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Bost throws his support to Brown against Smith for County Commission Post 4

Two candidates running against incumbent Fayette County Commission Chairman Jack Smith have decided to combine their efforts to defeat Smith with one dropping out of the race.

Former Peachtree City Mayor Steve Brown will continue as Smith’s lone Republican opponent as former Commissioner Harold Bost has decided to withdraw. Bost has until next week to officially withdraw so that his name does not show up on the ballot.

Brown and Bost announced early Friday afternoon that Bost would be throwing his full support to Brown.

“Harold and I realized, both together and in conversations with our friends, that as much as we wanted to get rid of Jack, we would split the vote between us,” Brown said. “So I’m grateful to Harold for giving me this opportunity. And we’re going to push it. We’re ready to go.”

Bost agreed, noting the enhanced opportunity for Smith’s victory in a runoff between Smith and Brown.

“And it would enhance (Smith’s) chances of winning, especially in a runoff because his folks get out with their group and vote,” Bost added. “I feel like this offers a better chance to get to Smith without us splitting the vote.”

Brown said he and Bost are “eye to eye” on the major issues, adding that they are getting a team together to take on Jack Smith and Commissioner Eric Maxwell in Post 5.

“I’ll be behind Steve 100 percent, financially and out there working,” Bost said.

Adding another aspect to the upcoming races, Brown said he and Bost had spoken with Post 5 candidate and Lee’s Mill Road resident Allen McCarty regarding his bid to defeat Maxwell.

“I think we can get a team together to defeat Smith and Maxwell,” Brown said, followed by Bost, who said he was also behind McCarty 100 percent.

Brown said issues such as the “audacity” of trying to pass the 1-cent sales tax initiative defeated by voters last year amounts to a slap in the face to citizens, especially in terms of introducing some of the projects at the last minute.

“This is going to be a battle,” Brown said. “Smith has got a lot of special interest folks at the Bank of Georgia that was created by some of the best known developers in the area. We know his base and his yearning to keep things like the West Fayetteville Bypass going. And with our effort, we are ready to go.”

The Republican Primary will be July 20. The winners in the primary races for the two county commission posts face no Democratic opposition in the November General Election.

According to Fayette County Elections Supervisor Tom Sawyer, Bost has until May 12 to furnish a notarized statement in order to have his name removed from the ballot. Sawyer said early voting begins on June 7.



Robert W. Morgan's picture

You said "We know his base and his yearning to keep things like the West Fayetteville Bypass going. And with our effort, we are ready to go.”

Does that mean you think whichever one of you gets elected (hah, hah!) can reverse the Bypass project??? Answer yes or no.

OK, the answer is no. Now what else can you accomplish except confusing the voters. Oddly enough, the decision you made to quit splitting the opposition is correct; the decision to leave Brown in the game is wrong. He's a loser and will lose again. Of course, Bost is a loser as well, so we won't be needing either of you. Go away please. Both of you.

Live free or die!

For years, despite the efforts of good people, a small group of people has been running this county. If Bost and Brown can agree on the major issues and set aside minor disagreements for the greater good of the community, isn't this a step in the right direction? It sounds like two very vocal community activists have decided that banding together with other groups is the only way for the people paying the tab to have any say in the local government decisions. The commissioner arrogance shown during more than a few issues in the last few years seems to point to the conclusion that a team approach is our only hope.

Just Asking

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Harold Bost who cost the county 40 grand by running for office and then resigning just after the election. Harold Bost who brought us Greg Dunn. Harold Bost the rich manufacturer that wanted a fifty percent turn-over rate with County employees. STEVE BROWN; YOUR EYE TO EYE WITH THIS GUY?

Bost plans on taking Jack Smith back to Florida with him !!!

grassroots's picture

Let's stick to the issues and stay on point. NO INCUMBENTS.
Go to and vote early in the sample primary poll.

We do need one term elected officials. That way they have no reason to want favors to get reelected.

