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How about districts for Hispanic, Asians?

In reference to Kim Learnard’s letter of April 2, 2014 (“Stop the insanity”):

Kim’s position on not opposing district voting by using her council position in Peachtree City as a “bully pulpit” is off base.

Fayette County, founded in 1821, sub-divided in 1858, with all voting at-large. This form of government, and voting, has created a very successful county.

The South was punished in 1965 with a voting rights act. An activist judge, Timothy Batten, was appointed in 2005, and wants to change 193 years of history by requiring district voting.

As an aside, let’s create a district for the 2.83 percent Hispanic, or another district for the 2.42 percent Asian population. Appeasement never ends.

Our Founding Fathers stood up for the creation of America. It’s time to oppose the penal voting rights act, and activist judges. To the county, continue the opposition.

Curtis Wagner



...because slavery was also a centuries old tradition.

[QUOTE]The South was punished in 1965 with a voting rights act. [/QUOTE]

The majority IN this country do not agree that insisting on the 'right to vote' in all states in this country is a PUNISHMENT.

Being sarcastic regarding the 'right to vote' in 2014 is a sad commentary on 'humor' today; . . .and will be the downfall of an ideology that discriminates. The rest of the world is watching - as we condemn other countries for human rights failures.

If the politicians in Fayette County had looked at their constituents in 2014 and how they are getting along in the county - even though 21% are citizens of color - they may have taken some steps to avoid this fiasco regarding District voting.

21% of this county who are persons of color are also taxpayers. Speaking as one person of color, I would rather see this tax money spent on maintaining our great teachers, para-pros, and fixing the other issues in this county. If you can collect $800,000 from taxpayers - lets make our county truly the number 1 county to live in without raising taxes!!!

Gort's picture

Curtis, some of the regulars on the forum have been talking about pooling the money needed to continue the court battle with the NAACP over this district voting stuff.

If they are serious, I’m more than willing to serve as a collection point of contact. Please send your checks or money orders to:

The Sloop B Madoff
Attn: Captain Gort (Arrr!)
Pier Six, Getaway Quick Harbor
Pensacola, FL

Warning: You are now in a satire zone!

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote for the Democrat.

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