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PTC vetoes assisted living proposal pitched for Hwy. 54, Walt Banks

A proposal to build a 54-unit assisted living facility dedicated solely to memory care patients near McIntosh High School was denied by the Peachtree City Council Thursday night.

The proposal from The Lasalle Group of Texas was to build on a 4.7 acre tract at the corner of Ga. Highway 54 and Walt Banks Road, directly across from Holy Trinity Catholic Church. But to do so, Lasalle first had to get the city’s multifamily housing moratorium lifted by council, which would allow city staff to work with the developer on preparing a rezoning for the tract.

Instead, council elected to nip the process in the bud before Lasalle could get further. The vote to deny the request to lift the moratorium was 4-0 with Councilman Eric Imker absent.

Councilwoman Kim Learnard noted that the city already has over 1,900 units targeted at seniors or older adults, which accounts for nearly 15 percent of the city’s available housing units.

Learnard argued that the early results of the countywide Visioning Initiative are showing that new development should be brought forth to attract young residents here, as the community continues to get “older and older.”

“The trends we see in Peachtree City and Fayette County are not sustainable,” Learnard said, citing the need to attract young families as an “almost emergency” need in the coming months and years.

One key trend is the continued declining enrollment in the county school system, Learnard noted.

“We need the kind of jobs, the kind of educational opportunities, the kinds of entertainment venues and the kinds of housing to attract young families,” Learnard said. “Then we can start to rejuvenate and start to repopulate our schools.”

There were other concerns from council including the potential proximity to noise at the football stadium at nearby McIntosh and noise from the highway traffic that made the proposed location for the assisted living project less than ideal.

Diane Newton, the executive director of the nearby Ashley Glen senior facility, noted that traffic could be affected at the proposed Lasalle location given the number of police, fire and rescue units that respond to an emergency call at her facility.

Ashley Glen, which is celebrating its 16th anniversary this month, is immediately adjacent to the McIntosh football field, which is active nearly the entire school year between football, soccer, lacrosse, track and marching band among other school activities.



Tow the vision company line now.

So my guess is that you now must reject the large housing development near Centennial since most of those houses are marketed to the 55 and over residence.

Please let us know what the cities of FC and the county will be doing to bring in youn families. Just tell u what types of commercial and residential projects you will approve?

The residents of this county have not approved anything the Vision people are doing yet.

What type of business will you approve at that location. I really want to know.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Indeed it does seem as if some on council have hopped on board the Group VI Chamber of Commerce Visioning train - judging from their comments alone. Sure don't quarrel with the actual vote. We do indeed have enough senior oriented housing already.

You do raise 2 interesting points - Isn't the Wieland/Scarborough land proposed for seniors? Well, yes, but the free bridge and road extension trumps loyalty to the Visioning thing. Besides, age targeted housing without restrictions ca turn on a dime if the market dictates.

And what if anything gets approved at Walt Banks. Well, if you buy into the notion that the Visioning thing wants to attract young people and you assume that's what everybody in Fayette County wants too (a faulty assumption) then you would have to support and approve an apartment or townehouse project that targets young people. Kind of like the one already there that has failed and decreased in price.

I do think everyone would be better served by just voting on the matter before the council without campaigning for a movement that has been created by a flawed survey and a couple of development oriented businesses. Another message to PTC is stay away from the Visioning thing - that is mainly driven by Pinewood and what they can develop or at least get approved before the bloom falls off the Pinewood rose.

Live free or die!

I'm neutral on the vote. But when Learnard opened her mouth about "The Vision", she just set herself and council in a bad position regarding any future development aimed at the mature population. Including the Wieland /Scarborough development and roadway.

The Vision certainly isn't my vision for the future. When a group is formed behind closed doors and then provides limited input of the citizens, it's a vision of one group only. Mr. Ross can brag about it being open, but it's a show. The website to provide input is hard to maneuver and the feedback is poor.

Your right about doing what's best for the city. And if Ms. Learnard will provide me with a list of approved businesses to bring in families, then we have something to go by. Until then, she needs to just say council isn't ready to lift the moratorium.

was committed to this before it was even off the ground. Learnard IS the Visioning Committee. Of course her, Fleisch and Imker are going to tout what the results are, however flawed they might be, since they have to justify to us why they spent the tax dollars on it. And don't forget, this summer, more requests for money will come from the committee. I do not know of any tax dollars within the county being pledged to this except PTC's tax dollars. Anyone know differently? So, what does PTC get for this ten thousand dollar expense?

Learnard cited "age targeted" in this case. She listed subdivisions, senior apartments, convalescents, nursing homes and duplexes. Well, memory care and Alzheimers facilities are a far cry from Village Park or Village on the Green. These 3 on Council see the senior tax breaks that are given to the retirees in this city and it irks them to no end. Learnard has stated it is unsustainable. Imker said as much to a group from Village on the Green a few years ago.

The corner of Walt Banks and 54 is not a good fit for a memory care center. We can all agree on that. Just ask Dar, I am sure he has a plan ready to go.