But, does the "no incumbents" apply to all now in office when their election comes up---like our current US Senators and others? If not it won't work.

grassroots's picture

Especially State and federal. Term limits.

Steve Brown's picture

Get ready for the personal attacks ... it's the only thing they have left. On the issues they are bankrupt and Robert W. Morgan proves it a post below.

The voters are going to determine if the foolish West Fayetteville Bypass gets quashed, just like Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell's foolish SPLOST (8,939 to 2,852). The developer crowd who will benefit from developer welfare package called the West Fayetteville Bypass is going to try their very best to keep me from being elected. If I take over Jack Smith's seat, I will challenge that boondoggle and not let go. This is the TDK Extension, Part II.

We are going to see if the voters want Smith and Maxwell's approval of mass transit plans for Fayette County. Smith continuously tells the citizens of Fayette County he opposed mass transit in our community, but he has voted in favor of the mass transit plan that includes Fayette County every time. Smith cannot hide his votes on mass transit in a file cabinet in Atlanta. We have the records.

Harold Bost showed a lot of character by acting to unify the vote against the special interest commissioners, much more than the anonymous bloggers who will throw every personal attack in the book at us.

The facts are not on their side. Let's get the people of Fayette County moving.

hutch866's picture

You go on about personal attacks, yet seem to have no problem attacking. You attack whole cities and yet can contradict yourself in the same column. I personally think you are to all about PTC to fairly represent the rest of the county. Of course, then we have good old Jack, who has the idea once he's elected, the voters don't count, and then we had Harold, who can't seem to stay the course on elections. Well Harold showed his colors again it seems. All in all, I see nothing worth voting for in this race, more's the pity.

I yam what I yam

Fayette County citizens lose no matter who gets elected. I predict a very low voter turnout. Not many people want to be responsible for either of these guys on council.

I'm not sure we lose if Steve Brown is elected. I always thought that PTC folks perhaps complained too much and actually may have gotten better service from him as mayor than they perceived. But then, I'm not sure they will ever be satisfied with ANY person as mayor. But listen, none of us have all the 100% right answers on all issues. If Steve tells me he will work hard, be honest and truthful and ignore special interest issues, I'll vote for him. I don't personally know any of the candidates but I do know what character traits I like and don't like. I don't mind a person who speaks their mind, even if I don't agree with all of what that person says. I'm certainly not bashful myself and don't expect everyone to agree with me, but I've been around the block a few times and hopefully have learned a little bit about life in doing so. Let's see how the campaign shakes out.

TinCan's picture

I have no recollection of anything we in PTC "won" during Steve's administration. Just a lot of bickering and posturing and generally business as usual. Maybe it's only fair that the county gets its turn in the barrel also. Unfortunately that would give us two turns. I know nothing of Jack Smith other than what I read here or in the paper and that is mostly not very good. Just for clarity, I too think the west bypass is a boondoggle of gigantic proportions. Since I think it's too late for any other candidates to register I'd like to hear of a few other issues to ponder before we chose to blow off our left foot or right foot. You or Hutch or any other sensible reader want to wage a write in campaign? Think you'd have it in the bag.

NUK_1's picture

It's so ironic that Brown cannot keep from mentioning "personal attacks" when he has spent years doing nothing but that and still does it anytime he opens his mouth. Pot meet Kettle. Just shut up, already.

I love how Brown mentions things like the SPLOST defeat as being the "voters will" and how important that is without mentioning how pancaked he got the last two times he ran for office. I guess the "voter's will" then was mistaken but it's OK when they happen to agree with you? His last race against Ramsey was a pretty clear indicator that the voters think Brown sucks and I guess he'll need that re-affirmed yet again this time. Even Jack Smith beats Steve Brown.

Smith has been a disappointment and anyone that cares that Harold Bost and his bunch of total BS is endorsing Brown needs to have their head examined. A real disgusting lack of choice in this race.

hutch866's picture

Normally I would have at least someone to vote against, but this time I can't decide that either. Might have to pass on this one, there isn't a good choice. Hell, there isn't even a lesser choice.

