across from Discount Tire?? In my opinion, there is not enough room there for a freestanding restaurant. I am really surprised they want to build another Zaxbys restaurant in the city. I do not see how the current one supports itself.

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The current store stays busy..

And that pad left at MacDuff was sized for a Zaxby's style restaurant.

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Yes, the corner across MacDuff from the tire store.

The store at Lexington is doing very well. The owner is not going to close it. It is the licensee from Fairburn and Union City who wants to come into the MacDuff property. And open across from Wilshire, too. I,too, feel it is a bad spot, but if the zoning is there, oh well.

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What's so bad about planting some trees?

Geez, do you think it may have something to do with preserving the integrity of the city landscape? Do you think it may be because PTC has rather strick ordinances that were instituted to keep the city from looking like some of its surrounding cities that allow any and everything to be erected as signage?

I'm not supporting Big Government here...but one of the attractions for me moving to PTC was because I liked the strick business regulations as they pertain to visual/curb appeal within the city. Requiring trees to be planted to help obscure signs doesn't seem to be such a harsh requiment that is keeps business away for coming to our city to operate.

Robert W. Morgan
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Government overeach is still with us

Why do I have to read things like this

"One significant problem for the commission is the location of the drive-through menu board at the front of the building where it would be seen by traffic passing by on Hwy. 54"

Problem? What problem. You all afraid someone will discover that they serve chicken at Zaxby's and turn in to have some? Maybe we could just black out their sign completely and no one would know they are open for business.
I'm sure cooler heads will prevail and Zaxby's will be allowed to display their menu, like just in case someone wants to know what to order. So, how did that work itself out?

"The commission suggested that landscaping be used to screen the menu board from view of vehicles on the highway."

Okeedokey, big government. Thanks for your help. Peachtree City is open for business. We support those of you investing millions of dollars in our community - we just don't want you telling anybody about it. Who the heck are these people?
Do they live in Planterra? Or even on the earth?

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