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King: In defense of Kim Learnard

Ms. Smithfield: A rebuttal.

Your assertion that it was [Councilwoman Kim] Learnard who is responsible for our council’s moment of silence is totally baseless.

In fact, it was my suggestion that we have this moment to allow all in attendance to quietly ask guidance of their deity prior to the Pledge of Allegiance.

I did this because I feel one’s religion is personal, and I see no need to display one’s religion over another.

If you’re looking to cast blame, I’m your target. To date, council has received only one public comment on the change and it was to thank us.

Regarding the commission winning awards, leaders don’t take credit, they give it. Its high time public officials understood this basic tenet of leadership, and it would seem to me that far too much credit is being taken for little to no involvement.

Peachtree City being beset by sexual harassment instances: I know of two and they were promptly addressed; would you please be a tad more specific?

Granted, the FCDA is a part of Fayette County and funded by taxpayer funds, but please understand that it is and will remain an autonomous organization until such time as the commissioners defund it or the state of Georgia changes the law to make it subservient to the Board of Commissioners. Does it not seem odd that members of two city councils were aware of the tax abatements and none of the commissioners were?

Prior to Pinewood, the tax liability of the Pinewood property was agricultural and the school acreage was tax exempt, so even with the abatements, don’t the citizens of Fayette County stand to gain substantially more revenue?

Hint: Your very own county administrator admitted publicly that the project would have been approved in any case, which makes all the vitriol coming from you and others of your ilk nothing more than political angst.

Finally, your statement regarding the political infighting within my city council is both preposterous and capricious. I only ask that you reference Mr. Imker’s most recent letter to this paper.

Mike King, Post 2
Peachtree City Council
Peachtree City, Ga.



I was not at the FCDA meeting when they approved the bond, and have never seen any notifications of these "open" meetings. We must take Ms. Learnard's word that she was present when the FCDA documented this pretty big announcement. While commission should have had someone there, I also think that the FCDA, as members of our community, owe it to their neighbors to keep us informed of their decisions. After all, they claim that the abatements are normal everyday business propositions. Why hide normal? If the FCDA doesn't remember a conversation and cannot provide documentation regarding the advisement to the BOC and county administrator, than it probably didn't occur. And the only reason is politics.

It was noble of you to come to the aid of your fellow council member. However she put on her big girl pants when she ran for office and decided to use immature name calling for her political agenda. I wonder if you would have done the same for a male colleague?

PS: Mr. King, Mrs. Smithfields letter was issued for the political purpose of defending the commissioner following Ms. Learnards immature outburst (also politically motivated). There's no reason to get involved. IMHO.

Mike King is doing his bull in the china shop impression again.

Are you saying Mike that Kim Learnard didn't agree with doing the "moment of silence"? Do you think we ought to keep God in the closet and does Learnard agree with you???

Mike and I'm admittedly guessing here but I doubt you have any more information about what was going on with the authority and the district lawsuit than Learnard did. The mayor of Fayetteville said his council didn't know anything about the tax breaks. Did you talk to them???

I don't know why you and Learnard want to micromanage the county government because it looks like you have enough problems of your own. If you read Mrs. Smithfields letter you'll see she said the county people didn't get in your business on the sexual harassment problems which is something you and Learnard could take a lesson on!!!

But we're glad the city took care of the problems promptly just like the county people took care of the authority issue promptly. What's the difference???

Is vitriol the same as histrionics???

Mr King your comment prior to Pinewood the tax liability of Pinewood property was agricultural and the acreage was exempt. Note that once the West Fayetteville By-Pass construction began agricultural went out the window and Rivers Property became "The Magic Kingdom for Developers!" It was only a matter of time before agricultural zoning disappeared & replaced by gas stations , strip shopping centers along with track housing . As for FCDA & "Tax Abatements" I don't think anyone opposes using abatements as away to bring new business into the county. My concern was that FCBOE was totally in the dark over this "20 Year Tax Abatement?" Maybe we need new legislation that would require Development Authorities to report any and all tax abatements to county commissioners & school board ? That way no one is sitting in the dark. As for the 2 ladies good leaders would have worked together making certain everyone was informed including the FCBOE? I believe that Pinewood was a gift to Fayette County but I also believe that 20 year Tax Abatement is a long time?_݃_݃_݃_݃_݃_݃_݃_݃_݃_݃_݃_?..

Than ever before, thus it could generate even more tax monies.

SB has taken credit for Pinewood, for better or worse....I hope it works out well for all of us.

Abatements are part of big business. Most expected some abatements, but the citizens also expected some give and take. It appears that the FCDA gave a lot with little take (tied to jobs, volume, revenue, ect) from Pinewood.

The FCDA explained that the abatements were normal. My question is if it is normal, than why didnt they tell the BOC or the BOE who need to have this information? Had the BOE known that the Rivers school would be part of the abatement then perhaps the sale price would have gone up or sold to one of the for colleges looking to have a satellite campus where we could have had some taxes paid at full value.

The non disclosure or the failure to notify the public in lieu of being discovered just has the appearance that they knew people would be annoyed with the terms.

Ms. Learnard's comments were uncalled for and politically motivated.

Mr. Forshee pulled off the "Deal of Century" a 20 year abatement without having to deal with Steve Brown and FCBOE! Mr. Forshee can now move on to bigger and better things! I suspect Mr. Forshee salary GA Power will be a step up from Chairman FCDA? While I don't oppose Abatements I do think there is a transparency problem with FCDA & its leadership. As for Ms. Learned and Ms. Fleisch knowing about the Abatements and not sharing them with local leaders is called "Poor Leadership."

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what Steve Brown and our other commissioners have been fighting for over the last four years. That is called "true leadership."

Other terms for this problem are "lack of transparency" and "quiet government." Jack Smith said that he favored "quiet government." That was after he was called out on his vote with the ARC to make Fayetteville and Peachtree City "transportation hubs."

I guess one of our other former commissioners also liked "quiet government" because he appointed his cousin to the elections board on the pretense that the man was someone he knew from church.

Needless to say that the Peachtree City Council, Fayetteville City Council, FCDA, and Fayette Commission should be working together for the good of all Fayette citizens. And, if they aren't working together for the better good, that is called "politics."

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