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Speed zone flashers will be installed near school

An April 1 move by the Coweta County Commission was designed enhance safety conditions on Ga. Highway 34 at Thomas Crossroads Elementary School by installing additional school speed zone flashers in the median area.

Thomas Crossroads Elementary is located east of the intersection of Hwy. 34 and Andrew Bailey Road. Those who customarily travel Hwy. 34 are aware of the significant traffic volumes found on the main roadway linking Coweta County and Fayette County.

County Transportation and Engineering Director Tod Handley in a March 26 letter addressed the school speed zone flasher currently in place on the outside shoulders of Hwy. 34 for both eastbound and westbound traffic.

“The visibility of these sign assemblies on the outside shoulders can be blocked from the view of drivers in the inside lanes during periods of heavy traffic when both lanes are occupied,” Handley said.

Handley said a request from Sheriff Mike Yeager led to county officials contacting the Ga. Dept. of Transportation (DOT) asking that the state allow the county to install additional flashers in the median.

“The median installations would provide a double indication of the signage that would not be obscured or blocked by other vehicles,” Handley said.

DOT approved the request and Handley asked commissioners to approve the $9,500 expense. The vote by the commission was unanimous.

Also noted at the meeting was the new traffic signal a short distance to the west, in front of the Kroger store at the Thomas Crossroads retail area. The much-needed traffic signal has been installed but is not yet functioning.



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