I yam what I yam

NUK_1's picture

I don't see voting in this race, seriously. I can't hold my nose and vote for either one.

hutch866's picture

A do over.

I yam what I yam

Now you know that you will vote for Smith or whoever so as to vote against Brown! TEAS should have had a candidate!

hutch866's picture

I'd vote for you first, but of course to do that, you're going to have to pick a name and keep it for a while. That seems to be a problem in itself.

I yam what I yam

I guess Bonkers has been banned again. Don't know why....always seems to find his way back.

Steve, I love the setup of anybody who agrees with "them" is wrong on the facts and if they disagree with what you stand for it must be a personal attack, but skirting the setup, isn't there something to be said for the financial management and generally fine county operations over the past few years? Haven't we generally survived the economic downturn very well so far? Aren't there more issues than one road, though I appreciate there are passionate feelings on all major road development projects? Isn't this the first commission to help with some of the "great issues" you used to argue over for PTC, like Emergency Response funding and Recreation funding? Didn't "they" stop the fueding with the sherrif and the each other? And though I never supported the most recent splost, shouldn't we get beyond a dead issue, or is that the type of thing that makes or breaks a candidate (which would mean the PTC voters should be sure not to re-elect Mr. Haddox in light of his most recent foolish support of, in essence, the same idea)? I just have to wonder if there aren't more issues to work through here and if the continued references to WFB and Jack Smith personally aren't distracting us from a real discussion. So it leaves me wondering about whether this is just a one or two issue campaign. I hope not. And I hope that you will help describe and frame those other issues. What are the other issues you see helping us differentiate between you and Mr. Smith? Better the devil I know unless you can help me out here?

ginga1414's picture

Hey, Robert W., you sound rather smug, as if you know something about the West Fayetteville Bypass the rest of the public doesn't know. You sound as if you know where the bodies are buried. You sound as if you know where the money trail leads. As recently as this afternoon, the Army Corps of Engineers have not approved the 404 Permit. The County has to have an approved 404 Permit in order to build Phase II of the Bypass. Maybe you know something about that, too.

I don't like Smug, Robert W. Smug is what one citizen got when she asked Eric Maxwell about the West Fayetteville Bypass separating her home from her well. Smug is what a great number of other citizens got from the commissioners when the commissioners told them the WFB is "a done deal." Most citizens don't appreciate "smug" remarks from elected officials when their lives, homes and property are at the mercy of those elected officials. And, wouldn't you think that an elected official or just anyone would have the common sense, sensitivity, or just plain old respect to treat another human being with compassion when they are in the process of destroying lives, homes and property?

Smugness and arrogance have been dished out by our present bunch of commissioners far too often. Unless you have been on the receiving end of that kind of treatment..... Unless you have had someone tell you that the property and home you have cleared and built with your own hands are going to be destroyed....

I have done enough research into the matter of the West Fayetteville Bypass to know that there is more than meets the eye. There is more driving this thing than the general public knows. We will see how this whole thing shakes out, Robert W. We will see who has the dirtiest laundry hanging on the line.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

First of all, it is not smugness or a personal attack to question how someone who says he is going to stop the West Fayette Bypass is actually planning on stopping it. I will try to be be more specific and dumb this down so ginga and brown can focus in on the real questions and answer same with specifics. Here they are:
1. The first is a gimme, but should be asked just to get everyone on the same page - Why do you want to stop the WFB? What is wrong with it?
2. How specifically do you stop something that has been started? Will a simple majority of the County Commission vote next January (should brown get elected) do it?
3. Or are others like the state and DOT involved in a decision to stop it? How does one newly elected commissioner pull that off?
4. Lastly, how much has already been spent on this thing? When it is stopped do we get a refund or are the spent finds just lost? And where did these finds come from?

4 simple questions. No emotion, no rhetoric, no personal attacks. Please give it a shot.

