Comcast needs competition

This past week has been frustrating on so many levels I felt the need to share.

Beginning this past Sunday (May 4), my Comcast cable, Internet, and phone service went out. When I reported the problem, the call center said there was an outage in my area and to periodically check “My Account” for updates.

When I explained I had no service and could not connect, they pretty much threw their hands up in the air.

Over the next four days I made it my mission to find someone, anyone, from Comcast who could determine why my service was out for four days. Even up to the president’s office, no one could tell me anything. Just that there was an on-going outage and to check My Account for updates. Needless to say, that was not possible.

Last fall, it took four days for Comcast to come out and repair a cable that had been severed by my neighbor’s landscaper. The cable had not been buried for who knows how long. I was without service; i.e., TV, Internet, and phone for four days and there was no sense of urgency to fix the problem.

When they did come out, they found I had sub-standard wiring (that had been replaced four years ago) and it needed to be upgraded.

When I asked why Comcast did not maintain old infrastructure, I was told they only do it when it goes bad. They just don’t have the ability to keep track of all the old equipment.

I think the time has come for Peachtree City to consider allowing another franchise in our area to give Comcast some competition.

I have just expanded basic with one high definition box and one regular. I have no paid channels and my bundle is almost $200 a month. That is more than my combined utility bills. Out of the hundreds of channels available to me, there are only about 25 I watch with any regularity.

I have been a cable customer for over 30 years and have watched my rates go up and up. Comcast used to give long-time users a preferred rate, but this last time when the bundle went from $109 to $159, they informed me they were not doing that anymore.

I had to return some digital boxes a few months ago as I had retired two TVs that were not digital. Remember when Comcast gave you the boxes for free when they went all digital? Remember when they started charging you $1.99 a month for each box that was supposed to be free?

When I wanted to return them, I found out Comcast had closed their facility on Dividend Drive and that I would have to return them to Morrow, Ga. In fact I would have to switch out any equipment and install it myself and the closest place to get new equipment is Morrow, Ga.

I had to mail the boxes back, at my expense, because I am not comfortable driving to Morrow. When I asked why they cannot pickup and deliver, I was told they don’t do that anymore.

So why are our rates increasing and our service diminishing? I think it is time to review the city’s agreement with Comcast and get some competition in here. I am unfortunate in that where I live in PTC I cannot get good signals from U-Verse, Direct TV or Dish. So I am stuck with Comcast. It is time for a change.

Also would like to know if anyone else in this community is as disgusted as I am with all the political calls generating out of Seattle, Wash., ( a liberal state) to vote for [a candidate], a conservative candidate for the State Senate?

The calls started a month before the primary and have not stopped. Not a good campaign tactic to get elected. All it does is make the voter want to vote for anyone else.

Just a long-time resident tired of all political stuff.

Name withheld by request

Betsy Tyler
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Comcast Clarifications

I just wanted to post a couple of clarifications and options regarding Comcast's franchise to provide service in Peachtree City. First, the City's cable franchise with Comcast was never exclusive, meaning other providers had the option to come in and compete. However, none were interested in investing the money to install cable to compete for a fraction of the customer base, especially as other options were coming into the market.

As that market changed and AT&T opted to provide U-Verse television services under a statewide Franchise Agreement, Comcast actually converted to the same arrangement (state franchise), so there is no real franchise agreement with the City of Peachtree City any more. However, the long-time Comcast contacts are still responsive when Peachtree City customers who can't get results from Comcast Customer Service file a complaint on the City's web site,, under the 'Report a Problem' option on the main page. The Comcast complaint form sends a message to those Comcast reps and to me at City Hall.

If you aren't able to access the Internet, please give City Hall a call at 770-487-7657 and a staff member can input the information and the type of problem (service, billing, unburied cable, etc.) and the details for you.


G35 Dude
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Dropped Comcast for Directv

I too went through a comedy of errors, poor service, and frustration with Comcast a couple of years ago. I dropped them for Directv and have never looked back. I don't care what kind of deals Comcast comes up with. I'll never go back!!

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One thing you may want to consider is dropping Comcast phone service and signing up with Vonage if you feel the need for a landline. I pay about $15.00 per month for unlimited calling. You do need computer access but I've never had any problems with Vonage. Another is going old school and getting an antenna. All the local ATL channels broadcast in HD with an antenna and supplement the rest with Roku, Hulu and/or Netflix. I agree with Spyglass.....Comcast internet service is the best.

Harlot OHara
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Cut the Cord

I dropped my Comcast TV service about five years ago and have not missed it a bit. We use a Roku and watch television via the internet--Netflix and Amazon Prime for older shows, Hulu Plus for current shows, and Aereo for local broadcast TV. It's much cheaper and works just fine. The only thing I have missed at all has been college football, but any of the games that are shown on CBS are streamed on the computer. It was a small price to pay to rid myself of any ties with Comcast.

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You can get a much better rate..

Call Comcast and ask them, or better yet, threaten to drop service...

I have everything, 4 hd boxes, internet and phone, and I pay about that.

Their internet service is the best in the area, and they support more HD than most.

The competition doesn't have local offices either, the office in Morrow isn't all that bad, not nearly as convenient as it was though.

None of the services are perfect.

Husband and Fat...
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There are options

Like RS, we have AT&T Uverse. We like it, but they too keep raising the rates. I wait a month, then call to cancel and let them talk me into a better rate with more channels and faster internet.

You can also go to one of the satellite services or simply get internet. I'm pretty sure some net savy folks can help with a net phone and stream tv shows.

If anyone can find me a better phone / internet / tv package tell me the best way to go.

rolling stone
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There is AT&T Uverse

Works for me.

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Call NuLink - and bring your checkbook

Call NuLink and let them know you want them in Peachtree City - 770-683-6988.

Also, where in PTC do you live that you can't get satellite either? Do you live in a gully?

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