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PTC July 4 fireworks to proceed, even if lake remains dry

Lake Peachtree may be down for some time, but the city’s July 4 fireworks display will go on over the lake, water or none, city officials have said.

The lake’s level was lowered in February to allow residents to repair docks and maintain the shoreline, but structural problems were found with the lake's spillway, putting a halt to plans to refill the lake in April. City and county officials are working together on a plan to temporarily repair the spillway, but the state may force the lake to remain unfilled until permanent repairs are made.

In the meantime, it’s a good time to be getting in the mood for the annual July 4 celebration as the city’s parade registration process opens June 2 for Peachtree City residents and businesses only; the entries are open to Fayette County residents and businesses starting June 9.

To register, visit the recreation department at the Kedron Fieldhouse and Aquatic Center at 202 Fieldhouse Drive.

For a list of rules, entry fees, and participation requirements, please



good news...won't be a problem finding a spot to watch them

bad won't ever want to use that blanket again..ever

Does anyone know why the Lake can not be filled to a level that does not reach the spill way? This issue should have been found as soon as the lake was emptied instead of just before they where ready to fill it.

This was very bad management of the issue.

Seems a lot of people didn't get the word. See a lot of people walk around the 1st barrier to walk up to the 2nd. Yesterday a golf cart came out the hotel to cross the hwy to go the wrong way west bound on the emergency lane. Is there a sign(s) down by the dam or boat ramp or Revco, informing anyone that there is NO Way to cross? Just askin'

There are signs where there need to be signs, unless someone has vandalized them. There are detour maps on the signs, too.

If someone is dumb enough to cart out onto 54, they deserve whatever happens to them. Who in this city does not know you do not drive a cart on 54? Ticket them and let them pay the fine for purposely breaking the law. Maroons are out this weekend, big time.

It has been almost a week and I have not seen the first person working on repairing the bridge...the same goes for the dam. Just how long are they going to drag their feet on this? Just wondering if Code Enforcement is going to monitor the height of the grass in the dry lake bed.

bladderq, lettinguno, all just come out of one brain or what?

Let's just call you all (or just you) the lake whiners. Get your answers from here:

or from here:

Or, according to the city website, get on over to the 8AM meeting Wed. morning on TDK Blvd. at the water plant and ask at the Water Committee meeting being held there.

They just started the bridge work on the 19th. Do you know what bridge is being worked on? I have seen it while driving at 45 mph on the way by there. Feel free to answer, any one or all of you.

Just concerned about what was once a beautiful lake.

You can read all you want, but words do not get the job done. Live bodies do....and I have not seen any..... and no....I was not driving by the bridge or the dam at 45mph....I was walking.

Okay, you are not a whiner. The lake is not going to be a quick fix. I am sure it will be a beautiful lake once again. We are getting a new fishing dock, too, to replace the old one, once the water comes back up.

I saw new rail posts and it looked like the old rails are gone on the bridge the other day. Construction has started, so are we talking about the same bridge? The path bridge across from the Wyndham is the one being worked on.

I have actually witnessed 2 men & a truck working on the bridge. I am guessing it was more than putting up the wire chain-link. The dam .. I cross at least 5x a week & have never seen anyone other than the odd cop car or 2 sitting on that spot. Never seen anyone in the lake bed or around the dam. Drones?

What are you talking about?

There IS no work being done on the dam now. Do you get the PTC Updates email each week that tells you about all of this?

We covered this dam issue about a week ago. :)

Can't wait to see the melee on Lake (dry bed) Peachtree for the 4th. Wonder how many golfcarts, dirtbikes and 4-wheelers will venture out onto the lake? And since Coweta comes in force every year... definitely 4-wheelers!


Busy Bee's picture

Isn't that how Cowetians ski? Towed by a 4-wheeler across the mud flats...

and deep pockets. Yesterday, around noon, the PD ATV was out there just above the dam a ways, ticketing a pickup truck with a kayak on the back of it that was backed up to that scrawny channel of water that is left there. Instead, for $10., the 2 teens could have gone over to Lake McIntosh and had over 200 acres of water to boat in. I don't get the attraction to this at all, but then I don't 4-wheel, either.