I don't like the WFB either, but my questions focus on the procedure and practicality of stopping it. It is one thing to demonize Jack Smith over his support of this thing and quite another actually stopping it as one newly elected county commissioner.

Live free or die!

You were definitely smug, self-righteous and ignorant. What is your source of news ----- talk show hosts? Read something of substance once in while before you just repeat what you heard in the Chamber of Commerce washroom.

You asked in your earlier blog: "Does that mean you think whichever one of you gets elected (hah, hah!) can reverse the Bypass project??? Answer yes or no."

Answer YES----- WFB has a Phase II which is still being investigated by the Clean Water people. It can be stopped. Why should it be stopped? Because (in addition to the effect on the wetlands and the fact that it does not hook up to the interstate) we do not need to increase our county road maintenance budget during this down turn in the economy.

Got it now ???

BTW--- Bost was 2 for 2 in elections; Brown was 1 for 3 in elections and you call them losers ??? Don't think so.....

ginga1414's picture

Robert W., I will freely admit to being emotional when it comes to the WFB. You haven't walked in my shoes. How about if you curtail the smugness and I'll try to answer your questions without emotion.
1. The WFB is being funded by tax money that was obtained under questionable circumstances. Namely the previous SPLOST. There was absolutely no mention of the WFB on the ballot. Further, one would have to dig through mounds of paperwork in several County offices to even find any mention of the WFB being connected to the SPLOST. In other words, folks didn't know what they were voting for. The East Bypass was number one on the priority list. When we did an Open Records request, the County could not or would not provide information pertaining to how, who, or when the WFB became number one on the priority list. The County lied when they said that the ARC (Atlanta Regional Commission) had done a traffic study justifying the WFB. We checked that out with the ARC. They didn't recommend building the WFB. The County lied when they said they would not start buying land until they had the 404 Permit in hand. At the time they said that, they had already purchased two pieces of land at the Hwy. 92 end of the Bypass. The County divided the Bypass into Phases in order to diminish the cumulative damage the Bypass will have on the environment. The County plans to cross eight different streams and wetland areas and will have to pay $800,000 or more in mitigation fees. Those fees will be paid into a mitigation bank in Fulton County. The County Consultants made a big show of telling everyone at the Fayette Forward meetings that the citizens wanted to preserve the rural characteristics of the County and then they proceeded to plow through rural country roads, pristine forests and wetlands with the WFB. As I told the Consultants, they were just giving us lip service or telling the audience what sounded good. There goes the rural characteristics in that part of the County. There are many hundreds of acres owned by the Green and Wyatt families which they have been wanting to develop for many years. That is all well and good, however when they will profit from having my tax money pay for an entrance to their property, I take exception to that. When other large developers profit from a road that your money and my money has paid for, I take exception to that. Uh oh, here I go getting emotional again. Please excuse me. When the BOE builds a school they can't fill with students (along the WFB) and it sits empty (for all practical purposes), I take exception. It's like, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Which came first; the developers, the road, the money to build the road, or the school? Which did come first? If built, the WFB will run through a huge Ground Water Recharge area and the County's own Land Use Plan clearly states that those areas shouldn't be paved over with impervious asphalt. I take exception to having to pay for a Land Use Plan that the County doesn't follow. I could go on with this diatribe Robert W., but you are probably getting very tired of it. Let me just add a few more points. The County applied for a 404 Permit without the proper information included in their packet to the Corps of Engineers. Why was that? They knew they didn't have all the information required to obtain the 404. Was it done to push the WFB through before the election. Jack Smith is on the Board of the Bank of Georgia. According to the President of the Bank of Georgia, they cater to builders and developers. There are almost two thousand acres owned by large builders and developers along the path of the WFB. In fact, the WFB runs through those tracts of land. All we have to do is connect the dots and we come-up with a very ugly picture. Finally, since the WFB seems to be an election issue, sooner or later Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell will have to address the issues behind the WFB.
2. Well, specifically, if a bunch of commissioners can decide to go against the Land Use Plan and drop the East Bypass, a bunch of commissioners could see the reasoning behind the list I just gave you in response to your question number one and they could change again. The Army Corps of Engineers could deny the 404 Permit. The EPA could and have alluded to the fact that they will require an Environmental Impact Statement, which would probably kill the WFB.
3. According to Jack, the State and the DOT don't have anything to do with it. According to Jack, this is a Fayette County funded project and therefore it is a "done deal".
4. I don't know exactly how much has been spent on Phase II of the Bypass. I do know that there hasn't been one shovel of dirt disturbed so far. The County has done some surveying and they have bought two pieces of property at the Hwy. 92 end. Let me ask you a question. Would you rather stop a fraudulent, ill advised, environmentally and ecologically damaging project before the first shovel of dirt is disturbed or would you rather plow ahead and spend approximately $80,000,000 more in taxpayers money to fund the entire project? Emotions aside, I vote for stopping the thing.