The group seems to be very open as far as I can see. Every time they do something I get an email from them. I was invited multiple times to take the big survey. Articles are posted here on the website. I think I have seen signs around town...

Here's the link
Here where you can add input
Here's where you can make direct contact, get a reply, or become more involved

that took 35 seconds.

Now, I am suspicious of the Group VI monopoly going on around town. I hope to God they don't do a "build it and they will come" strategy for "West Fayetteville". But planning and studying is a good thing. Planning is what made PTC on of the finest cities in the US. It shouldn't be the law, but I am glad that the councilpeople are taking into account what experts and studies have found to be a good course to maintain Fayette County's high quality of life.

1. Do you know who is sponsoring the Vision group? Chamber of Commerce, County, Cities?.
2. Were you aware of this group before it suddenly appeared?
3. Who selected the committee members?
4. Who selected the chairmen?
5. If the committee is not government sponsored, tell me how will its ideas get approved and written into the county's comprehensive plan?
6. Any group formed like this has an agenda.
7. Commissioners are hands off. I wonder why, lol.
8. I went to the March 5th meeting and saw first hand how they limited the open mic.
9. I've been on the mindmixer. Can you look me in the eye and tell me: a. It's easy to navigate and b. The mindmixer is helping?

Our high quality of life is due to the planned community, educated residents who are involved and the slow growth we have had.

Tell me that Pinewood was planned, slow growth, or that it will bring in families. If this was the Deal of the year, why is everyone leaving?

Its not a conspiracy. Good lord. What ever the committee came/comes up with isn't the law. This is a recommendation from planners. Councilpeople are right to take it into consideration. The mindmixer thing does kinda seem stupid. But I took the survey they sent out a long time ago. I also see an email link that makes it really easy to add your input.

My point is, this isn't some sinister plot to transform the county. The chamber of commerce wanted to fund a study on future development in the county. It was done through a professional organization that seems to have a great track record in planning communities.

If this was a law, I would hate it for the reasons you stated. But its not. This is a project commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce.

Why are people leaving, I don't know. Probably a mix of racists jerks and people moving for the same reasons anyone moves. I can pretty much guarantee you that the studio has had zero effect on anybody that is sane's moving plans.

I never felt it was a conspiracy, but whoever is the puppet master doesn't really want input from the average folks. The open house in March was a dog and pony show. The mindmixer site? I think we all can agree were just throwing things hopping something will stick.

If someone needed a committee and 90k to advise us we need families, were not as smart as we think we are.

Do you think the hospital doesn't research what they need to do to bring in more money? Don't you think most business have plans? We can certainly ask for a business to provide a service, but if they can't turn a profit, it isn't going to stay very long.

I was referring to all of the Developmental Authority who recently left. If Pinewood is the cats meow, than why let all of the people who helped snag the big ole rental space leave?

The transparency just isn't there.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

nor is it illegal. What it is, is a muddled attempt by a special interest that uses private and government money to create a "vision" that is supposedly the will of the people because its genesis was a professionally conducted, open survey of all citizens. The vision then serves as a measuring stick against which all proposals must be compared favorably and if so - sanctioned. It gives politicians a perfect tool to approve or disprove projects - sort of like the Land Use Plan in PTC which for years was the Bible at all council and planning commission meetings.

Of course the single-digit survey response (that no one is willing to discuss) and the motives of the founding group (also off the discussion table) make it somewhat less than the county's new development Bible.

So far you only have Kim pontificating that since the "Vision" states we have an aging county, she can't be approving anything that encourages or serves more seniors. Of course this is the correct decision against a carpetbagging company from Texas which is here only because of our statistically high median age. So far, no harm, no foul. But coming soon will be the politicians in Fayetteville almost certainly giving some approvals in or near the sainted Pinewood Studios that will no doubt feature some type of high or medium density housing that appeals to---wait for it - yes, YOUNG PEOPLE!!!! We will hear how important short-term rental are to the film industry professionals. After all, Fayetteville annexing the area opens it up to sewer, so why can't they have 15-20 units per acre if thats what the vision and Pinewood need?

Even that is not really a big deal, but it will be amusing to watch how strong and viable the "Vision" becomes with nothing more that self-promotion - and some gentle nudging by Pace and Foley and the others. Wonder how the new FCDA people will view the "Vision".

Live free or die!

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Good call on nipping this in the bud. Overbuilding anything, no matter how noble is always wrong.

However, it was reported that Kim said this "Councilwoman Kim Learnard noted that the city already has over 1,900 units targeted at seniors or older adults, which accounts for nearly 15 percent of the city’s available housing units."

1900 units? I count about 300 at Newgate, Ashley Glen, Towne Club and Somerby combined. I guess you can add in the nursing home on Wisdom Road and the old yellow one on 54 east, but where in the world are the other 1600 units? Did someone misspeak or was this a reporting flub?

Same thing with this 1900 being 15% of the city's available housing units - that converts to 12,000 available "units", probably an accurate number of all homes, apartments, condos and senior housing ever built in PTC, but they are not all "available" - yet.

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