I wonder if our new mayor doesn't have the political horsepower to pull strings at the State level?

pray tell, need to be pulled?

It's just sad that we don't get to utilize Lake Peachtree (yet) for the summer. Lake Peachtree is probably more convenient for most and the kids are allowed to swim.

We spent some time this past weekend at Lake McIntosh. Fantastic facility. Next time I will have to rent a canoe at the gas station located at crosstown and 74. My kids were paddling around the dock in an inflatable boat when the Marshal asked me to have them paddle in. They had on life vests and all, but I failed to read the posted rules about an adult in the boat. Since I was too heavy, we just fished and played on the playground.

The marshal was nice, but he asked the kids (mine and others) not to stick their feet in the water at the boat dock. I think that was a little overboard, but it is what it is. Some teens snuck in to swim after the marshal left and were jumping off the dock and having fun.

I don't think I have ever seen the county marshal at Lake Peachtree.

Hopefully the state dam people will approve the temporary fix and the county can push this work to be finished asap. It would be great to get it done and filled back up before the 4th of July. Fingers crossed.

We agree on many things on here, but I respectfully disagree on this.

Do we know how much a "temporary fix" will be? I do not want any short term (what I would call wasted) fix on anything in the city or county that is not crucial to have operating. Lake Peachtree (filled) is a nice to have, to me, not a need to have. I think it would be a needless expense to do the temporary grout if it comes back that further work is necessary.

Lake Peachtree and Lake MacIntosh have differing rules. There are agreements in place between PTC and the county on Lake Peachtree that do not exist with Lake McIntosh. Ownership differs, too. Swimming is not allowed in Lake M, it is allowed in Lake P.

There is no reason that I can see that fireworks cannot be enjoyed with the lake in it's present state. Not as visually pleasing, but, jeez, I think the pain will be short-lived. We survived the no 4th of July parade last year. I think we can survive this.

County marshal covers 3 reservoirs. MacIntosh, Horton and Kedron. Many other responsibilities, too. PTC PD covers Lake P. They cover for each other when necessary, too.

I would rather spend our water payment money to do a complete fix on the dam and then no other draw down would be necessary.

Works been killing me and I really haven't looked at the details on the Lake Peachtree dam fix. I thought I read they had proposed a temporary fix that would get us by for some time period and then perform the permanent fix at a later date.

While it is always best to get it over with, it is also important to many in the city who enjoy Lake Peachtree and the plentiful activities it supports. I'm pretty sure that the community receives additional tax dollars from lake activities, so there must be some economic impact.

I knew about the no swimming in Lake McIntosh and understand why the marshal told the kids to get their feeties out of the water at the boat dock, they were not above the knee. Its not like the boaters don't get their feet wet getting into and out of their vessels.

Anywho, I think Lake McIntosh and the park is very nice and plan to enjoy it for years to come.

Well, I just backed my golf cart into the garage door. All so I could go take a ride around that dammed lake. Just thought I would share that, if you notice a change in my mood here.:(

The city receives a fraction, a smidgeon, a toenail's worth of income from the lake activities in comparison to what it costs to put on these activities. This is after the city has raised fees to host them. Yes, there is economic impact. It is a negative economic impact. As in the triathlon. I do not know what other activities are being prevented by the dam being down. Swimming? We have 2 top notch pools. The only other one I can think of is The Rotary dragon boat races. Well, have the festival and no boats this year. No big deal.

I say, get the dam fixed fully,unless there is some financial help available that would offset the cost of repair locally. If so, apply for it. While the water is drawn down, and when that cost is established and approved by both city and county, then decide on the type of dredging and hopefully, this time, address the source of the runoff that needs to be dredged. If I hear one homeowner on the lake b*&^% ever again about their dock needing repair and they need the lake drawn down, I will personally go and fix their dock so it never needs....anything....again.

Yes, we are very fortunate for the new lake and park. A gem.

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