grassroots's picture

Good , legitimate questions.

1. What is right with it?
2.Stop funding it like they did the EFB that was voted on. That was just one commissioner's suggestion and it's dead. That's why we don't have a wall at the border. They voted on it but cut spending. We'll save $55M having spent under $5m.
3.Lots of problems coming like 404 permits from FEDS and state that will not be issued period. The taxpayers will have to pay millions in environmental credits to get done. That's a 2-5 year process. Environmentally it's dead. Plus a team of environmental lawyers are ready to drop the hatchet as soon as they try to move forward. See Pending law suit.
4.Jack Smith won't answer ANY questions. Steve Brown will.

Mr. Brown has been making good sense in providing documentation as to why he is taking an anti-Bypass position. The West Fayetteville Bypass is definitely going to be a campaign issue. It looks like Jack Smith will finally have to go public with his views on why we need it. Maybe the voters will finally get to see why he's really been pushing that project so hard. He'll have a hard time explaining how an expensive two lane road with no viable destination will keep traffic out of Fayetteville or how harming the environment make the county better in any way. But maybe I got him wrong, and he really wants to get traffic into that area to get the population denser, and fill up Rivers school. If all phases are completed, Fayetteville will be the only Atlanta suburb with its own I-285, albeit piecemeal. And maybe when the issues get a little further along, Jack can explain why he voted for MARTA.We all need to take a hard look at all the issues, and then decide...can we take four more years of Jack?

DBarlow's picture

My wife and I moved here from Mississippi to be close to our daughter and 3 grandchildren. That mission is accomplished! Within the first week of arriving, I "Googled" "Fayette County Tea Party" for local contact information. I met with Mr. Harold Bost. I was immediately impressed with his enthusiasm and passion for making a difference to Fayette County Politics. I have attended 3 meetings to discuss "Taking Back Fayette County" policies and methods to vote-out certain County Commissioners.

At this time, I do not have the historical data to make clear and concise comments regarding the incumbents successes or failures. I do have the desire to "watch and learn". Research and time will give me the knowledge I need to make an educated vote for the future leadership of my new County, Fayette. I can say that after meeting Mr. Bost and Mr. Brown this past Tuesday, I am convinced Mr. Bost is making the correct decision to support Mr. Brown. My wife and I will work to get Mr. Brown elected as County Commissioner Post 4.

A little about my wife and I. We are Conservative "Born-Again" Believers. We have been attending New Hope Baptist Church and feel this is where God wants us to be. We have been involved in the "Pro-Life" movement since 1989. I spent many years as Board of Directors member for "Habitat For Humanity", Jackson, Mississippi. We support the values and concerns of the "Tea Party" movement both nationally and locally.

We pray God's will be done on earth as it is in Heaven....

May our awesome God bless Fayette County and all who live and work here.

Thank you,


Proud Citizen of Fayette County, Tyrone, Georgia. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life..John 3:16

I was part of the "pancake" on Steve's election with Logsdon. We were just plain wrong!!! At least I admit it. The thing got a lot worse with Logsdon selling the city's land to a retail developer on the clogged highway. We both voted for incompetence the last time. I'm not repeating this time around. Jack Smith is no better than Harold Logsdon.

ginga1414's picture

If it had not been for Steve Brown Fayette County would still be living in the dark as to the fact that Jack Smith has sold out the County to the Atlanta Regional Commission, the Regional Transportation Board and MARTA.

I attended most of the Fayette Forward meetings held by a consulting firm that also works for the Atlanta Regional Commission last year. It was during one of those meetings that one of the consultants addressed the fact that our Baby Boomer population is rapidly approaching the point where they will require more services. The consultant said these folks would require buses to take them to the grocery store and doctor's appointments. Someone in the audience pointed out the fact that if people weren't able to drive themselves to the grocery store or doctor's appointments they certainly wouldn't be able to walk to a bus stop in order to catch a bus. The consultants were told by 99.9% of the folks in the audience that the citizens of Fayette County do not want MARTA in Fayette County. It was at that point that the directors of the meeting had to disperse the audience into smaller groups. At the time, Jack Smith was sitting in the audience. He did not address the audience or the subject matter.

The consultants continued to talk to smaller groups of people and they were still trying to convince the smaller groups that it was inevitable that Fayette County would very soon need bus service.

If it had not been for Steve Brown's investigative work, Fayette County citizens would not have a clue about the fact that Jack Smith has voted affirmative to bringing MARTA into Fayette County on each and every occasion the opportunity arose with his position on the Regional Transportation Board.

I also attended the last public Fayette Forward meeting held in the Commission Room. When the consultant, making the final presentation to the group, reached the portion dealing with transportation in Fayette County one member of the audience spoke up and began, once again, talking about the future needs of our Baby Boomers. After he spoke, the Director of Senior Services in Fayette County spoke and said that she nor any member of her staff had asked for or recommended bus service for the seniors in this county. She said that Senior Services provides transportation services for our senior citizens who need help in that area.

Bringing MARTA into Fayette County is all part of the big picture. This is because the ARC, the Regional Transportation Board and MARTA all want to push MARTA into Fayette County in order to help keep MARTA afloat. Gwinnett and Clayton Counties have tried to sustain busses in their counties with very bad results. Gwinnett had to cut back on their bus service and Clayton County's system has completely folded. Those two counties are much larger than Fayette. Fayette County is one of the smallest counties in the State of Georgia. How in the world would anyone even entertain the idea that the citizens of this county could, would or even would want to try and sustain that kind of transportation service?

I'll vote for Steve Brown.

for me at least.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

He hasn't been told that the chaimanship is appointed by the other commissioners and not automatically given to the candidate that beats the current chairman. So won't he be surprised when he gets there and finds out Herb Frady is the new chairman (it is his turn after all) and Brown is just one of the indians. Can't wait to see that.

But he has promised to kill the Bypass, so I'm for that. He hasn't said exactly how he is going to do that, but let's just trust him. He must have a plan.

Then 3 years down the road - before he faces relection (and defeat), he can run against Westmoreland who will be 115 by then. Then we can watch the soap opera that must be called "Mr. Brown goes to Washington"

Live free or die!

mbest's picture

Brown over Westmoreland. If it would mean the end of Westmoreland then it's worth it.

ginga1414's picture

As a member of the Transit Planning Board (TPB), Jack Smith voted in favor of having Fayetteville and Peachtree City as "transit centers," (Source: Transit Planning Board Final Technical Report, Concept 3, p. 16, figure 2.2, System Framework).

The plan calls for buses from Clayton County, Henry County and Coweta County to come rolling into Fayette. In fact, we are the heart of their new "cross-regional corridor" for mass transit.

The Concept 3 transit plan clearly says, the "bus rapid transit regional transfer stations" are "Newnan, Peachtree City and Fayetteville," and other projects include "GA 74 Expressway Bus, Peachtree City Commuter Rail and GA 85 Arterial Rapid Bus" reporting "service hours and frequency: All day, minimum 15-minute peak frequency, 30-minute off-peak" (Project Information Sheets for Elements of Concept 3, Project Analysis Information Sheet, p. 47, Transit Planning Board, December 18, 2008).

Mayor Ken Steele of Fayetteville voted in favor of our participation in the regional mass transit plan alongside Chairman Smith at the Nov. 13, 2008 meeting of the Atlanta Regional Commission Transportation and Air Quality Committee (TAQC). According to Cheryl King, TPB staff director, Smith's and Steele's affirmative vote at the TAQC meeting "will formally incorporate Concept 3 (mass transit plan) into the regional transportation planning process and will facilitate actions towards the advancement of regional transit" (TPB Combined Committee minutes, Sept. 25, 2008).

Chairman Jack Smith contends that he will never allow mass transit in Fayette County. So why did he approve the Concept 3 plan that includes Fayette County rail and buses?


Citizen Bob's picture

I've lived in Fayette County since 1997, but paid no attention to local politics when Brown was PTC mayor. This blog and discussion in general are often very pointed against Brown, but I haven't seen it related to specific actions he took/didn't take as mayor. What do I need to know before the polls open in July? Thanks.

R.J. Ross

grassroots's picture

Also vote in the poll at:
Also other candidates.

NUK_1's picture

It's tedious to have to sort through so many posts from the same addled thinkers who respond with "go to splostpoll!" It's as bad as trying to discuss the Fair Tax issue and the same people screeching "go buy the books!"

I'm sorry your website isn't getting enough traffic without having to spam the link to the site here all the time, but maybe it's the fact that people have seen it already and don't care to participate or maybe even think your views suck?

I'd really like to see The Citizen stand up for itself and not allow you to turn this forum into a place to for you to spam a "competing" website all the time.

You're not gonna hear anything but trash talking from the incumbent's people.

They hate Steve Brown because he busted the crooks up like Tom Farr at the development commission. That was the biggest mess! Brown stood up to the bums.

Steve Brown always helped the senior citizens. His replacement, King Logsdon, didn't do anything but give us a hard time.

The West Fayetteville bypass stinks. That's why guys in office now don't have anything to say.

ginga1414's picture

There is going to be a Town Hall/Candidate Forum Meeting tonight at 7:00 PM at Christ's Church, 1577 Hwy. 85 South, Fayetteville, Ga. The Church is on the right hand side. Four candidates for the commission will be there to answer questions. This would be a great opportunity for you and everyone else to familiarize yourselves with issues and the candidates. The candidates are Steve Brown, and Allen McCarty and incumbents Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell. Please come, Citizen Bob. You and the public are invited.

In the past there have been some very questionable elections that have resulted in very destructive issues. For example when the citizens of this county voted in 2004, one of the issues on the ballot was whether or not to vote for the 2004 SPLOST (Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax). The Ballot read that the tax was for "Road, street, and bridge purposes." Later voters discovered that the resolution stated (not the ballot) it also included Exhibit A and Exhibit B. However, there was absolutely no explanation of that on the ballot. There were no hand-outs to the voters concerning Exhibits A and B. Therefore, the voters were not adequately informed as to what they were actually voting for or against. Even though that SPLOST passed with only a 1% margin, it has resulted in the most highly controversial issue that I can remember. Because of that one vote, our county commissioners are trying to spend over 50 million dollars of taxpayer money to build an environmentally destructive road that they have absolutely no documentation to justify the building of that road. The issue is so controversial that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have got the county's application stalled for lack of justification, information, and because of public opposition to the road. As a result and with many concerned citizens working together to keep the public informed, the 2009 SPLOST vote was defeated.

Citizen Bob, I highly commend you for wanting to know the candidates and the issues. Thank you for wanting to know. And, please, come to tonight's meeting.

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